120+ Creative Baby Shower Cake Sayings for Different Themes

If you are throwing a baby shower for your friend or family member, the cake is one of the most important parts. You want it to be delicious and look fabulous, but there’s another thing that many people do not think about: what should you write on it? The saying makes all the difference in making sure everyone knows why they’re celebrating.

You can write pretty much anything on the cake. However, there are common sayings that just make sense on baby shower cakes. These sayings can be specifically for boys or girls. They can also be non-gendered, funny, or theme appropriate.

This article will provide some of the best baby shower cake sayings that will look fantastic on a cake.

Baby Boy Shower Cake Sayings

top view cake

If the baby shower is for a boy, using one of these sayings will be perfect. They are all simple and short but will make it clear why people have been invited to celebrate with you.

  1. One little man, here’s his cake!
  2. He’s going to change our lives! Time to celebrate with a cake.
  3. Little man, big impact!
  4. It looks like we’re having a boy and it’s time for cake!
  5. Mommy’s little prince!
  6. We’re having a boy!
  7. There’s gonna be a new man in the house.
  8. Dad has someone to play catch with.
  9. King of the castle.
  10. Showers of joy, it’s a boy!
  11. Get the sports toys ready!
  12. Ahoy, little boy!
  13. We’re gonna have a little man.
  14. Mama’s boy.
  15. Little prince.

Baby Girl Shower Cake Sayings

These are the sayings you will want to use if you have a baby shower for your little girl. They are all short and sweet, so everyone knows why parties are being thrown in celebration of their birth.

  1. Little Princess!
  2. It’s time to celebrate our beautiful princess with cake!
  3. Here comes the queen, let’s have a party!
  4. She’s here! Let’s celebrate with cake.
  5. All eyes on her, it’s a girl!
  6. It looks like we’re having a little princess!
  7. Here comes the new baby doll in town.
  8. Daddy is ready to spoil this beautiful angel.
  9. We’re having a baby in pink.
  10. Sugar, spice, and everything nice.
  11. Soon-to-be daddy’s girl.
  12. No boys allowed!
  13. Beware of her dad, boys.
  14. Little miss sunshine.
  15. Give a twirl for our new girl.
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Unisex Baby Shower Cake Sayings

ultrasound baby

Some couples decide to keep the gender of their baby a mystery. In these cases, it’s important to have a cake that can be used for either a boy or girl. These sayings are perfect for when you do not know the baby’s gender in advance.

  1. We’re having a baby!
  2. It’s a party, and we’re all invited!
  3. Time to celebrate with cake.
  4. Celebrate the new baby in our lives!
  5. We’ve got some exciting news!
  6. The future of our family is growing.
  7. Player three joined.
  8. Blue or pink?
  9. A baby makes three.
  10. We can’t wait to meet you!
  11. Someone is joining our family!
  12. Let’s make some memories today.
  13. Welcome, little one!
  14. The baby is almost here!
  15. Baby love.

Funny Baby Shower Cake Sayings

Baby showers are parties to remember. If you want to add a little humor, these sayings are sure to get a good laugh.

  1. Enjoy your sleep while you can, you two!
  2. Goodbye, sleep!
  3. Spit up on aisle three.
  4. Good luck!
  5. Excited about dirty diapers!
  6. A new alarm clock is coming.
  7. Save the drama for mama!
  8. See you guys in three years!
  9. Baby in motion.
  10. Be more careful, guys.
  11. It’s been fun knowing you!
  12. Hello baby, goodbye everyone!
  13. One big push left!
  14. Diapers and pins are where the fun begins.
  15. It’s going to be a long adventure!

Twins Baby Shower Cake Sayings

If the baby shower is for a couple that is expecting twins, these sayings will be perfect. Some of them can also apply to having multiples in general, while others are specifically about twin babies.

  1. It looks like we’re getting some new bundles!
  2. Here come the double troublemakers!
  3. Two little peas in a pod!
  4. It looks like we’re having twins!
  5. We can’t wait for these two babies to arrive.
  6. Two cute little miracles are on the way!
  7. Some double trouble is headed our way soon.
  8. Twice as nice, twice as fun!
  9. Double cuteness overload!
  10. Prepare for trouble and make it double.
  11. Who’s having twins?
  12. Two by two, we’re adding to the family!
  13. The best of both worlds is coming soon.
  14. We’re making our own basketball team.
  15. They’re going to outnumber us soon!

Themed Baby Cake Shower Sayings

baby shower decor

Some people love to have themed baby showers. If you are looking for ways to make your cake sayings about the party theme, here are some ideas for inspiration.

Jungle Theme

  1. Welcome to the jungle!
  2. This little monkey is ready for cake.
  3. Let’s dance with monkeys today.
  4. Tarzan is coming.
  5. We’re going bananas!

Robot Theme

  1. What do you think, should we build a robot?
  2. Let’s make some robo-babies.
  3. It looks like our little robo-baby is here!
  4. We’re going to need the instruction manuals.
  5. Baby, roll out!
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Princess Theme

  1. Let’s talk about the royal family with cake.
  2. We’re going to have a party fit for a princess!
  3. Her royal highness.
  4. It’s time to celebrate our little princess joining our kingdom soon.
  5. Daddy’s princess.

