250 Strong Middle Names for Eleanor – Top Picks of 2023

Choosing a name for your child is an opportunity to create a unique identity that will last a lifetime. While some parents opt for trendy or unconventional names, others prefer classic names that have stood the test of time.

As an expecting parent, choosing a name for your baby is one of the most exciting and significant decisions you’ll make. Eleanor is one such timeless name that exudes strength and sophistication, and adding a middle name can further personalize and enhance its beauty.

When it comes to choosing a strong middle name for Eleanor, the possibilities are endless. You can choose a name that reflects your family’s heritage, a name that honors a loved one, or simply a name that sounds beautiful and meaningful to you. Below is a list of 250 strong middle names for Eleanor, divided into various categories to help inspire you and find the perfect name for your little one.

The Popularity of the Name Eleanor

Eleanor has been one of the go-to girl names for many parents since the 12th century. It was a common name for royals in the Middle Ages, but over time, it has slowly gained popularity in the general population as well.

In recent years, the continued admiration of literature and media related to the classical era has made the name’s popularity reach an all-time high. But there is no doubt that the name will remain a parent favorite for many decades to come.

Origin of the Name Eleanor

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Eleanor is a name with a rich history, as it can be traced back to Greek and French origins. In Greek, it is derived from the word “eleos,” which means mercy and compassion. As such, the name Eleanor itself can be translated as merciful or compassionate. In French, the name was derived from Aliénor, which translated to “the other Aenor.”

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With that in mind, a middle name for Eleanor can work well with other Greek and French names. Listed below are possible combinations that could fit your ideal name for your little one.

250 Strong Middle Names for Eleanor

Greek Middle Names to Go With Eleanor

These Greek middle names for Eleanor are not only poetic and beautiful but also powerful and meaningful. More than anything, they also sound pleasing to the ear. The combination of soft and strong syllables will make little one’s name a joy to hear.

  • Eleanor Adara
  • Eleanor Althea
  • Eleanor Anthea
  • Eleanor Ariadne
  • Eleanor Calliope
  • Eleanor Cassandra
  • Eleanor Clio
  • Eleanor Daphne
  • Eleanor Demetria
  • Eleanor Eleni
  • Eleanor Galatea
  • Eleanor Helene
  • Eleanor Iliana
  • Eleanor Isadora
  • Eleanor Kalypso
  • Eleanor Kyra
  • Eleanor Leda
  • Eleanor Melina
  • Eleanor Myrna
  • Eleanor Naida
  • Eleanor Nyx
  • Eleanor Persephone
  • Eleanor Phoebe
  • Eleanor Thalia
  • Eleanor Zoe

French Middle Names to Go With Eleanor

These French middle names have significant historical and cultural meanings. So if you are a parent that loves history, it can be the perfect choice for you. From the classic Marie to the regal Antoinette, these middle names will surely add a touch of sophistication and grace to the already elegant name Eleanor.

  • Eleanor Amélie
  • Eleanor Colette
  • Eleanor Daphné
  • Eleanor Elise
  • Eleanor Fleur
  • Eleanor Genevieve
  • Eleanor Henriette
  • Eleanor Isabelle
  • Eleanor Jolie
  • Eleanor Lorraine
  • Eleanor Madeleine
  • Eleanor Nadine
  • Eleanor Odette
  • Eleanor Pauline
  • Eleanor Romy
  • Eleanor Sabine
  • Eleanor Thérèse
  • Eleanor Victoire
  • Eleanor Yvette
  • Eleanor Zoé
  • Eleanor Céline
  • Eleanor Delphine
  • Eleanor Esme
  • Eleanor Giselle
  • Eleanor Juliette

Middle Names For Eleanor That Starts With the Letter’ E’

Choosing a fitting middle name for your little one can be challenging in a way. However, if you are looking for a simple combination that flows great with the first name, then you should consider using the letter ‘E’ for the middle name.

