207 Perfect Middle Names For Isabella: an Unforgettable List

Isabella translates to “God is my oath”, and is a lovely spin on the original Hebrew name Elizabeth. It also happens to be quite popular, ranking a respectable 6th in the 2020 baby name list and only tapering off to a spot in 7th this year. Isabella has roots in both Spanish and Italian culture and has a whole bunch of perfect middle names to complement it.

Fortunately, finding the perfect middle name for Isabella is looking pretty promising! A middle name that’s regal, trendy, bold, or even endearing will suit her quite well. You can’t go wrong no matter what name you pick, but some choices will feel “righter” than others. We’ll elaborate on a few reasons why that is later in the article.

A name like Isabella just has that air of dignity behind it, so we’ll begin the list with a few regal, queenly options then work our way through. Remember to include your family name when reading these aloud!

List of Middle Names for Isabella

Regal Middle Names for Isabella

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  1. Isabella Vesper                    (Latin, “Evening star”)
  2. Isabella Saint                      (American, “Holy person)
  3. Isabella Violet                     (English, “Purple”)
  4. Isabella Kayla                     (Hebrew, “Crown of laurel”)
  5. Isabella Zhanna                  (Russian, “God is gracious”)
  6. Isabella Aleah                     (Persian, “God’s being, exalted”)
  7. Isabella Hannah                 (Hebrew, “Favor, Grace”)
  8. Isabella Gentry                   (English, “Nobility of birth”)
  9. Isabella Daniella                (Hebrew, “God is my judge”)
  10. Isabella Mia                        (Scandinavian, “Dear”)
  11. Isabella Eve                         (English, “Living”)
  12. Isabella Aliane                    (French, “Gracious, noble”)
  13. Isabella Mison                     (Hebrew, “God has heard”)
  14. Isabella Padme                    (Persian, “Lotus flower”)
  15. Isabella Adele                      (German, “Nobility”)
  16. Isabella Esmerelda             (Spanish, “Emerald”)
  17. Isabella Taika                      (Finnish, “Magic, spell”)
  18. Isabella Mila                       (Italian, “Miracles”) (Russian, “Gracious, dear one”)
  19. Isabella Ivy                          (Latin, “Vine”)
  20. Isabella Celine                    (French, “Heavenly”)
  21. Isabella Ramona                (Spanish, “Wise protector”)
  22. Isabella Priscilla                 (Latin, “Classic, venerable”)
  23. Isabella Helen                     (Arabic, “Noble”)
  24. Isabella Hiro                       (Japanese, “Abundant, generous, prosperous”)
  25. Isabella Isla                         (Scottish/Spanish, “Island”)
  26. Isabella Lydia                     (Greek, “Beautiful one”) (Persian, “Noble one”)
  27. Isabella Aghigh                   (Persian, “Priceless, precious, name of stone”)
  28. Isabella Michelle                (French, “Who is like God?”)
  29. Isabella Esther                     (Persian, “Myrtle”)   (Hebrew, “Star”)
  30. Isabella Betty                     (Hebrew, “Oath of God, God is satisfaction”)
  31. Isabella Jaqueline             (Hebrew, “Supplanter”)
  32. Isabella Lisa                       (Hebrew, “God is bountiful, bearer of God’s light”)
  33. Isabella Cybil                     (Greek, “Soothsayer”)
  34. Isabella Cirilla                   (Greek, “Lady, mistress”)

