180 Classic Middle Names for Elijah – Top Picks of 2023

Picking a name for your child may normally look like an exciting and easy activity, but there is nothing simple about it. Whether you are a first-time parent or not, it can be overwhelming and require you a lot of thought and consideration. There are hundreds of options to choose from as well, so it can be rather difficult to narrow down the name that would fit your personality and preferences perfectly.

Because it exudes a unique charm and a lot of charisma, Elijah is a go-to choice for many parents who wish for their child to grow up healthy and successful in the future. But you can take it to the next level by adding a middle name that is just as equally magnificent and remarkable. Doing so would surely add even more sophistication to this popular name.

Naming your child Elijah is amazing on its own because of its rich history and profound meaning, but it is still better to add a middle name that is also both iconic and enduring. A middle name will add a touch of personal meaning and significance to the name of your child. To help you find the perfect match for your little one, below is a detailed list of 150 classic middle names for Elijah.

Origin of the Name Elijah

Elijah is a name that has deep roots in the Hebrew culture and language. The name itself is derived from the Hebrew word “Eliyahu,” which translates to “My God is Yahweh.” It has been used since ancient times and is mentioned in various religious texts as well, so it is not surprising that it has remained popular throughout the centuries.

The Popularity of the Name Elijah

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With its origins dating back to as early as the 9th century BCE, the name Elijah has remained a prominent choice for many parents all throughout history. Over the centuries, the name has experienced a steady rise in popularity as well, mostly due to the spread of religious texts like the Bible across the entire world.

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In the modern day, Elijah remains one of the go-to boy’s names in many countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, where it consistently ranks among the top names every year.

180 Classic Middle Names for Elijah

Hebrew Middle Names to Go With Elijah

Given that Elijah has its origins in Hebrew, it is highly likely that pairing it with other Hebrew names would result in a naturally harmonious combination. To help you find the perfect match for your little one, below is a compiled list of classic Hebrew middle names that could fit your personal preferences.

  • Elijah Amiel
  • Elijah Amos
  • Elijah Ari
  • Elijah Ariel
  • Elijah Asher
  • Elijah Avi
  • Elijah Baruch
  • Elijah Boaz
  • Elijah David
  • Elijah Dov
  • Elijah Elior
  • Elijah Eliezer
  • Elijah Ezra
  • Elijah Gideon
  • Elijah Isaac
  • Elijah Jonah
  • Elijah Judah
  • Elijah Levi
  • Elijah Menachem
  • Elijah Micah
  • Elijah Mordechai
  • Elijah Nadav
  • Elijah Nathan
  • Elijah Noam
  • Elijah Oren
  • Elijah Raphael
  • Elijah Reuben
  • Elijah Shimon
  • Elijah Solomon
  • Elijah Uriel
  • Elijah Yitzhak
  • Elijah Yonah
  • Elijah Yosef
  • Elijah Zev

Biblical Middle Names That Sound Great With Elijah

If you are a religious person and want to give your child a name that can be found in the Holy Scriptures, the list below would fit your needs perfectly. Adding a middle name that comes from the Bible would also add a more classic and graceful feel to the already great name Elijah.

  • Elijah Joseph
  • Elijah David
  • Elijah Samuel
  • Elijah Benjamin
  • Elijah Daniel
  • Elijah Noah
  • Elijah Caleb
  • Elijah Joshua
  • Elijah Isaac
  • Elijah Matthew
  • Elijah Aaron
  • Elijah Jacob
  • Elijah Gabriel
  • Elijah Nathan
  • Elijah Zachary
  • Elijah Levi
  • Elijah Simon
  • Elijah Micah
  • Elijah Malachi
  • Elijah Joel
  • Elijah Isaiah
  • Elijah Jonah
  • Elijah Amos
  • Elijah Solomon
  • Elijah Ezra
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Traditional Middle Names That Sound Great With Elijah

As a name that has stood the test of time, the name Elijah deserves to be accompanied by another traditional and classic-sounding name. Plus, it would make your son’s name sound very respectable and esteemed.

