124 Best Cuban Girl Names That’ll Make Her Thank You Later

Cuba is a nation known for its people’s beauty, creativity, and passion. These traits also happen to extend to most facets of their culture – even making their way to their people’s naming schemes.

Cuban names are well known for their unrestrained and eccentric nature, to the point that most of them will seem strange even to people living in Cuba. That said, these names are undeniably memorable. If you’re okay with that, look no further than the Pearl of the Antilles for guidance.

Cuba is made up of many distinct communities intermingling to form a unique cultural melting pot. Its deepest cultural roots are undoubtedly Spain and Africa, but their naming scheme actually emphasizes freedom – a byproduct of rebellion amidst decades of strict imperialist reign. The best Cuban girl names tend to be quite colorful, and will no doubt help your daughter make a strong, lasting impression wherever she goes. 

We’ve split this list into three broad categories to give you a better idea of the thought process that goes behind coming up with Cuban names.

Common Types Of Names In Cuba

Cuban names tend to be influenced by their close neighbors. Chilean, Dominican, and Jamaican names often find their way into Cuban culture. Spanish and African names still remain the most predominant in the nation. Occasionally, a few Greek, Portuguese, and even Arabic names sneak through, making for interesting (and often-times befuddling) potential combinations. And that’s barely scratching the surface – pretty much anything goes with Cuban names!

What Makes Cuban Naming Schemes Unique

cuba street

Cuban naming is a freeform process. Syllable flow and cohesive meaning can be a part of this process, but they aren’t required or emphasized when compared to raw, explorative creativity.

In fact, a lot of Cuban names don’t have conventional meanings, being more a combination of pretty syllables or sounds strung together. They aren’t always done this way, though. On some occasions, they might even draw inspiration from other cultures for meaning – sometimes they even get inspired by mundane elements in their daily lives!

A few common examples of this approach can be seen below:

  1. Parent name combination – Hermandro (Hermosa + Alejandro)
  2. Reordered parent name – Darocor (Cordora), Tenay (Yanet)
  3. Inspiration from the mundane – Cohiba (Cigar brand), Marzano (Tomato brand)
  4. Terms borrowed from other cultures – Primalux (“First light” in Latin)

The trend towards more eclectic names came to Cuba during the 1970s when imperialism still greatly restricted their freedom. Cubans took a more playful approach towards naming their children as a way of rebellion against these regimes. Their quirky approach towards this practice eventually ended up as a fundamental element of Cuban culture.  

Pretty Cuban Girl Names (+ Meaning)

cuban baby

While most of Cuba’s influences with regards to naming people come from their neighbors, they do occasionally draw options from more exotic sources. Greek, French, and Russian make for some notably popular wellsprings of foreign inspiration.

The names in this category are more a reflection of their cultural overlap, rather than the unique approach Cuba has to names. These make for safer options for your little girl, but don’t really encapsulate the peculiar, eccentric whimsy Cuban names are known for. They’re still good names, though, and it’s definitely still worth your time to give these options at least some passing thought.