Trendy Middle Names for Isabella

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  1. Isabella Mikasa                  (Japanese, “To resolve”)
  2. Isabella Alina                     (Russian, “Beautiful, bright”)
  3. Isabella Haru                      (Japanese, “The season of spring”) (Korean, “Day”)
  4. Isabella Robin                     (French, “Bright”)
  5. Isabella Deema                    (Arabic, “Soft, rainy cloud”)
  6. Isabella Shandra    (Indian, “She who outshines the stars and moon”) (Irish, “Ring fort”)
  7. Isabella Chloe                       (Greek, “Blooming”)
  8. Isabella Mari                        (Scandinavian, “Berry”)
  9. Isabella Amira                      (Arabic, “Princess, treetop”)
  10. Isabella Saira                       (Finnish, “Bird of love”)
  11. Isabella Ambrosia                (Greek, “Immortality”)
  12. Isabella Nora                        (French/Arabic, “Light”)
  13. Isabella Senon                      (Spanish, “Very lively”)
  14. Isabella Margaret                (Greek, “Pearl”)
  15. Isabella Coralia                    (Greek, “Like coral”)
  16. Isabella Mckenna                 (Scottish, “Fiery love”)
  17. Isabella Agrippa                   (Greek, “Born feet first”)
  18. Isabella Finley                      (Scottish, “Fair warrior”)
  19. Isabella Lanette                   (Welsh, “Small songbird, nymph”)
  20. Isabella Anya                        (Russian, “Grace”)
  21. Isabella Dory                        (Greek, “Beloved”)
  22. Isabella Bray                        (English, “Borderland, cry out”)
  23. Isabella Ziva                        (Hebrew, “Radiance”)
  24. Isabella Runo                      (Finnish, “Poem”)
  25. Isabella Dinara                   (Latin/Arabic, “Wealth”)
  26. Isabella Maddox                 (Welsh, “Good fortune”)
  27. Isabella Halcyon                 (Greek, “Kingfisher bird”)
  28. Isabella Arya                        (Sanskrit, “Honorable”)
  29. Isabella Halsey                    (English, “Hallowed island”)
  30. Isabella Kiara                       (Italian, “Light, clear”) (Swahili, “Princess”)
  31. Isabella Megan                     (Greek, “Pearl, great, mighty”)
  32. Isabella Elise                        (Hebrew, “My God is an oath”)
  33. Isabella Asia                         (Greek, “Sunrise”)
  34. Isabella Anette           (Hebrew, “God has favored me”) (French, “Gracious, merciful”)
  35. Isabella Noelle                     (French, “Christmas”)
  36. Isabella Booth                      (English, “Shepard”)
  37. Isabella Citra                        (Indonesian, “Image”)
  38. Isabella Swanner                  (Scandinavian, “Swan keeper”)
  39. Isabella Iridessa                  (Latin, “Akin to a rainbow”)
  40. Isabella Chase                     (English, “Hunter”)
  41. Isabella Beth                        (Hebrew, “God is abundance”)
  42. Isabella Harlow                   (English, “Hill, pile of rocks”)
  43. Isabella Rahnee                   (Sikh, “Queen”)
  44. Isabella Olivia                      (Greek, “Olive tree”)
  45. Isabella Aiyana                    (Navajo, “Forever flowering”)
  46. Isabella Valerie                    (French, “Strength, health, valiance”)
  47. Isabella Alexandria             (Greek, “Protector of mankind”)
  48. Isabella Arianna                  (Latin, “Most holy”)
  49. Isabella Estelle                     (Occitan, “Star”)
  50. Isabella Cornyx                    (Latin, “Heart of the night”)
  51. Isabella Clementine            (Latin, “Merciful”)
  52. Isabella Vinisha                   (Sanskrit, “Knowledge”)
  53. Isabella Bianca                    (Italian, “White”)
  54. Isabella Vorst                      (Dutch, “Frost”)
  55. Isabella Therese                  (Greek, “To reap”)
  56. Isabella Firtha                     (Gaelic, “Maiden of the sea”)
  57. Isabella Katherine              (Finnish, “Pure”)
  58. Isabella Merida                   (Spanish, “Victory of Augustus”)
  59. Isabella Damsa                   (Persian, “White silk”)
  60. Isabella Lucille                   (French, “Light”)
  61. Isabella Pelagia                  (Greek, “Of the sea”)
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Bold Middle Names for Isabella