  • Eleanor Elise
  • Eleanor Evelyn
  • Eleanor Elizabeth
  • Eleanor Emilia
  • Eleanor Eden
  • Eleanor Elaine
  • Eleanor Estelle
  • Eleanor Edith
  • Eleanor Edeline
  • Eleanor Elaina
  • Eleanor Emmeline
  • Eleanor Evangeline
  • Eleanor Elsie
  • Eleanor Elspeth
  • Eleanor Eleri
  • Eleanor Elisha
  • Eleanor Emanuelle
  • Eleanor Eowyn
  • Eleanor Elita
  • Eleanor Eliana
  • Eleanor Elodie
  • Eleanor Ermina
  • Eleanor Erielle
  • Eleanor Esmée
  • Eleanor Everly
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Middle Names Ending in ‘Y’ That Would Go Great With Eleanor

Adding a middle name that ends in ‘Y’ would make Eleanor sound more distinct and pleasing. It would also make your daughter’s name sound cuter when spoken out loud.

  • Eleanor Daisy
  • Eleanor Ruby
  • Eleanor Lily
  • Eleanor Marley
  • Eleanor Emmy
  • Eleanor Zoey
  • Eleanor Aubrey
  • Eleanor Poppy
  • Eleanor Kelsey
  • Eleanor Casey
  • Eleanor Mallory
  • Eleanor Hailey
  • Eleanor Trinity
  • Eleanor Kinley
  • Eleanor Macey
  • Eleanor Bellamy
  • Eleanor Darcy
  • Eleanor Tilly
  • Eleanor Charley
  • Eleanor Ashley
  • Eleanor Bailey
  • Eleanor Emery
  • Eleanor Quincy
  • Eleanor Sidney
  • Eleanor Brinley

Single-syllable Middle Names That Would Fit Perfectly With Eleanor

While longer middle names can certainly be beautiful, a short and sweet single-syllable middle name can sound just as impactful and elegant.

  • Eleanor Blake
  • Eleanor Claire
  • Eleanor Faith
  • Eleanor Grace
  • Eleanor Hope
  • Eleanor Jade
  • Eleanor Jane
  • Eleanor Kate
  • Eleanor Lane
  • Eleanor Leigh
  • Eleanor Maeve
  • Eleanor Paige
  • Eleanor Quinn
  • Eleanor Reese
  • Eleanor Rose
  • Eleanor Sage
  • Eleanor Shea
  • Eleanor Skye
  • Eleanor Sloane
  • Eleanor Starr
  • Eleanor Tess
  • Eleanor Wren
  • Eleanor Yves
  • Eleanor Zell
  • Eleanor Zinnia

Four-syllable Middle Names That Would Fit Perfectly With Eleanor

If you are looking for a strong middle name for Eleanor that would sound elegant and fancy, then this list of four-syllable middle names should be part of your considerations. A longer, more sophisticated name would sound more traditional than names with fewer syllables as well.

  • Eleanor Anastasia
  • Eleanor Cecilia
  • Eleanor Felicity
  • Eleanor Gwendolyn
  • Eleanor Isabella
  • Eleanor Jessamine
  • Eleanor Katarina
  • Eleanor Lavinia
  • Eleanor Marcella
  • Eleanor Natalia
  • Eleanor Octavia
  • Eleanor Penelope
  • Eleanor Rosalind
  • Eleanor Seraphina
  • Eleanor Tabitha
  • Eleanor Valentina
  • Eleanor Wilhelmina
  • Eleanor Xanthe
  • Eleanor Yasmina
  • Eleanor Zephyrine
  • Eleanor Annabella
  • Eleanor Belladonna
  • Eleanor Christabella
  • Eleanor Dorothea
  • Eleanor Emmanuelle

Classic Middle Names That Sound Great With Eleanor

If you are looking for a name that never goes out of style, then going classical could be one of your options. Pairing the name Eleanor with a classic middle name will not only give your child a sense of uniqueness but also allow her to connect with many characters in the stories she will read in the future.