  1. Alegria                  (Spanish, “Delight”)
  2. Zelia                      (Greek, “Sunshine”)
  3. Havana                 (Spanish, “Heaven”) (Dutch, “Port”)
  4. Orquidea              (Spanish, “Orchid”)
  5. Telma                    (Spanish, “Willful, volition”)
  6. Mirana                  (Spanish, “Wonderful, adored”)
  7. Touissant              (French, “All saints”)
  8. Ixtaro                     (Basque, “Hope”)
  9. Abeni                     (African, “One that is prayed for”)
  10. Hadiza                   (African, “First”) (Arabic, “One who lacks desire”)
  11. Ignatia                   (Latin, “The fiery one”)
  12. Mae                        (English, “Precious pearl”)
  13. Yekatrina               (Russian, “Pure”)
  14. Mariazinha             (Portuguese, “Rebellious, wished for child”)
  15. Agueda                   (Portuguese, “Good-hearted”)
  16. Evora                      (Portuguese, “One who lives near trees”)
  17. Teresinha               (Portuguese, “Huntress, harvester”)
  18. Zamira                    (Albanian, “Sweet voice”) (Hebrew, “Nightingale”) (Arabic, “Conscientious”)  
  19. Angelica                  (Latin, “Messenger of God”)
  20. Celeste                     (Latin, “Heavenly”)
  21. Rina                         (Hebrew, “Song of joy”)
  22. Catalina                   (Spanish, “Pure”)
  23. Bernanda                (Spanish, “Strong as a bear”)
  24. Veronica                  (Spanish, “She that brings joy”)
  25. Jaqueline                (French, “Supplanter”)
  26. Taraji                        (Swahili, “Faith, hope”)
  27. Yelena                      (Russian, “Shining light”)
  28. Safia                         (Arabic, “Sincere friend”)(Swahili, “Pure”)
  29. Manuela                   (Spanish, “God is with us”)
  30. Kamaria                   (Swahili, “Bright as the moon”)
  31. Elianny                    (Dominican, “My God has answered”)
  32. Vea                           (Jamaican, “Seen”)
  33. Viviana                    (Latin, “Alive”)
  34. Ardentia                  (Latin, “Burning passion”)
  35. Charo                       (Spanish, “Rosary, free person”)  
  36. Anele                        (Zulu, “Enough”)
  37. Yvette                       (French, “Yew, archer”)
  38. Thalia                       (Greek, “Flourishing”)
  39. Oratile                      (African, “Origin”)
  40. Aische                      (Arabic, “She who lives”)
  41. Daphne                    (Greek, “Laurel”)
  42. Melissa                     (Greek, “Honeybee”)
  43. Paz                            (Spanish, “Peace”)
  44. Altagracia                (Spanish, “Of high grace”)
  45. Izora                         (Gothic, “Dawn”)
  46. Nika                          (Russian, “Victory”)
  47. Femi                          (Yoruba, “Love me”)
  48. Cancion                    (Spanish, “Song”)
  49. Lur                            (Spanish, “Earth”)
  50. Amani                       (Swahili, “Peaceful”)
  51. Kiara                         (Swahili, “Princess”)(Italian, “Light, clear”)
  52. Merida                      (Spanish, “Victory of Augustus”)
  53. Aida                          (Arabic, “Return, bring back”) (Greek, “Happy, distinguished”)
  54. Leta                           (Latin, “Glad, filled with joy”)
  55. Aayla                         (Arabic, “Mountain top”)
  56. Ronica                       (Jamaican, “Strong image, true guidance”)
  57. Mariposa                   (Spanish, “Butterfly”)
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Neat Cuban Girl Names (w/ Origins)

cuba street view

This is the point where the names can seem a bit strange for others – most of these are a play off terms, objects, people, or other elements most of us wouldn’t think twice about. Inspiration is very spontaneous: you could get your daughter’s name off the cigar in your pocket, a can of sardines, or something equally nondescript!

The category here is where Cuban naming creativity begins to flourish. Exploring these options is done best organically – don’t restrict yourself to the idea of right or wrong choices. Let your eyes and ears notice the world, and let your heart make the choice your brain usually does. It’s a liberating process that’s worth exploring even if you don’t settle on the name you came up with.

