33 Fun Summer Baby Shower Themes & Exciting Ideas

Baby showers are great opportunities to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a baby. Additionally, it is a time for close friends and family to celebrate the transformation of a pregnant woman into motherhood.

These days, baby showers are often thrown with a variety of themes. If you happen to be throwing your baby shower in the summer, there are tons of summer baby shower ideas for you to consider.

Summer baby showers can be themed around summer colors such as white and pastel. They can also be inspired by various summer locations such as the tropics, islands, Hawaii, and gardens. Summer activities are also popular such as BBQs and picnics. Lastly, summer baby showers can also take inspiration from summer icons such as flowers, sunflowers, bees, balloons, and ice cream.

This article will enumerate quite a number of summer baby shower ideas that might inspire you for your own baby shower.

Fun Summer Baby Shower Themes

  1. All-White

Even though summer is often associated with bright and vivid colors, the color white surprisingly encapsulates the feel of summer quite well. While the color can be considered as the absence of color, the color can also mean the combination of all the colors in the rainbow. This makes white an excellent color to have for a summer event.

Another reason why you should consider having an all-white summer baby shower theme is that the color white has always been associated with purity and innocence – traits that have been traditionally used for babies.

Lastly, the monochromatic look of an all-white summer baby shower gives off a regal and expensive aesthetic that many parents might want to have for their own baby shower.

Throwing an all-white baby shower easily means getting all-white decorations (e.g., white floral arrangements, white balloons, white tablecloths, white streamers, etc.). The hosts should also invite the guests to wear white for the occasion.

  1. Pastel

For those couples who want the cleanliness, innocence, and purity of an all-white party but want a little pop of color, they can consider throwing a pastel baby shower instead.

Pastel parties have been becoming more and more popular over the years, especially with parties thrown by minimalist people. Pastel colors are just any vivid color mixed with enough white to make them look softer. Due to their soft and friendly nature, pastel colors have been associated more and more with babies over the years.

Throwing a pastel baby shower means having almost everything decorated with pastel. This means having pastel balloons, pastel streamers, pastel banners, and even pastel icing over cakes and cupcakes. Obviously, you would also want your guests to wear pastel colors to match the occasion.

Though pastel colors are typically more associated with girls, there is no reason not to use such a beautiful theme even if the couple is expecting a boy.

  1. Baby Q (BBQ)

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer is being outdoors and cooking good food. This makes it the perfect opportunity to throw a BBQ baby shower.

A BBQ baby shower is an excellent option for couples looking for a simple, yet enjoyable summer baby shower theme to throw on a budget. After inviting good friends and family to enjoy good food, there’s nothing else you could want more.

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BBQ baby showers can be held in your backyard or even at a nearby park. All you’d need is a grill, a long table, and good-quality meat. With the fun, adventurous, and casual vibe of this party, this would be better enjoyed with both male and female guests.

Since the party is being held outdoors, don’t shy away from playing games that need space and games that can get the guests dirty.

  1. Tropical

A stark contrast compared to the all-white baby shower, you can capitalize on the fresh summer vibe by throwing a tropical baby shower. With this summer baby shower theme, you embrace the colors of nature with deep greens, reds, and yellows.

When decorating the venue for a tropical baby shower, think “jungle.” Have various plants, flowers, and vegetation scattered around. If the space allows for natural light, let in as much light as possible. Large florals and palms can also be used to occupy the space and hammer in the theme.

Guests are also highly invited to participate in the theme by wearing their best tropical attire. Let them wear what they would wear if they were on vacation at a tropical destination.

Food and drinks should also reflect the freshness of the theme. The best route for this theme is to heavily incorporate fresh fruits into the menu like fruit punch, fruit kebabs, and more.

  1. Island

Summers cannot be imagined without thinking of the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, and the heat of the sun. A fun and casual summer baby shower idea would be to throw an island-themed baby shower.

The island theme is quite similar to the tropical theme. However, while the tropical theme focuses on the lush vegetation of a tropical jungle, the island theme emphasizes the beach, the sea, and everything in between.

While an island-themed baby shower can be held anywhere, throwing it at the beach would be the best-case scenario. Have the guests wear their summer attire and enjoy each other’s company. If the party cannot be thrown at the beach, there is no reason why you can’t make the venue feel like one. Get some beach umbrellas situated in the backyard, a cooler full of drinks, and even an inflatable pool for fun.

Just like the BBQ baby shower, you can also get the grill out and have a cookout. Nothing beats good food and good company.

  1. Hawaiian

If you want something tropical- and island-themed but with a bit more specificity, a great summer baby shower theme is a Hawaiian baby shower.

Taking cues from both tropical and island baby showers, a Hawaiian baby shower is a colorful event that could hopefully transport your guests to the Big Island. Aside from the vegetation and beach decorations, you can also add some torches and tiki designs that are highly associated with the Hawaiian culture.

For the food, get your guests some Hawaiian staples such as poke, poi, laulau, and more. It would also be excellent to add some pineapple to the menu. Aside from just having your guests wear tropical and floral attires, giving them leis to wear for the party would also be a great touch.

  1. Sunflower

One of the best things about summer is that there are so many icons associated with the season. If you want to have a cute and adorable summer baby shower theme, you can also consider throwing a sunflower party.

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Just as the name suggests, a sunflower baby shower is simply a party with a lot of sunflowers. You can have sunflower arrangements to decorate the space. You can also have other sunflower-themed items to brighten up the place.

