230 Popular Middle Names for Olivia – Top Picks of 2023

Choosing a middle name for your child is an important decision that needs to be made carefully. It adds an extra element of personality and individuality to their first name, giving them a name that is truly unique and stands out among their peers.

“Olivia” is Latin for the olive tree, which served as a long-running symbol for peace, friendship, and prosperity. It’s a charming, timeless first name that complements a wide range of middle names, both classic and trendy, and everything in between. So if you want something that exudes grace, wisdom, beauty, or all three, there are many fantastic options for your child.

Adding a popular middle name to Olivia will help add meaning and symbolism to your child’s name. Still, it can be difficult for new parents to make a decision because the choice has to be favorable for both you and your child. This list of 200 popular middle names will give you plenty of ideas to create a lasting memory for your daughter.

Origin of the Name Olivia

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The name Olivia has its roots in both Latin and Shakespearean literature. It is believed to have come from the Latin word “oliva,” meaning “olive tree.” This emblem of peace and friendship was highly valued in ancient times, making Olivia a perfect choice for a parent that wants their child to embody these traits someday.

The Popularity of the Name Olivia

While the name Olivia has older etymological roots behind it, what’s likely to have spurned the name’s more contemporary popularity is thought to be the Shakespearean play “Twelfth Night”.

The romantic comedy featured a character named Olivia, who was respectfully portrayed as a capable woman with human qualities and flaws. Olivia drives most of the plot as an elegant, if melancholic, heiress that manages to retain her agency amidst irritating suitors.

As the play unfolds, Olivia demonstrates competence, compassion, determination, and humor interacting with other members of the cast. She’s written with a wonderful balance of resolve and femininity despite the absurdity of events playing out.

No small wonder the name started to pick up, and some may even argue it’s more of a Shakespearean name than a Greek one at this point. Regardless, the play certainly popularized the name’s use in the public eye. It’s still going strong now, even 400 years later!

230 Popular Middle Names for Olivia

Latin Middle Names to Go With Olivia

Because the name Olivia has Latin origins, it blends well with the soft and strong sounds of other Latin names. If you are looking for a middle name that is not only melodic and graceful but also rich in meaning, consider the following list, which will surely complement the charm and elegance of Olivia while adding depth and significance when combined with your little one’s name.

  • Olivia Adele: Adele means “noble,” representing strength and grace.
  • Olivia Amara: Amara means “lovely forever,” representing eternal beauty.
  • Olivia Antonia: Antonia means “priceless,” representing a precious and valuable life.
  • Olivia Aurelia: Aurelia means “golden,” representing a radiant and shining personality.
  • Olivia Bella: Bella means “beautiful,” representing a lovely and charming presence.
  • Olivia Calantha: Calantha means “lovely blossom,” representing the growth and flourishing of a new life.
  • Olivia Camilla: Camilla means “helper to the priest,” representing a compassionate and caring nature.
  • Olivia Carina: Carina means “dear one,” representing a beloved and cherished life.
  • Olivia Celeste: Celeste means “heavenly,” representing a divine and spiritual nature.
  • Olivia Celia: Celia means “heavenly,” representing a connection to the divine and eternal.
  • Olivia Clara: Clara means “clear, bright,” representing a pure and shining personality.
  • Olivia Daria: Daria means “queenly,” representing regal and noble qualities.
  • Olivia Elenora: Elenora means “light,” representing a bright and illuminating personality.
  • Olivia Emilia: Emilia means “rival,” representing a competitive and determined nature.
  • Olivia Felicity: Felicity means “happiness,” representing a joyous and positive outlook on life.
  • Olivia Flavia: Flavia means “golden-haired,” representing a warm and radiant personality.
  • Olivia Giselle: Giselle means “pledge,” representing a promise of love and devotion.
  • Olivia Isadora: Isadora means “gift of the goddess,” representing a divine and blessed life.
  • Olivia Juliana: Juliana means “youthful,” representing a youthful and energetic spirit.
  • Olivia Lavinia: Lavinia means “woman of Rome,” representing strength and resilience.
  • Olivia Lucia: Lucia means “light,” representing a bright and shining personality.
  • Olivia Magnolia: Magnolia means “flower of strength,” representing a strong and beautiful presence.
  • Olivia Natalia: Natalia means “birthday,” representing the celebration of new life.
  • Olivia Regina: Regina means “queen,” representing royal and noble qualities.
  • Olivia Seraphina: Seraphina means “fiery one,” representing a passionate and intense personality.
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Literary Middle Names That Sound Great With Olivia

If you are a bookworm or just an admirer of literature, then giving your little girl a middle name inspired by a beloved character or author might just be what you are looking for.