  1. Cafecita                   (Object, “coffee”)
  2. Yocelyn                   (Variation, “Jocelyn” [Hebrew, ‘joyful’])
  3. Karolay                   (Variation, “Carolyn” [Italian, ‘strong’])
  4. Secundila                (Term, “Second daughter”)
  5. Yuree                       (Variation, “Yuri” [Russian, ‘light of God’])
  6. Darianna                 (Variation, “Darius” [Persian, ‘possess’])
  7. Talango                    (Song, “Tingo Talango”) (Type of instrument that is ‘neither string nor wood’)
  8. Espumita                (Object, “Sweetened coffee”)
  9. Meylin                     (Variation, “Maylin”, [Chinese, ‘beautiful jade’])
  10. Osanna                    (Variation, “Hosanna” [Hebrew, ‘praise’])
  11. Mivida                     (Term, “My life”)
  12. Carboncillo             (Object, “Charcoal”)
  13. Cobija                       (Object, “Blanket”)
  14. Lucely                       (Variation, “Lucia” [Latin, ‘light’])
  15. Desirada                  (Variation, “Desiree” [French, ‘much desired’])
  16. Osvaldo                 (Famous Figure – Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado, Former Cuban president)
  17. Celia                        (Famous Figure – Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa)
  18. Katiuska                 (Object, “Russian artillery truck”)
  19. Yasmin                    (Variation, “Jasmine” [Persian, ‘Gift from God, fragrant flower’])
  20. Renei                       (Variation, “Renee” [French, ‘reborn’])
  21. Kehinde                  (Term, “Second born among twins”)
  22. Usmail                    (Object, “US Mail”)
  23. Consuela                (Variation, “Consuelo” [Latin, ‘comfort’])
  24. Nikola                    (Variation, “Nikolai” [Russian, ‘Victory of the people’])
  25. Yaime                     (Variation, “Jaime” [Spanish, ‘may God protect’])
  26. Zapote                    (Object, “Evergreen tree, Sapodilla”)
  27. Martiperez             (Famous Figure – José Julián Martí Pérez, National hero of Cuba)
  28. Kenia                      (Variation, “Kenya” [African, ‘striped one’])
  29. Dayana                   (Variation, “Diana” [Latin, ‘divine, luminous, perfection’])
  30. Quito                       (Term, “Fifth”)
  31. Quisiera                 (Term, “I’d like”)
  32. Horquilla               (Object, “Hairpin”)
  33. Iona                         (Object, “Canvas”)
  34. Felicitas                 (Famous Figure – Roman goddess of Fortune)
  35. Islabella                 (Song, “Cuba Isla Bella”)
  36. Fosforera               (Term, “Match lighter”)
  37. Eleanore                (Variation, “Eleanora” [Italian, ‘sun ray, the merciful])
  38. Neoma                   (Variation, “Naomi” [Hebrew, ‘pleasantness’])
  39. Elodee                    (Variation, “Elodia” [German, ‘foreign riches’])
  40. Trementina           (Object, ”Turpentine”)
  41. Estrella                  (Object, “Star”)
  42. Azucar                   (Object, “Sugar”)
  43. Dulce                     (Famous Figure – Dulce Beatriz, Cuban impressionist painter)
  44. Aspasia                 (Famous Figure – Aspasia of Miletus)
  45. Yaidyn                   (Variation, “Jaidyn” [Spanish, ‘precious gemstone’])
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Interesting Cuban Girl Names (Combinations, Flips, etc.)

Cuban names have a reputation for being more than just out there, and this shortlist is actually pretty tame compared to some actual choices. Otherwise, there would be entries here like Monikwaqe, Postalserve, Mytochondreea, etc. which could get out of hand pretty fast.

This category might seem a broad, jumbled mess without rhyme or reason, but there are a few recurring trends noticeable even among large lists.

Some standout patterns are as follows:

  • Combinations of other names – often parents, but some exceptions exist
  • Reversals of existing names or words – may be difficult to spell, complicating your child’s life
  • Combinations of other words – usually with similar meaning, though not always
    1. Bembemara              (Bembe + Amara)
    2. Airam                       (Maria, reversed)
    3. Arove                        (Evora, reversed)
    4. Anir                           (Rina, reversed)
    5. Saltuka                      (Salto + Kuruka, words that both mean “Jump”)
    6. Fernila                      (Fernando + Tranquila)
    7. Luisara                      (Luise + Sara)
    8. Malesia                     (Malik + Lesia)
    9. Ainek                         (Kenia, reversed)
    10. Ligeluce                    (Ligera + Luce, words that both mean “Light”)
    11. Ylecul                        (Lucely, reversed)
    12. Arozi                         (Izora, reversed)
    13. Felaji                         (Felix + Taraji)
    14. Diena                         (Diego + Yelena)
    15. Arimaz                       (Zamira, reversed)
    16. Fitabaria                   (Fitore + Irabaza + Victoria, words that all mean “Win”)
    17. Ailez                         (Zelia, reversed)
    18. Yaselle                      (Yago + Giselle)
    19. Ireoma                      (Ireneo + Neoma)
    20. Etalocohc                 (Chocolate, reversed)
    21. Aramas                    (Samara, reversed)
    22. Sukhegria                (Sukha + Alegria, words that both mean “Joy”)
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A Small Warning…

silhouette mom baby

Cuba was under harsh imperialism for a very long segment of their rich history. Naming their children in such unique ways was one of the few means of control and rebellion they had available. It’s still a lovely, proud tradition, but there’s a reason it’s been declining recently: some names can just be a pain to live with.

At the end of the day, it’ll be your daughter dealing with that. It’s not too problematic with tamer names, but people like Mayco VillafaM-qa need to clarify themselves constantly. The novelty will wear off very quickly. It’s always nice to welcome your daughter into the world with a great name, but don’t overdo uniqueness if it comes at the cost of convenience in her life.  

Final Thoughts

You’ve got plenty of good options when picking out great Cuban names for your little girl, but be mindful of how unique you want it to be. While it might be tempting to make up something one of a kind for her, it might lead to legal or moral exhaustion for her down the line. Look for the right name to suit your daughter and just give them time to grow into it.