208 Perfect Middle Names For Charlotte: a Sophisticated List

The name Charlotte means “petite” and wonderfully suits its elegant French origins. It sat at a respectable 14th place in popularity for 2020, only to skyrocket all the way up to 6th in 2021. Finding the perfect middle name for Charlotte shouldn’t be too hard, and we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from down below.

The name Charlotte has French roots, gentle tones, and a soft meaning. Charlotte will suit a wide variety of middle names without clashing. For best results, try for something graceful, fashionable, adventurous, or cute. Charlotte has an exotic feel to it, and you’ll have plenty of suitable options hailing from an abundance of different cultures.

Finding the right middle name for Charlotte can be a bit of a challenge, ironically. Too many safe choices can make it hard to stand out. We’ve scrounged up a few choice selections if you wanted to explore a few unorthodox options for dear Charlotte.

List of Middle Names for Charlotte

Graceful Middle Names for Charlotte

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  1. Charlotte Yarrow           (English, “Rough stream”)
  2. Charlotte Dinara           (Latin/Arabic, “Wealth”)
  3. Charlotte Maddox         (Welsh, “Good fortune”)
  4. Charlotte Danesh          (Persian, “Knowledge, science”)
  5. Charlotte Halcyon         (Greek, “Kingfisher bird”)
  6. Charlotte Arya               (Sanskrit, “Honorable”)
  7. Charlotte Olivia             (Greek, “Olive tree”)
  8. Charlotte Oriana           (Italian, “Dawn”)
  9. Charlotte Elise               (Hebrew, “My God is an oath”)
  10. Charlotte Kayla             (Hebrew, “Crown of laurel”)
  11. Charlotte Yari                (Spanish, “Gold”)
  12. Charlotte Hannah        (Hebrew, “Favor, Grace”)
  13. Charlotte Arianna        (Latin, “Most holy”)
  14. Charlotte Khina            (Persian, “Sweet voice”)
  15. Charlotte Lennon         (Irish, “Dear one”)
  16. Charlotte Felicity          (English, “Happy”)
  17. Charlotte Dara               (Irish, “Pearl of wisdom”)
  18. Charlotte Alon               (Filipino, “Wave”)
  19. Charlotte Cassidy          (Irish, “The clever one”)
  20. Charlotte Thalia            (Greek, “Flourishing”)
  21. Charlotte Sheridan       (Gaelic, “Bright one”)
  22. Charlotte Seeley            (English, “Happy”)
  23. Charlotte Helen             (Arabic, “Noble”)
  24. Charlotte Fatima           (Arabic, “One who abstains, one who weans a babe”)
  25. Charlotte Marja             (Finnish, “Berry”)
  26. Charlotte Sterling          (English, “Genuine, high quality”)
  27. Charlotte Alice               (Hebrew, “Noble”)
  28. Charlotte Gavya             (Sanskrit, “Garden of God”)
  29. Charlotte Luna               (Italian, “Moon”)
  30. Charlotte Roch               (French, “Rest”)
  31. Charlotte Arwen            (Welsh, “Noble maiden”)
  32. Charlotte Shepi              (Native American, “Fairy”)
  33. Charlotte Gabriella        (Hebrew, “Devoted to God”)
  34. Charlotte Nova               (Latin, “New”)
  35. Charlotte Yonah             (Hebrew, “Dove”)
  36. Charlotte Cora                (Greek, “Maiden”)
  37. Charlotte Madonna       (Latin, “My lady”)
  38. Charlotte Halsey            (English, “Hallowed island”)
  39. Charlotte Kiara              (Italian, “Light, clear”) (Swahili, “Princess”)
  40. Charlotte Zarina            (Persian, “Golden”)
  41. Charlotte Mira                (Latin, “Wonder”) (Slavic, “Peace”)