  • Olivia Scout: Inspired by the character Scout Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.
  • Olivia Jo: Inspired by the character Jo March from “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott.
  • Olivia Hermione: Inspired by the character Hermione Granger from the “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling.
  • Olivia Bronte: Inspired by the Bronte sisters, who wrote “Jane Eyre,” “Wuthering Heights,” and other classic novels.
  • Olivia Austen: Inspired by Jane Austen, who wrote “Pride and Prejudice,” “Sense and Sensibility,” and other beloved works.
  • Olivia Scarlett: Inspired by the character Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell.
  • Olivia Elizabeth: Inspired by the character Elizabeth Bennet from “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.
  • Olivia Maya: Inspired by Maya Angelou, who wrote “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” and other influential works.
  • Olivia Harper: Inspired by Harper Lee, who wrote: “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  • Olivia Virginia: Inspired by Virginia Woolf, who wrote “Mrs. Dalloway,” “To the Lighthouse,” and other important works.
  • Olivia Sylvia: Inspired by the poet Sylvia Plath, who wrote “The Bell Jar” and other powerful works.
  • Olivia Louisa: Inspired by Louisa May Alcott, who wrote “Little Women” and other classic novels.
  • Olivia Edith: Inspired by Edith Wharton, who wrote “The Age of Innocence,” “Ethan Frome,” and other influential works.
  • Olivia Zora: Inspired by Zora Neale Hurston, who wrote “Their Eyes Were Watching God” and other important works.
  • Olivia Gertrude: Inspired by the character Gertrude from “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Ariel: Inspired by the character Ariel from “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Miranda: Inspired by the character Miranda from “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Cordelia: Inspired by the character Cordelia from “King Lear” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Desdemona: Inspired by the character Desdemona from “Othello” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Portia: Inspired by the character Portia from “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Titania: Inspired by the character Titania from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Ophelia: Inspired by the character Ophelia from “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Imogen: Inspired by the character Imogen from “Cymbeline” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Rosalind: Inspired by the character Rosalind from “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olivia Beatrice: Inspired by the character Beatrice from “Much Ado About Nothing” by William Shakespeare.

Nature-inspired Middle Names for Olivia

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If you’re searching for a middle name that is both beautiful and meaningful, nature-inspired names could be the ideal fit. Not only do these names possess timeless appeal, but they also elicit feelings of awe and connection to nature.

  • Olivia Fern
  • Olivia Willow
  • Olivia Rose
  • Olivia Ivy
  • Olivia Hazel
  • Olivia Lily
  • Olivia Sage
  • Olivia Aurora
  • Olivia Sky
  • Olivia Meadow
  • Olivia Ocean
  • Olivia Cypress
  • Olivia River
  • Olivia Summer
  • Olivia Autumn
  • Olivia Briar
  • Olivia Cedar
  • Olivia Dahlia
  • Olivia Flora
  • Olivia Lavender
  • Olivia Marigold
  • Olivia Orchid
  • Olivia Poppy
  • Olivia Snow
  • Olivia Storm
  • Olivia Green
  • Olivia Sage
  • Olivia Wood
  • Olivia Clover
  • Olivia Fawn

One-syllable Middle Names That Sound Great With Olivia

Middle names with only one syllable may be short and simple, but they can have a big impact when combined with a first name like Olivia. They will surely add an air of sophistication and elegance while also keeping it streamlined and easy to remember.

No matter if you prefer something classic and traditional or modern and edgy, there are plenty of one-syllable middle names for Olivia that will fit the bill.

  • Olivia Jade
  • Olivia Claire
  • Olivia May
  • Olivia Kate
  • Olivia Lynn
  • Olivia Skye
  • Olivia Faith
  • Olivia Hope
  • Olivia Bree
  • Olivia Quinn
  • Olivia Faye
  • Olivia Belle
  • Olivia Joy
  • Olivia Jean
  • Olivia June
  • Olivia Pearl
  • Olivia Lane
  • Olivia Sage
  • Olivia Ruth
  • Olivia Beth
  • Olivia Eve
  • Olivia Dawn
  • Olivia Fern
  • Olivia Ruth
  • Olivia Blake
  • Olivia Paige
  • Olivia Tess
  • Olivia Grace
  • Olivia Greer
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Four-syllable Middle Names To Go With Olivia

If you’re searching for the ideal middle name for Olivia, a longer and more sophisticated four-syllable name may be just what you need. Longer middle names tend to add an air of refinement to an already stunning first name. Below is a list of some popular yet timeless four-syllable middles that would look lovely alongside Olivia.

