255 Sweet Middle Names for Chloe – Top Picks of 2023

Chloe has been a popular first name choice for baby girls for several years. However, many parents struggle to find the perfect middle name to go with it. Middle names are an essential part of a child’s identity, and choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

In this article, we have compiled a list of sweet and charming middle names for Chloe that will give you plenty of inspiration. From classic and timeless to trendy and unique, there is something for everyone on this list.

Whether you’re looking for a nature-inspired name, a literary reference, or a pop culture icon, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and your little one perfectly.

Meaning & Origin of the Name Chloe

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The name Chloe is of Greek origin and is derived from the Greek word “khloe” which means “young green shoot” or “blooming.” In Greek mythology, Chloe was a goddess of agriculture and fertility, and the name has been associated with springtime and growth.

It has also been used as a name for various characters in literature and popular culture. Overall, Chloe is a beautiful and timeless name that conveys a sense of natural beauty and vitality.

Literary & Mythological Middle Names for Chloe

These unique middle names for Chloe are perfect for bookworm parents looking for a name that is both unique and inspired by literature. Each name has a special meaning and is sure to add a touch of magic and wonder to your little one’s name.

  1. Chloe Arwen (Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien)
  2. Chloe Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare)
  3. Chloe Bronte (Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte)
  4. Chloe Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis)
  5. Chloe Cersei (A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin)
  6. Chloe Cordelia (King Lear by William Shakespeare)
  7. Chloe Eowyn (Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien)
  8. Chloe Freya (Norse goddess of love, fertility, and war)
  9. Chloe Guinevere (Le Morte d’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory)
  10. Chloe Hecate (Greek goddess of magic, crossroads, and witchcraft)
  11. Chloe Ophelia (Hamlet by William Shakespeare)
  12. Chloe Portia (The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare)
  13. Chloe Ramona (Ramona series by Beverly Cleary)
  14. Chloe Raven (Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”)
  15. Chloe Selene (Greek goddess of the moon)
  16. Chloe Scarlett (Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell)
  17. Chloe Xandra (The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare)
  18. Chloe Ygritte (A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin)
  19. Chloe Yvaine (Stardust by Neil Gaiman)
  20. Chloe Zadie (White Teeth by Zadie Smith)
  21. Chloe Zelda (The Legend of Zelda video game series)
  22. Chloe Alanna (Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce)
  23. Chloe Aravis (The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis)
  24. Chloe Bellatrix (Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling)
  25. Chloe Cimorene (Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede)
  26. Chloe Elinor (Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen)
  27. Chloe Elvira (The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe)
  28. Chloe Kira (The Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman)
  29. Chloe Prospera (The Tempest by William Shakespeare)
  30. Chloe Rhiannon (Welsh mythology)
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Biblical Middle Names for Chloe

If you’re searching for middle names that hold profound spiritual meaning, below are some of the best biblical options that seamlessly blend with Chloe.

  1. Chloe Abigail (wife of Nabal and later David in the Old Testament. Known for her beauty, intelligence, and resourcefulness)
  2. Chloe Deborah (judge and prophetess in the Old Testament who helped lead the Israelites to victory over the Canaanites)
  3. Chloe Esther (Queen of Persia in the Old Testament who saved the Jewish people from destruction)
  4. Chloe Martha (sister of Mary and Lazarus in the New Testament, who welcomed Jesus into her home and was known for her hospitality and hard work)
  5. Chloe Selah – Term used in the Old Testament Psalms to signify a musical interlude or pause.

Sweet & Charming Middle Names for Chloe

If you want to add a touch of elegance and charm in your baby’s name, here are some enchanting middle name options that perfectly complement the grace and charm of Chloe.

  1. Chloe Belle
  2. Chloe Blossom
  3. Chloe Calliope
  4. Chloe Celeste
  5. Chloe Dahlia
  6. Chloe Ember
  7. Chloe Faye
  8. Chloe Harmony
  9. Chloe Haven
  10. Chloe Hazel
  11. Chloe Jasmine
  12. Chloe Lavender
  13. Chloe Louise
  14. Chloe Lorraine
  15. Chloe Madeline
  16. Chloe Meadow
  17. Chloe Naomie
  18. Chloe Pearl
  19. Chloe Phoenix
  20. Chloe Starling

Nature-Inspired Middle Names for Chloe

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In recent years, nature-inspired names have become increasingly popular. Here are some of the best options for a middle name for Chloe that evoke a natural and botanical vibe:

  1. Chloe Cedar
  2. Chloe Dawn
  3. Chloe Ember
  4. Chloe Heather
  5. Chloe Ivy
  6. Chloe Jade
  7. Chloe Laurel
  8. Chloe Lily
  9. Chloe Luna
  10. Chloe Meadow
  11. Chloe Phoenix
  12. Chloe Ruby
  13. Chloe Sage
  14. Chloe Sierra
  15. Chloe Winter

Cosmic Middle Names for Chloe

For those seeking an ethereal middle name option for their little one, below are some of the top cosmic middle names for Chloe that exude an otherworldly aura.

  1. Chloe Aurora
  2. Chloe Aquila
  3. Chloe Alcyone
  4. Chloe Ariadne
  5. Chloe Cassiopeia
  6. Chloe Galaxia
  7. Chloe Halley
  8. Chloe Helix
  9. Chloe Mira
  10. Chloe Rhea
  11. Chloe Sirius
  12. Chloe Cygnus
  13. Chloe Elara
  14. Chloe Rigel
  15. Chloe Solaria

Middle Names for Chloe Inspired by Popular Culture

Middle names inspired by popular culture bring a modern and trendy feel to a name. Take a look at these top combinations that you might want to consider:

  1. Chloe Blair (a character from the Gossip Girl TV show)
  2. Chloe Fiona (the protagonist from the Shrek movie series)
  3. Chloe Freya (a character from the TV show Vikings)
  4. Chloe Kaylee (a character from the TV show Firefly)
  5. Chloe Kiera (the protagonist from the TV show Continuum)
  6. Chloe Mabel (the protagonist from the TV show Gravity Falls)
  7. Chloe Merida (the protagonist from the Disney movie Brave)
  8. Chloe Nala (the love interest from the Disney movie The Lion King)
  9. Chloe Rey (the protagonist from the Star Wars franchise)
  10. Chloe Yasmin (a character from the Bratz dolls)
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Classic & Timeless Middle Names for Chloe

If you want a name that evokes a sense of refined sophistication, this list offers a selection of the most elegant and classy middle name options that pair well with Chloe:

  1. Chloe Abigail
  2. Chloe Amelia
  3. Chloe Beatrice
  4. Chloe Caroline
  5. Chloe Claire
  6. Chloe Elizabeth
  7. Chloe Evelyn
  8. Chloe Francesca
  9. Chloe Gabrielle
  10. Chloe Genevieve
  11. Chloe Grace
  12. Chloe Isabella
  13. Chloe Jacqueline
  14. Chloe Madeline
  15. Chloe Penelope
  16. Chloe Ruth
  17. Chloe Sabrina
  18. Chloe Sophia
  19. Chloe Sylvia
  20. Chloe Victoria
  21. Chloe Adrielle
  22. Chloe Adeline
  23. Chloe Agatha
  24. Chloe Anastasia
  25. Chloe Angelina
  26. Chloe Anneliese
  27. Chloe Antoinette
  28. Chloe Arabella
  29. Chloe Audrey
  30. Chloe Bernadette

Modern Middle Names for Chloe

If you’re on the hunt for a sleek and stylish middle name for Chloe, here are some of the best options that are perfect for the modern era.

  1. Chloe Addison
  2. Chloe Ainsley
  3. Chloe Arianna
  4. Chloe Ashlyn
  5. Chloe Aspen
  6. Chloe Aubrey
  7. Chloe Brielle
  8. Chloe Brynn
  9. Chloe Cadence
  10. Chloe Callie
  11. Chloe Cameron
  12. Chloe Cassidy
  13. Chloe Elise
  14. Chloe Emery
  15. Chloe Marley
  16. Chloe Nova
  17. Chloe Oakley
  18. Chloe Paisley
  19. Chloe Phoenix
  20. Chloe Presley
  21. Chloe Remington
  22. Chloe Riley
  23. Chloe Rowan
  24. Chloe Sage
  25. Chloe Sawyer
  26. Chloe Skye
  27. Chloe Sloane
  28. Chloe Taylor
  29. Chloe Trinity
  30. Chloe Zara

Futuristic Middle Names for Chloe

Looking for middle names that evoke a sense of innovation and progress? Check out our list of futuristic middle names for Chloe that are sure to give your child a name that stands out and embodies the spirit of the future.