While many different flowers can be associated with summer, the sunflower is one that stands out as its bright yellow coloration has been linked to childhood and innocence – making it the perfect flower to celebrate the arrival of a baby.

Additionally, you can also request the guests to wear bright yellow to really embody the sunflower theme.

  1. Floral

When sunflowers are not enough to exemplify the freshness of summer, you can instead use all the flowers you can. Enjoy a bright and colorful time with a floral baby shower.

As flowers bloom and represent new life, they make great iconography, especially for baby showers where the upcoming arrival of a new baby represents new life as well. With the seasonal coming and going of flowers in nature, you can rest assured that floral-themed parties never go out of style.

A floral baby shower means having flowers and floral arrangements everywhere in the venue. Long-stem flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors can be placed together in vases, jars, and even buckets. Of course, the guests will also have to come in their best floral attires.

  1. Bee

Another classic icon of the season is the humble bumblebee. Buzzing around from flower to flower, the bee holds an important place as a figure in both spring and summer. Have yourself an adorable summer baby shower theme with bees.

The bee is a wonderful theme for a party as you have a wide variety of options when it comes to decorating. You can use the color palette associated with bees such as yellows, browns, and blacks. You can also make use of a lot of hexagon imagery. You can also have jars of honey littered around to help accent the theme.

For the food, you cannot go wrong with honey-flavored snacks and treats. Just like the sunflower baby shower, you can also ask the guests to arrive wearing their favorite yellow outfits. You can then thank your guests for attending with the most theme-appropriate party favors: beeswax candles.

  1. Up

Summer is the season to play around with bright and vivid colors. If you are a fan of Pixar films, you should seriously consider throwing an Up baby shower.

For those who have not watched the movie, Up is about an old man tying thousands of brightly-colored balloons onto his house to fly off to his dream destination. The imagery of thousands of balloons tied to a floating house has become engrained into the social consciousness because of this movie.

Throwing an Up-themed baby shower simply means having a lot of brightly-colored balloons. The other aspects of the party such as the food, drinks, and games come second as the only relevant part of having an Up-themed baby shower is the balloons.

  1. Garden

For couples who are looking for a quieter and more peaceful baby shower, they cannot go wrong with a classic garden baby shower.

The classic garden theme takes inspiration from the lavish garden parties thrown by Queen Victoria in the 1860s. These garden parties were social activities for noblemen and noblewomen alike to socialize with one another, play garden games, and partake in various delicacies.

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If you have access to a sprawling yard or a nearby park, then a garden party should be considered. Long tables and chairs, both decorated with flowers and vivid colors, are needed. However, it has also become more and more popular for garden parties to have the guests sit on blankets and pillows directly on the ground.

The food for garden parties are often sweet treats and delicacies. However, the fresh outdoor venue can also be a good factor for serving fresh fruits. Lastly, garden parties are often formal events. You might want to tell your guests to come in smart casual attires.

  1. Picnic

While the garden baby shower is perfect for people who want something upscale outdoors, a picnic baby shower is like the more casual version for people on a budget. Although the costs are lower, a picnic baby shower can be just as special.

Just like the garden party, long tables and chairs would be highly preferred. However, you can also throw blankets on the ground for the guests to sit on just like a traditional picnic. For a picnic baby shower, get some picnic baskets that you can fill with various picnic food such as sandwiches, salads, pies, and more.

Since the setting for this summer baby shower theme is more casual than a garden party, the guests can also wear casual outfits to match the theme.

  1. Ice Cream

Since baby showers are for celebrating the arrival of a child, there’s nothing better than to celebrate with ice cream. Though only a sweet treat, ice cream is iconic enough for parties to revolve around it. Furthermore, ice cream is one of many summer staples as children would run after ice cream trucks during the summer.

For one, having an ice cream baby shower easily solves the menu. Aside from other appetizers for the guests to enjoy, you can also set up an ice cream station or a sundae bar. Get tons of different flavors so that the guests will be able to make themselves a treat of all their favorite flavors.

Decoration-wise, you can use a lot of ice cream iconography. You can also use pastel colors that are often associated with ice cream flavors. For example, white would be for vanilla, green would be for pistachio, yellow would be for mango, blue would be for bubblegum, and so on.

Other Summer Baby Shower Theme Ideas

  • Beach Baby (seashell and sand decorations)
  • Under the Sea (mermaid or ocean theme)
  • Lemonade Stand (summertime lemonade theme)
  • Pool Party (pool games and a poolside setting)
  • Summer Camp (acamping or outdoor adventure theme)
  • Nautical Baby (navy and white color scheme and nautical accents)
  • Watermelon Party (watermelon theme, including watermelon decorations and food)
  • Patriotic Baby (red, white, and blue decorations and a patriotic theme)
  • Summer Olympics (sports theme and Olympic-inspired games)
  • Farmer’s Market (farm-to-table theme and fresh produce decorations)
  • BBQ Baby (BBQ theme, including BBQ-inspired decorations and food)
  • Beach Bonfire (beach bonfire theme, including s’mores and beach games)
  • Lemonade Stand (lemonade stand theme, including lemonade-themed decorations and food)
  • Summer Fruits (fruit theme, including fruit-themed decorations and food)
  • Summertime Fun (summer fun theme, including outdoor games and activities)
  • Beach Bash (beach-themed decorations and food)
  • Summertime Serenade (summer music theme, including musical decorations and food)
  • Fruit Party (fruit theme)
  • Summertime Dreams (dreamcatcher decorations and food)
  • Summertime Carnival ( carnival-themed decorations and food)