100 Radiant Baby Names That Mean Electric (For Girls & Boys)

Electricity is a powerful and dynamic force that is essential in our modern lives, and the idea of giving your child a vibrant and electrifying name can be quite appealing. They carry a sense of power, energy, and spark that can supercharge your child’s name with boldness and vitality.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 100 baby names for boys and girls that means electric, along with the origins and meanings of each name. From classic names with an electric twist to more unusual options that are sure to make a statement, you’re sure to find a name that’s perfect for the light of your life.

Electric Names for Boys

boy holding a plug

Name Origin Meaning
Raiden Japanese thunder and lightning
Lorcan Irish little fierce one
Kifani African the one who has arrived with strength and power
Thor Norse thunder
Raito Japanese light
Adad Arabic thunder
Barak Hebrew lightning
Ra’ad Arabic thunder
Catequil Incan god of thunder and lightning
Bijan Hindu electric spark
Keanu Hawaiian cool breeze over the mountains
Zeus Greek king of gods
Raicho Japanese thunderbird
Airavat Indian the king of lightning
Bolt English a stroke of lightning
Fulgencio Latin lightning
Ekon African strong
Jyotis Hindu light of the sun
Neri Hebrew burning light
Cerano Greek thunder
Freyr Norse god of fertility, sun and rain
Gael English sea storm
Aksaja Indian flash of lightning
Hadad Hebrew thunder
Jwala Hindu luminous
Helios Greek sun
Ayodeji African joy has doubled
Mjolnir Norse Thor’s hammer
Uri Hebrew my light
Adraksh Indian lightning
Hikaru Japanese radiance
Ignatius Latin fiery
Arka Hindu flash of lightning
Aodhán Irish little fiery one
Jelani African mighty
Lux Latin light
Shou Japanese soaring
Tarak Hindu star
Aska Swedish thunder
Heimdall Norse god of light and guardian of Asgard
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Electric Names for Girls

little girl playing with a light bulb

Name Origin Meaning
Levina Latin flash of lightning
Aila Finnish bringer of light
Elinor English shining light
Adira Hebrew strong, powerful, lightning
Firenze Italian fiery
Estelle French star
Elixane Basque electric
Eden Hebrew delight
Luz Spanish light or bright
Zia Arabic light or splendor
Iridian English iridescent
Niamh Irish radiant or bright
Lumina Latin light
Aurora Latin dawn or light
Bronte Greek the sound of thunder
Helia Greek sun or shining light
Soleil French sun
Akira Japanese bright or clear
Abila Hebrew sparkling
Nadira Arabic rare and precious
Kiara Italian clear or bright
Lenore Greek light
Iluminada Spanish enlightened
Gamma Greek electromagnetic radiation
Kiran Sanskrit ray of light
Enya Irish little fire
Lux Latin light or enlightenment
Electra Greek shining, bright
Flare English burst of flame
Liora Hebrew my light
Bree Irish strength or power
Elara Greek sparkling
Maizy Native American sparkling and shining
Megan Welsh pearl or sparkling one
Senna Arabic brightness or radiance
Vidhyasri Indian electricity
Aashini Indian lightning
Ember English spark or fire
Lumi Finnish glowing
Indira Sanskrit splendid, bright, shining
Delmira Spanish of the sea and electric
Anila Sanskrit Goddess of wind and electricity

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Electric

Name Origin Meaning
Chibi Japanese electrifying
Kamin Hebrew as hot as fire
Berhan Ethiopian light or electricity
Bolat Kazakh lightning
Casey Irish lightning or vigilant
Chidubem Igbo god is my electricity
Deniz Turkish sea and lightning
Doran Irish gift of the thunder
Einar Scandinavian lone warrior or lightning
Elidi Greek sparkling or shining
Rai Japanese thunder or lightning
Enlil Sumerian god of wind, storms, and electricity
Faiyum Egyptian of the sea and electricity
Aratiri Guarani bolt of lightning
Gayatri Sanskrit goddess of power and lightning
Thalassa Greek of the sea or ocean
Lirio Spanish of the lily and electrical energy
Asterope Greek lightning
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Final Thoughts

After exploring the world of electric names, we hope you have found some inspiration for your child’s name. Choosing a name that means electric can be a great way to give your child a unique and powerful identity that will stay with them throughout their life.

As you consider your options, keep in mind that each name has its own origin and history, which can add to its significance. Take the time to explore the meanings and stories behind each name to find one that resonates with you. 

And, remember, don’t be afraid to get creative and put your own spin on the name you choose. There are so many beautiful and meaningful electric names out there, and we hope that this list has given you a glimpse into the possibilities.

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