80 Cutest Baby Jeopardy Questions and Answers (+Free PDF)

Are you looking for a fun, family-friendly activity that is perfect for baby showers and other similar events? If so, then look no further! Baby Jeopardy is the game that will keep your guests entertained and guessing with these adorable questions about babies.

Baby Jeopardy questions can cover a range of topics such as baby anatomy, baby animals, nursery rhymes, baby care, baby conventions, baby items, baby music, and baby movies. These topics all relate to babies in one way or another and are all great fun for a Jeopardy-style game.

Baby Jeopardy Questions & Answers PDF

Download Free Baby Jeopardy PDF – Points, Questions, Answers


How to Play Baby Jeopardy

The rules of the game should be familiar to anyone who has watched the real quiz show on TV. Baby Jeopardy is practically the same – except that every question has something to do with babies.

First off, you start with a board. The usual Jeopardy board will contain a 6×6 grid. The first row will be the topics and the rows below each topic will contain a monetary or score value – the scores increase as you descend the board as the questions are typically harder. For a baby shower, you don’t need to use actual money unless you really want to. You could also just go with points and have the overall winner win a prize.

What sets Jeopardy apart from the other quiz shows is that guests have to answer Jeopardy in the form of a question. For example, if a guest chose the topic “Baby Animals” for 200 points and the board showed “The term used to refer to a baby cow,” the guest will have to answer “what is a calf?”

You can also import other concepts from the real game to your own. For example, the real Jeopardy game show has a Daily Double assigned randomly on the board. If a guest has chosen the Daily Double, they can wager as much points as they have. Getting the answer right will give them what they’ve wagered. However, they will lose the points they’ve wagered if they get the answer wrong.

The best thing about playing this game on your own is that you can easily change the rules to make it more fun for you and your guests. Real Jeopardy is done individually. However, nothing will stop you if you want to do this game by teams.

Baby Anatomy

baby cute

Babies are quite different from adults in a lot of ways. Here are some baby Jeopardy questions and answers to see who knows the most about baby anatomy:

  1. The number of bones a newborn baby has.

Answer: What is 300?

  1. The tissue that connects the mother and the developing baby.

Answer: What is the umbilical cord?

  1. This cranial bone is currently not yet fused in the baby.

Answer: What is the skull?

  1. A baby has way more of these in their tongue than adults do.

Answer: What are tastebuds?

  1. The process when a baby’s teeth begin to grow through their gumline.

Answer: What is teething?

  1. A congenital, irregular discoloration on a baby’s skin.
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Answer: What is a birthmark?

  1. A sibling that grows with your baby in the womb at the same time.

Answer: What is a twin?

  1. This is a piece of cartilage in a baby that will eventually form into bone to protect the knee.

Answer: What is a kneecap?

  1. The squishy area on top of a baby’s head.

Answer: What is a soft spot?

  1. This internal organ is as big as a walnut during infancy.

Answer: What is the stomach?

Baby Animals

If there’s anything cuter than babies – it’s baby animals. Interestingly enough, baby animals are usually called by a specific term. Here are some baby Jeopardy questions and answers that are all about names of baby animals:

  1. The term used to refer to a baby cow.

Answer: What is a calf?

  1. The term used to refer to a baby bird.

Answer: What is a chick?

  1. The term used to refer to a baby dog.

Answer: What is a puppy?

  1. The term used to refer to a baby cat.

Answer: What is a kitten?

  1. The term used to refer to a baby sheep.

Answer: What is a lamb?

  1. The term used to refer to a baby bear.

Answer: What is a cub?

  1. The term used to refer to a baby kangaroo.

Answer: What is a joey?

  1. The term used to refer to a baby pig.

Answer: What is a piglet?

  1. The term used to refer to a baby deer.

Answer: What is a fawn?

  1. The term used to refer to a baby horse.

Answer: What is a foal?