Fashionable Middle Names for Charlotte

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  1. Charlotte Daniella            (Hebrew, “God is my judge”)
  2. Charlotte Mia                    (Scandinavian, “Dear”)
  3. Charlotte Betty                 (Hebrew, “Oath of God, God is satisfaction”)
  4. Charlotte Jaqueline         (Hebrew, “Supplanter”)
  5. Charlotte Enya                  (Irish, “Fire”)
  6. Charlotte Mariposa         (Spanish, “Butterfly”)
  7. Charlotte Esmerelda       (Spanish, “Emerald”)
  8. Charlotte Taika                (Finnish, “Magic, spell”)
  9. Charlotte Mirage             (French, “Illusion, fantasy”)
  10. Charlotte Meriol              (Irish, “Sea nymph”)
  11. Charlotte Pineda              (Spanish/Catalan, “Pine forest”)
  12. Charlotte Evelyn              (English, “Wished for child, wanted child”)
  13. Charlotte Tomoe              (Japanese, “A blessing in the form of friend”)
  14. Charlotte Melody             (Greek, “Song”)
  15. Charlotte Midge               (French, “Pearl”)
  16. Charlotte Melissa            (Greek, “Honeybee”)
  17. Charlotte Opal                  (Sanskrit, “Jewel”)
  18. Charlotte Tabitha            (Aramaic, “Gazelle”)
  19. Charlotte Mavis               (French, “Songbird”)
  20. Charlotte Violet                (English, “Purple”)
  21. Charlotte Cirilla               (Greek, “Lady, mistress”)
  22. Charlotte Eve                    (English, “Living”)
  23. Charlotte Amethyst         (Greek, “Sober”)
  24. Charlotte Cybil                  (Greek, “Soothsayer”)
  25. Charlotte Judeth               (Garman, “Calm, passionate soul”)
  26. Charlotte Amira                (Arabic, “Princess, treetop”)
  27. Charlotte Margaret          (Greek, “Pearl”)
  28. Charlotte Fides                 (Latin, “To Trust”)
  29. Charlotte Saira                  (Finnish, “Bird of love”)
  30. Charlotte Fay                     (Irish, “Fairy”)
  31. Charlotte Ivy                      (Latin, “Vine”)
  32. Charlotte Trixie                 (English, “Bringer of joy”)
  33. Charlotte Celine               (French, “Heavenly:”)
  34. Charlotte Zahrah              (Arabic, “Blooming flower”)
  35. Charlotte Astrid                (Norse, “Beautiful, loved”)
  36. Charlotte Haruka              (Japanese, “Spring, fragrance”)
  37. Charlotte Rosa                  (Latin, “A flower”)
  38. Charlotte Ramona           (Spanish, “Wise protector”)
  39. Charlotte Priscilla            (Latin, “Classic, venerable”)
  40. Charlotte Mirabella          (Italian, “Wonderful”)
  41. Charlotte Ansa                  (Finnish, “Virtue”)
  42. Charlotte Calliope            (Greek, “Beautifully voiced”)
  43. Charlotte Candela            (Latin, “Candle”)
  44. Charlotte Jessamine        (French, “Jasmine flower”)
  45. Charlotte Tifa                    (Greek, “The revelation of God”)
  46. Charlotte Lisa                    (Hebrew, “God is bountiful, bearer of God’s light”)
  47. Charlotte Adele                 (German, “Nobility”)
  48. Charlotte Anette       (Hebrew, “God has favored me”) (French, “Gracious, merciful”)
  49. Charlotte Chloe                 (Greek, “Blooming”)
  50. Charlotte Alma                 (Latin, “Nourishing”)
  51. Charlotte Conner             (Irish, “Dog lover”)
  52. Charlotte Sansia              (Italian, “Sacred”)
  53. Charlotte Dakota             (Native American, “Ally and friend”)
  54. Charlotte Hiro                  (Japanese, “Abundant, generous, prosperous”)
  55. Charlotte Kayleigh    (American, “Keeper of the keys, pure”) (Irish, “Slim, fair, slender”)
  56. Charlotte Isla                   (Scottish/Spanish, “Island”)
  57. Charlotte Tara                 (Irish, “Rocky hill”)
  58. Charlotte Lydia               (Greek, “Beautiful one”) (Persian, “Noble one”)
  59. Charlotte Kazue               (Japanese, “Peace, harmony”)
  60. Charlotte Padme              (Persian, “Lotus flower”)
  61. Charlotte Fraga               (Spanish/Portuguese, “Steep cliff”)
  62. Charlotte Abigail             (Hebrew, “Cause of joy, father’s joy”)
  63. Charlotte Katniss              (American, “Pure”)
  64. Charlotte Aigis                 (Greek, “Goatskin”)
  65. Charlotte Zelda                (German, “Grey battle, strong woman”)
  66. Charlotte Krishna            (Sanskrit, “Black”)
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Adventurous Middle Names for Charlotte