  1. Isabella Miranda                (Latin, “Admirable”)
  2. Isabella Brianna                 (Irish, “Resolute, strong”)
  3. Isabella Veronica                (Greek, “One who brings victory”)
  4. Isabella Stasya                    (Russian, “Resurrection”)
  5. Isabella Hilda                     (German, “Battle woman”)
  6. Isabella Emilia                   (Finnish, “To excel”)
  7. Isabella Brielle                   (French, “God is my strength”)
  8. Isabella Haley                     (Scandinavian, “Heroine”)
  9. Isabella Melisandre           (French, “Animal strength”)
  10. Isabella Alva                       (Hebrew, “Brightness, exalted one”)
  11. Isabella Nikita                   (Russian, “Victor”)
  12. Isabella Andrea                  (Italian, “Brave”)
  13. Isabella Horney                (German, “Battle fury, eagerness to fight”)
  14. Isabella Nino                     (Navajo, “Mighty, fire”)
  15. Isabella Miley                   (Latin, “Soldier”) (Slavic, “Dear, gracious, pleasant”)
  16. Isabella Cortana               (English, “Sword of mercy”)
  17. Isabella Casey                    (Irish, “Brave in battle”)
  18. Isabella Charlie                 (English, “Free man”)
  19. Isabella Leandra               (Greek, “Lioness”)
  20. Isabella Emma                   (German, “Whole, universal”)
  21. Isabella Medea                    (Greek, “To ponder, funny”)
  22. Isabella Diamond              (English, “Invincible”)
  23. Isabella Erika                      (Finnish, “Ruler”)
  24. Isabella Caci                       (Irish, “Brave, watchful”)
  25. Isabella Anika                    (Sanskrit, “Graceful, brilliant”)
  26. Isabella Atlas                      (Greek, “Enduring”)
  27. Isabella Joan                     (Hebrew, “God is gracious”)
  28. Isabella Modis                  (Icelandic, “Courageous woman”)
  29. Isabella Nocona                (Native American, “Wanderer, camper”)
  30. Isabella Farren                  (English, “Journey ready”)
  31. Isabella Mavia                   (Arabic, “Mirror, pure water”) (Irish, “Happy”)
  32. Isabella Clio                       (Greek, “To make famous, to celebrate”)
  33. Isabella Athena                 (Greek, “From Athens, goddess of wisdom”)
  34. Isabella Rosetta                (Italian, “Splendid”)
  35. Isabella Adrienne             (Greek, “Daughter of Adria, rich”)
  36. Isabella Kai             (Hawaiian, “Sea”) (Scandinavian, “Earth”) (Navajo, “Willow Tree”)
  37. Isabella David                   (Hebrew, “Beloved”)
  38. Isabella Saber                   (French, “Sword”)
  39. Isabella Alma                    (Latin, “Nourishing”)
  40. Isabella Lysithea              (Greek, “Delivered by the gods”)
  41. Isabella Hania                  (Navajo, “Spirit Warrior”)
  42. Isabella Stark                    (Scottish, “Firm, unyielding
  43. Isabella Frey                     (Scandinavian, “Exalted one”)
  44. Isabella Cairo                   (Arabic, “Victorious”)
  45. Isabella Leonie                 (French, “Lioness”)
  46. Isabella Boudica               (Latin, “Victory”)
  47. Isabella Adira                    (Hebrew, “Strong”)
  48. Isabella Victoria               (Latin, “Victory”)
  49. Isabella Annabeth            (Hebrew, “Full of grace, God is my oath”)
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Endearing Middle Names for Isabella

