21 Inspiring Twin Baby Shower Themes Everyone Will Love!

With it only happening in 1 in 250 pregnancies, having twins is definitely a cause for celebration. A baby shower appropriately themed for the coming of two babies at the same time will surely put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.  

Awesome twin baby showers can be inspired by pop culture references, such as Dr. Seuss, Mario and Luigi, and Pokemon. However, you can also have more traditional twin baby shower themes, such as two peas in a pod, princes and princesses, Noah’s ark, ice cream, sugar and spice, and taco twosday.

This article will list nine inspiring twin baby shower themes to hopefully give you an idea of how you can spice up your own twin baby shower.

Twin Baby Shower Themes

1. Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss, the famous pen name of Theodor Seuss Geisel, is a popular children’s author. Even if you have not heard of his name, you have probably heard of his work. His most popular works include Horton Hears a Who, The Cat in the Hat, and even How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Given how his stories are often filled with colorful characters, it is no wonder that Dr. Seuss makes an awesome theme for a baby shower. However, his stories can also be used to throw an amazing twin baby shower.

For example, his work One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish would be an adorable theme for a twin baby shower. The color palette for the party would easily be red and blue, and everything would be colored as such. The pair of colors would appropriately represent the arrival of two babies.

Another easy theme to take from Dr. Seuss would be none other than The Cat in the Hat. Anyone who has read The Cat in the Hat would remember how The Cat brought a box to show Conrad, Sally, and their fish.

Upon opening the box, the bright blue-haired Thing 1 and Thing 2 came running out. Therefore, you can go ahead and throw a The Cat in the Hat baby shower with the twins being Thing 1 and Thing 2.

The best thing about going with a Dr. Seuss-inspired baby shower is that you are allowed to go crazy with the colors and decorations. You can basically make the entire venue look like Whoville if you want to.

2. Two Peas in a Pod

It is very seldom that common sayings can become an entire theme for a baby shower, but Two Peas in a Pod is an amazing theme for a baby shower.

For those who may not have heard the phrase before, “two peas in a pod” is a saying typically referring to two people who resemble each other – just like two peas in a pod.

Now, twins being how they are will surely be like one another no matter how they grow up. Plus, the fact that they are still in their mother’s womb puts them exactly in a pod themselves.

“Two peas in a pod” is a classic twin baby shower theme that is often accompanied by green decorations. This makes a great theme for those who enjoy nature as easy decorations for this baby shower would be to simply use ornamental plants and vegetation.

Aside from the obligatory pea décor, decorations can also include paper mache vines that trail across walls and ceilings. Desserts can also be used to reflect this theme well.

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It would even be a major plus if you could have actual pea plants. Aside from being green vegetables, pea plants can also produce beautiful flowers of different colors to help add beauty to the event.

3. Prince and Princess

Having two babies on the horizon means that you will be expanding your family by quite a bit. If this is your and your spouse’s first time being parents, then your family will immediately be doubled. This makes it a great opportunity to throw a royal baby shower.

A common baby shower theme for twins would be to have princes and princesses.

It is common nowadays to find out what the genders of your babies are. While it can be exciting to figure it out after their births, it is significantly more practical to learn the genders early to prepare. Parents would typically decorate the nurseries depending on the gender.

If you are having two boys, it will be a baby shower for two princes. If you are having two girls, it will be a baby shower for two princesses. Identical twins are almost always the same gender. However, if you are going to have fraternal twins, then you might get a boy and a girl – a prince and a princess.

A royal twin baby shower is a straightforward one to throw. This theme often leans into the pink and blue color scheme, depending on the gender of the babies. The royal theme also calls for a bit of sophistication, such as calligraphy signs and golden banners.

A fun part of these kinds of parties is when guests dress up as well. Additionally, it is important for the expecting parents to dress up as king and queen to fully embody the arrival of their princes and princesses. Even simple paper crowns will make such a big difference.

4. Mario and Luigi

While baby showers celebrate the arrival of newborn babies, they really serve to celebrate the parents. Therefore, it makes sense when parents throw the kinds of parties that they themselves would enjoy.

For example, gamer parents would simply love to throw a Mario and Luigi twin baby shower, especially when they already know that they are expecting two boys.

There are several brothers in pop culture, but not all of them are as popular as Mario and Luigi. You probably played these games when you were younger yourself.

A great reason to throw a Mario and Luigi party is that theming the party would not be difficult anymore since you can simply take imagery from the games and use them as inspiration. For example, easy decorations would include the iconic bricks, mushrooms, pipes, stars, and so on.

It also helps solidify a color palette for the party. For Mario and Luigi, the color palette is easily red and green.

Aside from Mario and Luigi, the game universe also contains a multitude of characters that can help bring the party alive. These characters would include Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi, and so on.

If you are having twin girls and you still want to have a similar theme, you can simply use Princess Peach and Princess Daisy instead of Mario and Luigi. You will still have most of the same decorations, except you will be using yellow and pink as the main colors instead.

You can also have Mario music playing in the background. Afterward, you can bust out some consoles and use them as your party games. Competitive games such as Mario Kart will surely get your guests going.

5. Pokemon

Taking inspiration from pop culture is a great idea because it can be from something that everyone can relate to or enjoy. It is especially important to choose something that you and your partner would personally be a fan of.

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Another easy franchise to take inspiration from for an awesome twin baby shower would be Pokemon. Regardless of if you are a fan of the show or the games, you have surely heard of Pokemon one way or another.

While some would think that Pokemon started off as a Japanese comic, or manga, it actually started off as a pair of games for the Gameboy. Since 1996, the franchise only grew exponentially to become the global phenomenon that it is now.