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  1. Charlotte Yuna                (Japanese, “The desired one”)
  2. Charlotte Mari                 (Scandinavian, “Berry”)
  3. Charlotte Arlise               (Irish, “Pledge”)
  4. Charlotte Echo                (Greek, “Reverberating sound”)
  5. Charlotte Amit                (Hindu, “Immeasurable”)
  6. Charlotte Finley              (Scottish, “Fair warrior”)
  7. Charlotte Ambrosia        (Greek, “Immortality”)
  8. Charlotte Conrad             (German, “Bold counsel”)
  9. Charlotte Frey                 (Scandinavian, “Exalted one”)
  10. Charlotte Cairo                (Arabic, “Victorious”)
  11. Charlotte Mirai               (Japanese, “Future”)
  12. Charlotte Leonie             (French, “Lioness”)
  13. Charlotte Margaret         (Greek, “Pearl”)
  14. Charlotte Sadira              (Persian, “Lotus tree”)
  15. Charlotte Aiyana             (Navajo, “Forever flowering”)
  16. Charlotte Yaritza             (Portuguese, “Tiny butterfly”)
  17. Charlotte Deidre             (Irish, “Raging”)
  18. Charlotte Valerie             (French, “Strength, health, valiance”)
  19. Charlotte Parker             (English, “Park keeper”)
  20. Charlotte Odessa            (Greek, “Long journey”)
  21. Charlotte Saber               (French, “Sword”)
  22. Charlotte Bellona            (Latin, “Goddess of battle, goddess of war”)
  23. Charlotte Reverie            (French, “Daydream”)
  24. Charlotte Artemisia        (Greek, “Gift from Artemis”)
  25. Charlotte Riona               (Irish, “Queenly”) (Japanese, “Plum”)
  26. Charlotte Jane                 (English, “God is gracious”)
  27. Charlotte Sia                    (Norse, “Victory”) (Hebrew, “Help, moving”)
  28. Charlotte Audrey             (English, “Noble strength”)
  29. Charlotte Bellatrix          (Latin, “Hand of Orion, female warrior”)
  30. Charlotte Laine               (Finnish, “Wave”)
  31. Charlotte Viviana            (Latin, “Alive”)
  32. Charlotte Boudica           (Latin, “Victory”)
  33. Charlotte Mara                (Arabic, “Joy”) (Hebrew, “Bitter, strength”)
  34. Charlotte Adira               (Hebrew, “Strong”)
  35. Charlotte Martina           (Italian, “Warlike”)
  36. Charlotte Nocona            (Native American, “Wanderer, camper”)
  37. Charlotte Farren               (English, “Journey ready”)
  38. Charlotte Clio                   (Greek, “To make famous, to celebrate”)
  39. Charlotte Cilia                   (Latin, “Heavenly lily”)
  40. Charlotte Lysithea           (Greek, “Delivered by the gods”)
  41. Charlotte Cam                    (Vietnamese, “Sweet citrus”)
  42. Charlotte Victoria            (Latin, “Victory”)
  43. Charlotte Tippi                 (Scandinavian, “Sweetheart”)
  44. Charlotte Emilia               (Latin, “To rival, emulate, or excel”)
  45. Charlotte Alexandria       (Greek, “Protector of mankind”)
  46. Charlotte Mckenna          (Scottish, “Fiery love”)
  47. Charlotte Ula                     (Spanish, “Gem of the sea”) (Arabic, “Prestige, glory”)
  48. Charlotte Agrippa             (Greek, “Born feet first”)
  49. Charlotte Bray                   (English, “Borderland, cry out”)
  50. Charlotte Kelsey               (Scottish, “Brave”) (English, “Ship’s victory”)
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Cute Middle Names for Charlotte