  1. Chloe Aria
  2. Chloe Artemis
  3. Chloe Aura
  4. Chloe Hyperion
  5. Chloe Juno
  6. Chloe Matrix
  7. Chloe Neutron
  8. Chloe Sapphire
  9. Chloe Solaris
  10. Chloe Xanthe

Exotic Middle Names for Chloe

To bring a touch of mystique to your baby’s name, here are some of the best exotic middle names that work well with Chloe.

  1. Chloe Azura
  2. Chloe Cressida
  3. Chloe Delphine
  4. Chloe Luminara
  5. Chloe Eira
  6. Chloe Qiana
  7. Chloe Yareli
  8. Chloe Tahlia
  9. Chloe Floriane
  10. Chloe Amelie

One-Syllable Middle Names for Chloe

If you’re looking for a short and sweet middle name for Chloe, then these one-syllable options are perfect! Despite their simplicity, they can add a lot of charm and elegance to Chloe’s name.

  1. Chloe Anne
  2. Chloe Brooke
  3. Chloe Gwen
  4. Chloe Jane
  5. Chloe Jean
  6. Chloe Jo
  7. Chloe Joy
  8. Chloe Kai
  9. Chloe Kate
  10. Chloe Lane
  11. Chloe May
  12. Chloe Paige
  13. Chloe Quinn
  14. Chloe Reece
  15. Chloe Rose
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Two-Syllable Middle Names for Chloe

If you’re looking for a middle name for Chloe that is both endearing and has a pleasant flow, check out this list of two-syllable options:

  1. Chloe Adele
  2. Chloe Brielle
  3. Chloe Camille
  4. Chloe Daphne
  5. Chloe Elise
  6. Chloe Eloise
  7. Chloe Giselle
  8. Chloe Leila
  9. Chloe Maisie
  10. Chloe Nadia

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Chloe

Chloe is a beautiful name and deserves a beautiful middle name to complement it. Check out these lovely three-syllable options that might just be the perfect fit.

  1. Chloe Calista
  2. Chloe Brianna
  3. Chloe Annalise
  4. Chloe Ariana
  5. Chloe Adalyn
  6. Chloe Clementine
  7. Chloe Adeline
  8. Chloe Gwendolyn
  9. Chloe Francesca
  10. Chloe Juliana
  11. Chloe Gabriella
  12. Chloe Cecilia
  13. Chloe Eleanor
  14. Chloe Genevieve
  15. Chloe Calliope

Four-Syllable Middle Names for Chloe

Looking for a longer, more elaborate middle name for Chloe? These four-syllable options are both elegant and sophisticated, adding a touch of glamour and charm to any name combination.

  1. Chloe Celestina
  2. Chloe Catalina
  3. Chloe Felicity
  4. Chloe Christabella
  5. Chloe Isabella
  6. Chloe Katarina
  7. Chloe Persephone
  8. Chloe Raphaela
  9. Chloe Caledonia
  10. Chloe Eleutheria

Trendy Middle Names for Chloe

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If you’re looking for a stylish and chic middle name for your little Chloe, this is the perfect section for you! From modern twists on classic names to fresh and unique monikers, these trendy middle names are sure to stand out!

  1. Chloe Raina
  2. Chloe Lennox
  3. Chloe Darcy
  4. Chloe Niamh
  5. Chloe Soraya
  6. Chloe Larkin
  7. Chloe Eilish
  8. Chloe Indigo
  9. Chloe Rowan
  10. Chloe Wilder
  11. Chloe Kaida
  12. Chloe Zara
  13. Chloe Harlow
  14. Chloe Maren
  15. Chloe Aisling
  16. Chloe Saffron
  17. Chloe Adalyn
  18. Chloe Briar
  19. Chloe Eira
  20. Chloe Yara
  21. Chloe Azura
  22. Chloe Astrid
  23. Chloe Rhiannon
  24. Chloe Everly
  25. Chloe Nola
  26. Chloe Juniper
  27. Chloe Liora
  28. Chloe Tamsin
  29. Chloe Lyra
  30. Chloe Seren

Final Thoughts

Choosing a middle name for Chloe can be an exciting and creative process, as there are endless possibilities to consider. From classic and timeless names to trendy and unique ones, we hope you have found some inspiration for your child’s middle name. Remember to choose a name that resonates with you and your family, and that your child will be proud to carry for a lifetime. 

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