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  1. Isabella Chelsea            (English, “Chalk, limestone”)
  2. Isabella Nissa                (Finnish, “Mischievous elf”)
  3. Isabella Melody             (Greek, “Song”)
  4. Isabella Shepi                (Native American, “Fairy”)
  5. Isabella Yonah               (Hebrew, “Dove”)
  6. Isabella Marja               (Finnish, “Berry”)
  7. Isabella Sheridan          (Gaelic, “Bright one”)
  8. Isabella Ansa                 (Finnish, “Virtue”)
  9. Isabella Meriol              (Irish, “Sea nymph”)
  10. Isabella Evelyn              (English, “Wished for child, wanted child”)
  11. Isabella Midge               (French, “Pearl”)
  12. Isabella Tabitha             (Aramaic, “Gazelle”)
  13. Isabella Cassidy             (Irish, “The clever one”)
  14. Isabella Tomoe              (Japanese, “A blessing in the form of friend”)
  15. Isabella Roch                 (French, “Rest”)
  16. Isabella Rosemary         (Latin, “Sea dew”)
  17. Isabella Seeley                (English, “Happy”)
  18. Isabella Alice                  (Hebrew, “Noble”)
  19. Isabella Gavya                (Sanskrit, “Garden of God”)
  20. Isabella Zahrah              (Arabic, “Blooming flower”)
  21. Isabella Astrid                (Norse, “Beautiful, loved”)
  22. Isabella Haruka             (Japanese, “Spring, fragrance”)
  23. Isabella Conner             (Irish, “Dog Lover”)
  24. Isabella Katniss              (American, “Pure”)
  25. Isabella Dakota             (Native American, “Ally and friend”)
  26. Isabella Ahsoka             (Sanskrit, “Pure, hopeful”)
  27. Isabella Linette             (French, “Fairy”)
  28. Isabella Titania             (Greek, “Land of giants”)
  29. Isabella Analyn             (Philippine, “Gracious and beautiful”)
  30. Isabella Fayette             (French, “Little fairy”)
  31. Isabella Aische               (Arabic, “She who lives”)
  32. Isabella Daphne             (Greek, “Laurel”)
  33. Isabella Baha                  (Arabic, “Splendid”)
  34. Isabella Sunny                (English, “Cheerful temperament”)
  35. Isabella Turner               (English, “Fast runner”) (French, “One who works a lathe”)
  36. Isabella Gale                   (English, “Boisterous”)
  37. Isabella Aurora              (Philippine, “Dawn”)
  38. Isabella Sansa                 (Sanskrit/Arabic, “Praise”)
  39. Isabella Mary                 (Hebrew, “Beloved, rebellious”)
  40. Isabella Swan                 (English, “Purity, excellence”)
  41. Isabella Irsia                  (Indian, “Rainbow”)
  42. Isabella Aki                     (Japanese, “Born in autumn, crystal, bright, hope”)
  43. Isabella Milani               (Italian, “Miracle from heaven, gentle caress, firm faith”)
  44. Isabella Florence            (English, “Blossom, flower, flourish”)
  45. Isabella Penelope            (Greek, “Weaver”)
  46. Isabella Cheryl                (French, “Beloved, friend, loved”)
  47. Isabella Rachel                (Hebrew, “Ewe, one who is pure”)
  48. Isabella Dominique        (Polish, “From the Lord”)
  49. Isabella Cilia                    (Latin, “Heavenly lily”)
  50. Isabella Tahti                   (Finnish, “Poem”)
  51. Isabella Triss                    (Latin, “Happy”)
  52. Isabella Venus                 (Latin, “Love”)
  53. Isabella Jung                   (German, “Young”)
  54. Isabella Lennon              (Irish, “Dear one”)
  55. Isabella Felicity               (English, “Happy”)
  56. Isabella Mavis                 (French, “Songbird”)
  57. Isabella Mariposa           (Spanish, “Butterfly”)
  58. Isabella Tien                    (Vietnamese, “Fairy”)
  59. Isabella Poppy                (Latin, “The milk of happiness”)
  60. Isabella Juniper              (Latin, “Young”)
  61. Isabella Eva                      (Greek, “Life”)
  62. Isabella Aino                    (Finnish, “The only one”)
  63. Isabella Jana                    (Hebrew, “God is gracious”)

Selection Advice for Isabella Middle Names

Naming a child is a very long-term commitment, and you won’t be able to change it without significant effort. Make sure that whatever your decision won’t be something you or little Isabella come to regret.

Consider Syllable Length and Cadence (i.e. Isabella Mariposa Hart)

Isabella is a mouthful of a name at four whole syllables, so something short might flow off the tongue a bit better. This isn’t a strict rule you need to adhere to, and it should be perfectly acceptable to give them a long middle in some circumstances (e.g. having a short family name).

There’s also a pattern to the syllable flow, which is referred to as cadence. As much as possible, you want the syllable count to alter between names in a sequence. It’ll usually sound choppy and artificial if the same syllable count is maintained throughout – break up that monotony!

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This is less of a problem if different syllables are stressed, as seen in the above example. As a Spanish word, Mariposa is stressed on the third syllable rather than the second and flows smoothly with Isabella despite matching the latter’s syllable count.

Keep the Overall Meaning in Mind (i.e. Isabella Ziva)

Even if the names flow into one another gorgeously, clashing messages or cultures may detract from their impact. As Isabella is a name with roots in both Italy and Spain, they’d pair well with other options from those cultures.

Names that suited its original Hebrew iteration (Elizabeth) also happen to fit in well with Isabella, so feel free to include some Hebrew, Greek, or even Latin-rooted picks. For ideal results, we’d recommend making the cumulative meaning of her full name something cohesive.

The above name has just the example, with Ziva being a Hebrew name with a meaning (“radiance”) harmonious to Isabella’s. A rough translation of that combination would be “God is my radiant oath” or “God is my oath of radiance” – both of which would leave quite an impression!

Test it out!

Reading your planned name out in full can help you check if anything would sound off, awkward, or just plain ridiculous. Children tend to be messy little things growing up, and you’ll probably be calling out their full names to get their attention several times in a week.