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  1. Charlotte Lanette             (Welsh, “Small songbird, nymph”)
  2. Charlotte Anya                  (Russian, “Grace”)
  3. Charlotte Melanie             (Greek, “Dark, blackness”)
  4. Charlotte Citra                  (Indonesian, “Image”)
  5. Charlotte Aliane               (French, “Gracious, noble”)
  6. Charlotte Mison                (Hebrew, “God has heard”)
  7. Charlotte Swanner           (Scandinavian, “Swan keeper”)
  8. Charlotte Orla                   (Irish, “Golden princess”)
  9. Charlotte Claire                 (French, “Clear, light, Bright”)
  10. Charlotte Ruth                  (Hebrew, “Vision of beauty, friend”)
  11. Charlotte Janine               (Hebrew, “God is gracious”)
  12. Charlotte Iridessa            (Latin, “Akin to a rainbow”)
  13. Charlotte Navi                   (Indian, “Kind to people”) (Hebrew, “To name”)                                                                       (Sanskrit, “Eternally new”)
  14. Charlotte Chase                (English, “Hunter”)
  15. Charlotte Sienna              (Latin, “Orange-red”)
  16. Charlotte Beth                  (Hebrew, “God is abundance”)
  17. Charlotte Merida             (Spanish, “Victory of Augustus”)
  18. Charlotte Ciel                   (French, “From heaven, heavenly”)
  19. Charlotte Gemma            (Italian, “Precious stone”)
  20. Charlotte Rhea                  (Greek, “A flowing stream”)
  21. Charlotte Eara                   (Arabic, “Small butterfly”)
  22. Charlotte Aine                   (Irish, “Radiance, brilliance”)
  23. Charlotte Calina                (Russian, “The moon”)
  24. Charlotte Codex                (Latin, “Trunk of a tree, book”)
  25. Charlotte Damsa               (Persian, “White silk”)
  26. Charlotte Stella                 (Latin/Italian, “Star”)
  27. Charlotte Harlow             (English, “Hill, pile of rocks”)
  28. Charlotte Rahnee             (Sikh, “Queen”)
  29. Charlotte Imogen             (Irish, “Maiden”)
  30. Charlotte Hien                  (Vietnamese, “Gentle, quiet”)
  31. Charlotte Ziva                    (Hebrew, “Radiance”)
  32. Charlotte Lyka                   (Filipino, “Pretty face”)
  33. Charlotte Runo                 (Finnish, “Poem”)
  34. Charlotte Nadia                 (Russian, “Hope”)
  35. Charlotte Naomi               (Hebrew, “Pleasantness”)
  36. Charlotte Vorst                 (Dutch, “Frost”)
  37. Charlotte Corazon            (Spanish, “Heart”)
  38. Charlotte Therese             (Greek, “To reap”)
  39. Charlotte Firtha               (Gaelic, “Maiden of the sea”)
  40. Charlotte Katherine         (Finnish, “Pure”) (French, “Clear”)
  41. Charlotte Bianca               (Italian, “White”)
  42. Charlotte Irsa                    (Arabic, “Rainbow”)
  43. Charlotte Bulawan           (Filipino, “Gilded”)
  44. Charlotte Estelle              (Occitan, “Star”)
  45. Charlotte Saoirse             (Irish, “Freedom, liberty”)
  46. Charlotte Cornyx             (Latin, “Heart of the night”)
  47. Charlotte Nora                 (French/Arabic, “Light”)
  48. Charlotte Sheena             (Irish, “God is gracious”)
  49. Charlotte Senon               (Spanish, “Very lively”)
  50. Charlotte Dory                 (Greek, “Beloved”)
  51. Charlotte Amari               (Yoruba, “Strength”) (Hebrew, “Eternal”)

Selection Advice for Charlotte Middle Names

Track Syllable Length and Cadence (i.e. Charlotte Bulawan)

Charlotte is a bit peculiar as names go, using a lot of letters despite only being two syllables long. As a result, it works well with longer syllable names in terms of cadence, managing an alternating tempo that rolls off the tongue.

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We wouldn’t recommend you go for middle names with similar syllable counts – especially if your last name has the same number as well. The sequence of names would end up with stiff, awkward pacing.