Outer Space Theme

  1. It looks like we’re headed to outer space.
  2. Space, the final frontier.
  3. Baby is ready for blast off!
  4. Welcome aboard, little one!
  5. We can’t wait until you get here and explore the stars with us!

Dinosaur Theme

  1. We’re going on a dinosaur expedition!
  2. It’s time for our little dino to come out of the egg.
  3. This baby is ready to explore with Dino Dan today.
  4. Welcome, junior paleontologist.
  5. Life finds a way.

Circus Theme

  1. Time to head to the circus with cake!
  2. We’re going to have some fun at the Big Top.
  3. Welcome, little one. Let’s celebrate today!
  4. Let’s start this party like it’s your birthday!
  5. The show is about to begin!

Cowboy Theme

  1. We’re going to round up some cake.
  2. It looks like we have a new ranch hand on the way!
  3. On the range, there’s no time for crying!
  4. Yeehaw, welcome little one!
  5. Billy the Kid has met his match.

Magic Theme

  1. Let’s get ready to cast a spell.
  2. Time for some magic!
  3. Welcome, little magician!
  4. We can’t wait for this new adventure with you joining our family.
  5. Someone is going to be pulling rabbits out of hats soon.

Nursery Rhyme Theme

  1. It looks like we’re going to have an egg hunt today!
  2. Humpty Dumpty is on the way soon!
  3. Little Jack Horner has been busy cooking up something special in his pie.
  4. It’s time for Little Bo Peep and her sheep to come home soon.
  5. The mad hatter is ready to host the tea party today!

Why are Baby Shower Cake Sayings Important

cake baby shower

Baby shower cake sayings are important because the saying sets the tone for the event, as well as try to capture the excitement of the soon-to-be parents.

When the cake is prepared by someone else such as a friend or a family member, the saying conveys how happy they are for future parents.

Lastly, baby shower cake sayings are a great way to really personalize the cake, and these are often used to match the theme of the baby shower.

Tips for Writing Baby Shower Cake Sayings

While finding inspiration for baby shower cake sayings can be a quick and easy solution, some people prefer writing from the heart. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing baby shower cake sayings.

Use Alliteration

Alliteration is when you use words that start with the same letter. This is a good way to make the saying more playful and fun. If you’re stuck, think about words that start with similar sounds and use those as inspiration for baby shower cake sayings.

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Use Homonyms and Onomatopoeia

Homonyms and onomatopoeia are great ways to play with words. Homonyms are different words that sound the same (e.g., air and heir, bean and been, course and coarse, etc.), while onomatopoeia are words that are derived from the sounds they make (e.g., boom, splat, zap, pow, etc.). Using these makes the baby shower cake sayings more playful.

Use Rhyming Phrases

Rhyming phrases are a great option because they tend to be fun and memorable while also making it easier for people to remember what you said on social media or any other place where your message might be shared with others. If you are stuck, think about words that rhyme with the word ‘baby.’

Use Popular Sayings or Proverbs

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your cake sayings, popular sayings can be a great option because they’ve already stood the test of time and have been used by many people in different walks of life – so chances are, most people will understand what you’re saying.

Use Song Lyrics

If you’re a fan of music, using song lyrics as inspiration for baby shower cake sayings can be fun because it’s another way to personalize the saying and convey your feelings. Make sure that if you use these options, make it clear where they came from so people aren’t confused about what message is being sent.

Make the Saying About Them

You might have a close relationship with your friend or family member, so it’s important to make sure that you’re not writing a baby shower cake saying about yourself. Make the statement all about them in order to communicate how happy you are for their new addition.

Keep It Short and Sweet

You don’t want to go overboard with the baby shower cake sayings because you need people to actually read them. Stick to a short and sweet saying that will convey your message in just a few words yet still be meaningful enough for people who have never met or seen your friend before.

How to Write the Sayings on the Cake

saying on cake

If you’re taking the baby shower cake sayings to a bakery, then you don’t need to worry about it. However, if you want to write the words yourself, here are some ways to do it.

Pipe the Words with Buttercream

You can use a piping bag and buttercream icing to write the baby shower cake sayings on top of your cake. You’ll want to make sure that you know what words you’re going to put on the cake before it’s too late because once they’ve been written, there is no way for them to be removed.

Remember that you can use food coloring on the buttercream to be able to make the words colorful and beautiful.

Cut Out the Letters in Fondant

If you don’t want to write the baby shower cake sayings on top of the cake, then another option is to cut out fondant letters and place them in a way that they spell out what message you’re trying to send. Make sure that this isn’t done too far ahead of time, or else it might get ruined before serving.

Sprinkle Something on a Stencil

If you just want to write the words on top of your cake, then place a stencil underneath some sugar or cinnamon. Then, shake them onto the cake and remove the stencil so that people can see what’s written there.