  • Eleanor Grace
  • Eleanor Elizabeth
  • Eleanor Rose
  • Eleanor Anne
  • Eleanor Louise
  • Eleanor Jane
  • Eleanor Marie
  • Eleanor Victoria
  • Eleanor Catherine
  • Eleanor Margaret
  • Eleanor Sophia
  • Eleanor Charlotte
  • Eleanor Beatrice
  • Eleanor Amelia
  • Eleanor Caroline
  • Eleanor Frances
  • Eleanor Matilda
  • Eleanor Alexandra
  • Eleanor Georgina
  • Eleanor Olivia
  • Eleanor Penelope
  • Eleanor Dorothea
  • Eleanor Henrietta
  • Eleanor Isabella
  • Eleanor Josephine
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Modern Middle Names That Sound Great With Eleanor

If you want to give the name Eleanor a fresh twist, then you may find the unique and trendy middle names listed below perfect for your daughter.

  • Eleanor Aria
  • Eleanor Beckham
  • Eleanor Brayden
  • Eleanor Camden
  • Eleanor Celeste
  • Eleanor Cruz
  • Eleanor Daxton
  • Eleanor Ember
  • Eleanor Everly
  • Eleanor Finn
  • Eleanor Gage
  • Eleanor Genesis
  • Eleanor Griffin
  • Eleanor Harper
  • Eleanor Haven
  • Eleanor Hunter
  • Eleanor Jade
  • Eleanor Jett
  • Eleanor Jolie
  • Eleanor Juniper
  • Eleanor Justice
  • Eleanor Kace
  • Eleanor Kinsley
  • Eleanor Kyrie
  • Eleanor Lennon

Middle Names that Would Make Eleanor Gender-Neutral

Pairing Eleanor with a gender-neutral middle name would make it sound a lot modern and chick. It would also make your child’s name more memorable to other people.

  • Eleanor Gray
  • Eleanor Morgan
  • Eleanor Reese
  • Eleanor Quinn
  • Eleanor River
  • Eleanor Phoenix
  • Eleanor Jordan
  • Eleanor Kai
  • Eleanor Avery
  • Eleanor Sage
  • Eleanor Rowan
  • Eleanor Blair
  • Eleanor Logan
  • Eleanor Drew
  • Eleanor Hayden
  • Eleanor Parker
  • Eleanor Taylor
  • Eleanor Casey
  • Eleanor Cameron
  • Eleanor Emerson
  • Eleanor Bailey
  • Eleanor Kennedy
  • Eleanor Avery
  • Eleanor Jamie
  • Eleanor Finley

Foreign Middle Names That Make Eleanor Sound Better

If you want to combine Eleanor with a distinctive-sounding foreign middle name, the list below may help you find a name that is both distinct and meaningful from another culture.

  • Eleanor Mei (Chinese)
  • Eleanor Yara (Arabic)
  • Eleanor Noemi (Italian)
  • Eleanor Zara (Arabic)
  • Eleanor Isadora (Spanish)
  • Eleanor Niamh (Irish)
  • Eleanor Nalani (Hawaiian)
  • Eleanor Milena (Slavic)
  • Eleanor Thalia (Greek)
  • Eleanor Maeva (Polynesian)
  • Eleanor Paloma (Spanish)
  • Eleanor Freya (Norse)
  • Eleanor Sari (Indonesian)
  • Eleanor Amara (African)
  • Eleanor Anya (Russian)
  • Eleanor Mariko (Japanese)
  • Eleanor Nadine (French)
  • Eleanor Danika (Slavic)
  • Eleanor Anika (Scandinavian)
  • Eleanor Brigid (Irish)
  • Eleanor Noa (Hebrew)
  • Eleanor Sabrina (Italian)
  • Eleanor Farida (Arabic)
  • Eleanor Zahara (Hebrew)
  • Eleanor Leilani (Hawaiian)

Final Thoughts

As a parent, it’s natural to put a considerable amount of thought into naming your child. After all, it is one of the first and most important decisions that you will make for your baby.

There are a lot of strong middle names for Eleanor that you could choose from. So if you are having trouble deciding which one would fit your child the best, remember to follow your heart and trust your instincts as a parent.