  • Elijah Alexander
  • Elijah Benjamin
  • Elijah Charles
  • Elijah David
  • Elijah Frederick
  • Elijah James
  • Elijah William
  • Elijah Michael
  • Elijah Thomas
  • Elijah Robert
  • Elijah Christopher
  • Elijah Edward
  • Elijah Francis
  • Elijah George
  • Elijah Henry
  • Elijah Isaac
  • Elijah Jacob
  • Elijah John
  • Elijah Joseph
  • Elijah Lawrence
  • Elijah Matthew
  • Elijah Nicholas
  • Elijah Patrick
  • Elijah Peter
  • Elijah Richard
  • Elijah Samuel
  • Elijah Stephen
  • Elijah Theodore
  • Elijah Vincent
  • Elijah Walter

One-Syllable Middle Names for Elijah

If you prefer short and simple names to go with the name Elijah, then the list of one-syllable middle names below should help you tremendously.

  • Elijah Beau
  • Elijah Blake
  • Elijah Brock
  • Elijah Chase
  • Elijah Clark
  • Elijah Cole
  • Elijah Dean
  • Elijah Finn
  • Elijah Ford
  • Elijah Gage
  • Elijah Grant
  • Elijah Grey
  • Elijah Hayes
  • Elijah Jace
  • Elijah Jack
  • Elijah James
  • Elijah Jude
  • Elijah Kai
  • Elijah Knox
  • Elijah Lance
  • Elijah Lane
  • Elijah Lee
  • Elijah Max
  • Elijah Nash
  • Elijah Quinn
  • Elijah Rhett
  • Elijah Ross
  • Elijah Scott
  • Elijah Tate
  • Elijah Troy

Modern Middle Names for Elijah

If you are interested in putting a modern twist to the classic name Elijah, adding a trendy middle name might just do the trick. Choosing a unique middle name would also make your child stand out from the rest of their future peers.

When trying to find a name that resonates with you and your family, you should not hesitate to think outside the box. Seemingly unconventional names can offer just as much meaning and sophistication as your little one’s name.

  • Elijah Kyler
  • Elijah Jaxon
  • Elijah Asher
  • Elijah Hunter
  • Elijah Grayson
  • Elijah Parker
  • Elijah Ryder
  • Elijah Maverick
  • Elijah Lincoln
  • Elijah Phoenix
  • Elijah Kingston
  • Elijah Hendrix
  • Elijah Beckham
  • Elijah Zayden
  • Elijah Camden
  • Elijah Cruz
  • Elijah Wilder
  • Elijah Atlas
  • Elijah Reign
  • Elijah Ocean
  • Elijah Valor
  • Elijah Caden
  • Elijah Phoenix
  • Elijah Arrow
  • Elijah Ace
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Foreign Middle Names That Sound Perfect With Elijah

With their distinctive sounds and complex meanings, adding a foreign middle name to your little one’s name would surely make him feel special. These classic middle names from different countries, listed below, sound perfect for Elijah and should definitely be part of your consideration.

  • Elijah Adelio (Italian)
  • Elijah Alejandro (Spanish)
  • Elijah Anselm (German)
  • Elijah Augustin (French)
  • Elijah Cristiano (Italian)
  • Elijah Dante (Spanish/Italian)
  • Elijah Dario (Spanish/Italian)
  • Elijah Emilio (Spanish/Italian)
  • Elijah Fabian (Spanish)
  • Elijah Francesco (Italian)
  • Elijah Gabriel (Hebrew/Spanish)
  • Elijah Giancarlo (Italian)
  • Elijah Giovanni (Italian)
  • Elijah Henrik (Swedish)
  • Elijah Javier (Spanish)
  • Elijah Joaquin (Spanish)
  • Elijah Kasper (Dutch/German)
  • Elijah Leonardo (Italian/Spanish)
  • Elijah Luciano (Italian/Spanish)
  • Elijah Mateo (Spanish)
  • Elijah Miguel (Spanish)
  • Elijah Nicolai (Russian)
  • Elijah Rafael (Hebrew/Spanish)
  • Elijah Raul (Spanish)
  • Elijah Ricardo (Spanish/Italian)
  • Elijah Roman (Russian)
  • Elijah Santiago (Spanish)
  • Elijah Tadeo (Spanish)
  • Elijah Valentin (French/German/Russian)
  • Elijah Yuri (Russian)

Final Thoughts

Naming your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. Your child’s name will be with them for life and become an integral part of their identity. But with so many options to choose from, you should take your time and thoughtfully deliberate on the name that will best suit your child.

By following your instincts and considering your family’s values and traditions, you’ll be sure to find a classic middle name for Elijah that would be a perfect match for your style and personality.

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