  • Olivia Penelope
  • Olivia Isabella
  • Olivia Gabriella
  • Olivia Seraphina
  • Olivia Valentina
  • Olivia Lilliana
  • Olivia Anastasia
  • Olivia Genevieve
  • Olivia Rosalind
  • Olivia Clementine
  • Olivia Juliana
  • Olivia Arabella
  • Olivia Magnolia
  • Olivia Gwendolyn
  • Olivia Guinevere
  • Olivia Elisabetta
  • Olivia Magdalena
  • Olivia Mariana
  • Olivia Ophelia
  • Olivia Paloma
  • Olivia Calliope
  • Olivia Eleonora
  • Olivia Cordelia
  • Olivia Cecilia
  • Olivia Wilhelmina
  • Olivia Rosalina
  • Olivia Serenella
  • Olivia Evangeline
  • Olivia Mariella
  • Olivia Felicity

Middle Names Ending in ‘Y’ That Would Sound Perfectly With Olivia

If you are having trouble thinking of a middle name that has a unique charm and creates a pleasant flow with the name Olivia, then you should consider a middle name that ends in the letter “Y.” Names that end in “Y” tend to have a special cadence that is both fun and pleasurable to the ears.

  • Olivia Avery
  • Olivia Bailey
  • Olivia Carly
  • Olivia Delaney
  • Olivia Emily
  • Olivia Finley
  • Olivia Hadley
  • Olivia Ivy
  • Olivia Jessamy
  • Olivia Kinley
  • Olivia Lacey
  • Olivia Marley
  • Olivia Penelope
  • Olivia Quincy
  • Olivia Riley
  • Olivia Shelby
  • Olivia Sydney
  • Olivia Trinity
  • Olivia Verity
  • Olivia Wesley
  • Olivia Zoey
  • Olivia Adley
  • Olivia Bellamy
  • Olivia Darcy
  • Olivia Ellery
  • Olivia Hadley
  • Olivia Kimberly
  • Olivia Mallory
  • Olivia Romilly
  • Olivia Tracy

Middle Names For Olivia That Starts With the Letter ’O’

Finding the perfect middle name for your child can be overwhelming, but by adding a middle name that begins with the letter “O,” you are able to create an alliteration that will sound both simple and harmonious.

  • Olivia Odette
  • Olivia Octavia
  • Olivia Ophelia
  • Olivia Opal
  • Olivia Orchid
  • Olivia Oriana
  • Olivia Odessa
  • Olivia Oceane
  • Olivia Odetta
  • Olivia Ovidia
  • Olivia Oceana
  • Olivia Olympia
  • Olivia Onyx
  • Olivia Oakley
  • Olivia Oceanne
  • Olivia Oleander
  • Olivia Oleana
  • Olivia Orella
  • Olivia Othelia
  • Olivia Oriel
  • Olivia Orla
  • Olivia Orphea
  • Olivia Orin
  • Olivia Olimpia
  • Olivia Orella
  • Olivia Osanna
  • Olivia Oasis
  • Olivia Orlantha
  • Olivia Orlinda
  • Olivia Orlene

Foreign Middle Names That Make Olivia Sound Better

By adding a foreign middle name to Olivia, you will be able to add an interesting twist and make your child’s name extra special. It can also honor your family’s cultural heritage or simply reflect your love for a specific language or culture.

  • Olivia Adeline (French)
  • Olivia Alessandra (Italian)
  • Olivia Amara (Arabic)
  • Olivia Anouk (Dutch)
  • Olivia Aria (Hebrew)
  • Olivia Aurora (Spanish)
  • Olivia Beatriz (Portuguese)
  • Olivia Cecilia (Latin)
  • Olivia Chiara (Italian)
  • Olivia Eleni (Greek)
  • Olivia Emilia (German/Italian)
  • Olivia Esme (French)
  • Olivia Estelle (French)
  • Olivia Fleur (French)
  • Olivia Gaia (Greek)
  • Olivia Genevieve (French)
  • Olivia Ines (Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Olivia Ingrid (Scandinavian)
  • Olivia Isadora (Greek)
  • Olivia Johanna (German)
  • Olivia Kaida (Japanese)
  • Olivia Leila (Arabic)
  • Olivia Lila (Hebrew)
  • Olivia Marcella (Italian)
  • Olivia Nadia (Russian)
  • Olivia Noemi (Spanish/Italian)
  • Olivia Paloma (Spanish)
  • Olivia Saskia (Dutch/German)
  • Olivia Selena (Spanish)
  • Olivia Valentina (Italian/Latin)

Selection Advice for Olivia Middle Names

While you could just pick out what catches your eye and call it a day, there are a few things worth considering before deciding on Olivia’s new middle name. Your child will have this name their whole lives, so be sure to put plenty of thought behind the selection. These are a few noteworthy concerns that render certain name combinations slightly off, along with some elaboration on why.