The best thing about Pokemon is that you have so many of them to choose from. For a twin baby shower, it will be appropriate to choose characters that would closely resemble twins.

Easy pairs for twins would include Minun and Plusle, Umbreon and Espeon, Latios and Latias, and more. You can even have pairs of the same Pokemon such as Pikachus and Pichus.

Another awesome idea from Pokemon would be to theme your twin baby shower off of the silly antagonists of the show: Team Rocket.

For anyone who is familiar with the show, you would know that their motto begins with two lines that would be perfect for twins: Prepare for trouble! Make it double!

Just like Mario and Luigi, you will have an endless supply of ideas for decorating a Pokemon-themed baby shower. Aside from the countless Pokemon you can use, you can also take elements from the world such as berries, Pokemon food, Pokeballs, potions, and more.

6. Noah’s Ark

It is not often that you can take a Bible story as inspiration for a baby shower, a twin baby shower no less, but the story of Noah’s Ark might be the exception.

For those who are not familiar, Noah was tasked to save the world’s creatures from a great flood. As part of his task, he would build an ark that was big enough to house a pair of all animals in the world. Once he was finished building, the pairs of animals arrived right on time.

Just like in the story of Noah, you will be expecting a pair yourself.

Understandably, this theme would be more appropriate for those who are more religiously inclined. However, it would still be an adorable theme to consider.

Decorating a Noah’s Ark twin baby shower would be to obviously take inspiration from the animals on the ark. Décor would primarily be showing pairs of animals everywhere. His ark would also be a cute element for decoration, such as an ark-shaped cake.

Noah’s Ark is an easy theme to choose because it is mostly using animals as the backbone of the theme – except that there would be pairs of them. Regardless, animals are always a classic theme for a child’s party.

7. Two Scoops of Ice Cream

Taking a break from pop culture references and stories, a cute twin baby shower can be themed on something as simple and mundane as everyone’s favorite dessert: ice cream.

You might be thinking, “how can I theme a twin baby shower off of ice cream?” Well, ice cream typically comes in scoops, and the only thing that is better than one scoop of ice cream is having two scoops of ice cream.

Not only is “two scoops of ice cream” an adorable theme for a twin baby shower, but it is a relatively easy one to have.

Firstly, you would already know how the food will be. Surely, there will be ice cream for the party. Even if it is more of a cake event, you can always opt for an ice cream cake instead.

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You can also then choose to decorate the venue using ice cream flavors. The flavors themselves can already help build the color palette for the décor. For example, colors would include white for vanilla, brown for chocolate, blue for bubblegum, pink for strawberry, green for pistachio, and so on.

Additionally, the theme can be a great reason to set up a sundae bar that everyone will surely love. If you want even more color, do not forget to add traditional ice cream toppings such as sprinkles, fruits, cereals, M&Ms, nuts, and so on.   

It is also important to remember that ice cream colors are typically less saturated and more pastel in nature. Pastel colors are highly appropriate for baby showers as they are typically visually softer to look at. Pastel has also been becoming the trend for baby décor in general. 

8. Sugar and Spice

Everyone has a sweet tooth, even if they admit it or not. If you want to throw a baby shower where you can indulge in all the sweets you want, then you might want to consider throwing a sugar and spice twin baby shower.

It is not uncommon for a baby shower to be themed after desserts. However, a twin baby shower would call for both sugar and spice. This can also mean doubling the sweets for the party.

Typically, dessert-themed events such as this would fully incorporate pink. However, you can honestly choose to decorate the venue however you like. However, you will have to dial the pizzaz to a maximum. This theme calls for glitter, gloss, and everything shiny.

Perhaps the most important part of theming sugar and spice would be the food you choose to serve. Understandably, it will be a lot of desserts. Imagine a table filled with cupcakes, cookies, candies, chocolates, and so on.

You can also choose to serve colorful drinks such as fruit punch. However, milk would seem to be a very appropriate beverage for this theme as well.

9. Taco Twosday

If sweets are not your thing, you can always choose to serve something savory. If you are a fan of Mexican food, you might want to throw a Mexican food-inspired baby shower instead. A fun and adorable twin baby shower theme would be “Taco Twosday.”

Taco Tuesday is an American tradition of having tacos or other Mexican food on Tuesdays. While not an official holiday, it is one that many follow out of love for Mexican food. There is no reason why you cannot extend this love to your twin baby shower.

The best thing about the Taco Twosday theme is that you already know the food you will serve for this event. Understandably, you will be serving your favorite tacos. You can even set up a station where everyone could make their own.

Aside from tacos, you can also serve typical Mexican food such as chips and guacamole, burritos, tamales, quesadillas, frijoles, enchiladas, ceviche, carnitas, and so on. The great thing about Mexican food is how colorful they already are, making the tables look absolutely beautiful.

Having a Mexican-themed baby shower also means you can decorate the venue with typical Mexican design elements. These can include colorful flowers, colorful fabrics, paper mache, and more. Do not forget that a Mexican-inspired party would call for a color piñata as well.

Other twin baby shower theme ideas:

  • “Under the Sea” (ocean themed)
  • “Birds and Bees” (garden themed)
  • “Sweet Dreams” (bedtime themed)
  • “Once Upon a Time” (fairy tale themed)
  • “A Wild Adventure” (safari or jungle themed)
  • “Ready to Hatch” (chick or egg themed)
  • “Welcome to the Nest” (bird themed)
  • “Bubbles and Baubles” (bubble themed)
  • “Two Babies on Board” (transportation themed)
  • “Two Bundles of Joy” (joy or happiness themed)
  • “Two Blessings from Above” (angel or heaven themed)
  • “Two Little Miracles in the Making” (creation or maker themed)