Make sure that whatever your choice, you can say the whole thing aloud with no issue. If anything feels even slightly off, it’d be best to reconsider your initial choice. You’ll know when you find the perfect name for them – it’ll just click into place without a single doubt in your mind.

History of Isabella

Unlike, say, Olivia, Isabella hasn’t really had any recent cultural revivals to bolster its appeal as a potential name for children. It’s simply a royal, elegant name that’s managed to endure consistently in both grace and popularity for centuries.

While it’s currently best identified with Italian or Spanish culture, it actually originated in the Middle Ages – a noteworthy example is Isabella of France, who we’ll elaborate on shortly.

Famous Isabellas

Isabella actually has a shorter variation: Bella. What’s interesting here is that a lot of noteworthy Bellas tend to be in singing, acting, and other performative arts. Isabellas in history tend to be from royalty, and we have two big examples from this hailing from different cultures!

Bella Thorne

Most children and young adults probably know her best as Cece from “Shake It Up”, but there’s a lot more to her beyond that singular role. Bella Thorne had an interesting career range despite her young age, being an actress, singer, model, and even a published poet.

Bella Thorne shares in the firm resolve Isabellas are known for, bravely calling out troubling aspects of these different industries, even if they might prove detrimental to her career. She’s known as a controversial public figure, but Bella Thorne’s resoluteness fits her namesake perfectly.

Bella Ramsey

A child star, Bella Ramsey found her breakout role portraying Lyanna Mormont in HBO’s exclusive fantasy adaption “Game of Thrones”. The then-13-year-old quickly grew into a fan favorite, successfully portraying a young, no-nonsense child leader acting opposite to a cast of veterans in the industry.

She also played Mildred Hubble in the live-action adaptation of “The Worst Witch”, earning her a Young Performer’s award from BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television). Currently, the budding starlet voices the titular character in the Netflix original show “Hilda”, and has even tried her hand at singing with the role, debuting “The Life of Hilda” to fan and critic approval.

She’s set to play Ellie in a live-action adaption of the video game “The Last of Us”, sharing protagonist status with fellow GoT alum Pedro Pascal (also known for his role as the titular star in “The Mandalorian”). Bella Ramsey is quite the burgeoning talent with a lovely career awaiting.

Isabella of France

Also known as “The She-Wolf of France”, Isabella was a known figure that towered over her husband in political acumen, diplomacy, ambition, and capability. Betrothed to Edward II, the couple enjoyed a tumultuous marriage, with the bulk of their conflict rooted in Edward IIs dalliances.

His last favorite, Hugh Despenser, was a particular enemy of hers, and the queen rallied an army to depose her former spouse. This was the first-ever abdication of a king in England’s long history and went a long way towards establishing her future reputation of cunning and capability.

Isabella of France also successfully ended the war waged with Scotland, which had been initiated by her husband years prior. While the endeavor was successful and, arguably needed due to huge debts accumulated, the concessions of said peace didn’t endear the queen to her subjects. Isabella of France also had a reputation for extravagance, which furthered their distaste for the regent.

While often used as a character to represent manipulation and trickery, Isabella of France was undeniably influential to English history, and she managed to do all this through her own power.

Isabella of Castile

Isabella of Castile was responsible for many beneficial reforms for her nation, salvaging a kingdom burdened by debt from their last ruler. The Queen of Aragon unified Spain. sold off royal estates to ease national debt, and established a decisive police force that brought crime to an all-time low.

Though La Santa Hermandad (“The Holy Brotherhood”) was known for its harsh enforcement of justice, it was nonetheless critical to reestablishing the nation’s shattered security. Isabella of Castile also shifted the focus to including lesser nobility in their proceedings.

She, along with her husband Ferdinand, set aside Fridays to allow common folk to approach them with complaints their own lords would not aid them on. This act of consideration endeared her and her husband in the public eye.

Lastly, she was also staunchly anti-slavery, arresting and condemning Christopher Columbus for capturing Native Americans. This sentiment was even added to her last will, urging future rulers to treat these people with the respect and dignity they deserved.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of perfect middle names for Isabella to choose from, but not all of them will be perfect for her. Do be sure to consider your family name in the selection process. You can’t go wrong having the entire name arrangement complement itself in both rhythm and meaning. Good luck making that choice for Isabella – we hope our list helped you figure that out!