Repeated Sounds (e.g. Olivia Sophia)

The same type of sounds can seem strange to say after another, and you can really feel the difference if the repetition is on the last syllable. Olivia Sophia seems like a pretty enough name, but the repetition of the “ia” will stand out as stilted. Try to avoid these kinds of mismatches, and be especially mindful if your last name leads to this conflict with your current middle name choice.

Close Vowels (e.g. Olivia Anne)

All names used need to be distinct and identifiable, and having vowels too close together gets in the way of that. Specifically, this happens when a name ending in a vowel is followed by a name starting with the same one. This doesn’t immediately disqualify using them together, but your main metric to decide that is how well those names mesh together.

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Olivia Anne could be mistaken for one name – it’s even more likely because the middle name here is quite short. Olivia Astrid works because both names stand out well enough alone, even when pronounced quickly. You can keep names like that, but make sure both are distinctly identifiable when written down and spoken.

Syllable Length (e.g. Olivia Elenora)

Olivia is already quite a mouthful at 3 syllables, so it’s not advised to pair it with comparably long or longer names. This leaves them with a whopping 6 syllables at minimum, and that’s not even taking their last names into account!

Olivia tends to be complemented with shorter names – especially if your family name happens to be rather long as well. Something curt and bouncy like Mira or Nadia follows Olivia wonderfully, but it’s not a hard rule in play. Going for long syllable names should be fine, provided you mind the step below as well.

Stress (e.g. Olivia Felicity)

Stress is used for words with more than one syllable, accentuating a specific part of the word. In the name Olivia, the second syllable is stressed. Names that share the order of their stressed syllable don’t play well when read consecutively.

It has the opposite problem close vowels do, and the name can sound a bit jagged to say in full. You want the name to flow properly, rather than being broken up in systematic chunks of static rhythm.

Stick To Just One

Having two middle names is rare, but it does happen. Some people just can’t decide between two or even three nice choices, so they might see fit to give them all to their kid. We’d advice against it if only for the bureaucratic migraine it’ll inevitably make document processing down the line.

A Couple of Famous Olivia’s

Given its popularity, there’s bound to be a couple of Olivia’s that managed to make their way into popular culture. We’ve come up with two huge examples from both ends of the spectrum: a millennial artist getting her big break this 2021, and an old saint venerated in history.

Olivia Rodrigo

When it comes to new blood in the limelight, Olivia Rodrigo is certainly the biggest up-and-comer of her name this 2021. A Filipino-American with Irish and Germanic heritage, this young artist began with acting and singing classes at the age of six.

She broke into the industry in 2015. One of her biggest credentials here was songwriting, acting, and performing in the Disney+ series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”. She received critical acclaim for her stunning role in the mockumentary series.

Olivia Rodrigo’s musical breakthrough would come a year later with the hit single “Driver’s License”. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100s list and Spotify records, along with dominating the charts in plenty of other international lists.

She followed up with other well-received singles (“Déjà vu”, “Good 4 U”) and her debut album (“Sour”) to very good reception from music critics. Olivia Rodrigo managed to do all that before or at the tender age of 18, to boot!

Olivia of Palermo

Sometimes referred to as the patron saint of Palermo, Olivia was born to a noble Sicilian family during the 9th century. Despite her wealth and nobility, she was known primarily for her charitable spirit, giving what she could to the poor for no personal gain. Olivia also declined recognition and praise in favor of dutifully tending to those in need, which endeared her greatly to the populace.

After the Vandals conquered her home Olivia redoubled these efforts, comforting the imprisoned and destitute to retain their faith in Christ. For her actions, she was sent off to Tunis.

Olivia of Palermo continued with her missionary efforts there, which annoyed the inhabits greatly. She was ordered to live amongst wild beasts, in hopes that they may devour her. Despite this, the beasts left her unharmed. The same went for anyone searching for her with ill intentions, and the gentle soul of Palermo converted many to her faith.

The governor, fed up, had Olivia imprisoned, forced to renounce her beliefs. Olivia was submerged in boiling oil but remained unharmed through divine providence, the endeavor tarnishing neither her flesh nor her faith. Olivia of Palermo was eventually beheaded, with her gentle soul “Flying into the sky in the form of a dove” according to legend.

Despite over a millennia passing, her story still found its way into the city’s heart. While officially struck from the liturgical calendar since 1980, the virgin martyr still remains a sanctified cultural figure in Palermo to this day.

Final Thoughts

A child named Olivia will have plenty of amazing options for middle names, so take your pick on what best suits them. Try to consider a few crucial factors like syllable stress – the goal is to make their name flow off the tongue as smoothly as possible. We hope our list of middle names for Olivia helped you figure things out. Good luck making that final decision!