As much as possible, mix up the syllable count in your name order. In this case, that means steering clear of other two-syllable names. An example of this problem can be seen with the name Charlotte Dani Sia – the names all have the same number of syllables and end up meshing together. It’s a bit awkward to read aloud, and situations like that are best avoided altogether.

You want each name to hold up on its own, and this type of arrangement won’t cut it most of the time. It’s a bit better when the syllable stress is ordered differently between the names (e.g. Charlotte Irsa).

Do remember that this is just a recommendation. There’s no right and wrong here, and you can pick whatever name you please for your child.

Don’t Use More Than One Middle Name

There’s a good reason why multiple middle names aren’t very popular. The logistics of working through it can be bothersome down the line, especially when it involves documents. It might make them more special, but is it really worth the tradeoff for the inconvenience it’d cost?

Try to stick to just one, because clerical errors abound. Your kid could be stuck dealing with the fallout of being special – which usually comes in the form of frustrating paperwork. You can squeak by a second middle name if you want to, but we’d strongly advise pushing past that point.

Have the Meaning and Cultures Add Up

Lastly, make sure the entire thing actually has a decent meaning behind it. For example, Charlotte Desdemona might seem like a good choice – French and Latin pair well together – but the latter translates to “ill-fated, demonic, misery”. It’d probably be best not to name your child after things that are best left avoided, no matter how lovely the words themselves sound.

Thanks to globalization, the cultural barrier to using foreign names isn’t as steep as it once was. French names in particular combine quite well with classical language options, such as Greek, Latin, Hebrew, or even Arabic (if you want something even more unique!).

You could also draw from their nearby cultural neighbors, bringing in a hint of English, Welsh, or even Irish to their names. For best results, pick something that also matches your own last name.

What Made The Name Charlotte Grow Popular?

The origin of its revitalized success can likely be traced to the book “Charlotte’s Web”, by E. B. White. It was quite an influential novel, and in the year 2000 was noted to be the best-selling children’s paperback of all time. It’s been bested by other books since then, but still enjoys a good deal of popularity – developing a musical drama, live-action film, and even a video game.

The book was noted for its wit, dry humor, and hopeful themes that left quite an impression on its audience. The titular character’s presence and personality stuck to readers like glue, and the name gradually crept back into popularity.

Famous Charlottes

Charlotte Rampling

It’s interesting to note that the original variation of this name, Charles, also happens to translate to “Free man”. Few people embody this quite well as Charlotte Rampling, with her long, curious career in arthouse media. This genre embodies that free spirit very well, with many of her films in the 60s drawing praise and protest alike from different parties.

Notable examples of her most iconic work include the role of Meredith (“Georgy Girl”), Elizabeth (“The Damned”), and Laura Fischer (“The Verdict”) – the latter likely being her most critically acclaimed mainstream film contribution. She’s also starred in this year’s adaption of “Dune”, with her and her costars being praised for their production.

While she might have eased off from her more controversial role choices, there’s no denying that Charlotte Rampling made a huge splash in the English, Italian, and French arthouse scenes.

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was far more than King George III’s wife. While she didn’t boast the same level of free-spirited determination as other notable queens – and in fact, was a rigid stickler for tradition in some regards – Charlotte still contributed a great deal to the world.

She was an amateur botanist and greatly aided the royal collection of diverse species of flora. Charlotte harbored a great deal of interest in Kews Garden, and thanks to her efforts it now boasts the most diverse botanical collection in the world today.

What’s most ascribed to Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz is her emphasis on motherhood, which reflect in her contributions to society. She built many orphanages in her time and became a critical patron to the General Lying-in Hospital, one of the oldest maternity wards in the world.

Charlotte managed to provide for the hospital via fundraising balls and her own contribution, providing enough to prevent the ward’s foreclosure long after her passing. The hospital endures even today and has since been renamed Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in her honor.

Final Thoughts

The name Charlotte has plenty of good options available for their perfect middle name. It’s a subdued, mellow choice that complements nearly anything you might pick out. Put plenty of thought into your final decision, and you’ll come through it with no regrets. You’ll be sure to find the perfect middle name for sweet little Charlotte in no time!