Nursery Rhymes

reading with baby

Babies and nursery rhymes go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. There are dozens of them, and everyone grows up listening to them as people learn language while enjoying the whimsical tunes. Here are baby Jeopardy questions and answers all about nursery rhymes:

  1. The egg that had a great fall.

Answer: Who is Humpty Dumpty?

  1. The rain washed the itsy bitsy spider from this.

Answer: What is a waterspout?

  1. Little Miss Muffett sat on this.

Answer: What is a tuffet?

  1. Old Mother Hubbard looked for this in her cupboard.

Answer: What is a bone?

  1. She came tumbling right after Jack fell down.

Answer: Who is Jill?

  1. This baby animal followed Mary everywhere she went.

Answer: What is a lamb?

  1. Little stars in the sky twinkled like this precious gemstone.

Answer: What is a diamond?

  1. This woman cut off the tails of three blind mice.

Answer: Who is the farmer’s wife?

  1. The color of the sheep that had three bags worth of wool.

Answer: What is black?

  1. This merry old soul called for a pipe, a bowl, and three fiddlers.

Answer: Who is the Old King Cole?

Baby Care

Taking care of a baby is a whole lot of work – and it takes knowing special terms as well. Here are a bunch of baby Jeopardy questions and answers regarding baby care:

  1. The process of feeding a baby straight from the breast.

Answer: What is breastfeeding? What is nursing?

  1. The repeated gentle patting on a baby’s back to release swallowed air.

Answer: What is burping?

  1. A common skin condition that causes rough patches on the scalp of newborn babies.

Answer: What is cradle cap?

  1. The smooth flow of a baby’s stomach contents out through their mouth as opposed to a forceful vomit.
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Answer: What is spit up?

  1. The process of feeding a baby from a cylindrical container.

Answer: What is bottle feeding?

  1. A paid professional to help take care of the baby.

Answer: What is a nanny?

  1. The technical terminology used to refer to the squeezing of milk out of a breast.

Answer: What is expressing milk?

  1. A specific location where a mother can feel comfortable nursing her baby.

Answer: What is a nursing nest?

  1. The process when a baby takes the mother’s nipple into their mouth to suckle.

Answer: What is latching?

  1. The process of wrapping a baby tightly with a blanket.

Answer: What is swaddling?

Baby Conventions

There are certain things in culture that have been associated with babies throughout history. These are stereotypes and concepts that will continue to be prevalent in modern society. Here are baby Jeopardy questions and answers about baby conventions:

  1. The color associated with baby girls.

Answer: What is pink?

  1. The way babies move from one place to another.

Answer: What is a crawl?

  1. The bird that is said to deliver babies to new parents’ homes.

Answer: What is the stork?

  1. Made up words that imitate how babies speak.

Answer: What is goo goo ga ga?

  1. The animals commonly referred to when explaining how babies are made.

Answer: What are the birds and the bees.

  1. The color associated with baby boys.

Answer: What is blue?

  1. A childish way of speaking to someone.

Answer: What is baby talk?

  1. An event where guests, or even the parents, discover the sex of the baby.

Answer: What is a gender reveal party?

  1. The post-Valentine’s month with the most babies being born.

Answer: What is September?

  1. Babies lack this ability to know that objects continue to exist even when they don’t see them anymore.

Answer: What is object permanence?

Baby Items

baby items

Taking care of babies means that you will need a lot of things that you previously didn’t need – or haven’t even heard of yet. Here are some baby Jeopardy questions and answers about items specifically for babies and baby care:

  1. A container that babies can drink milk from.

Answer: What is a bottle?

  1. A tall piece of furniture to let the baby reach the table.

Answer: What is a high chair?

  1. A baby’s liquid food to substitute breast milk.

Answer: What is formula?

  1. A basket-like bed where babies sleep in safety.

Answer: What is a crib?

  1. A singular piece of clothing for babies.

Answer: What is a onesie?

  1. The thing that hangs over a baby’s crib.

Answer: What is a mobile?

  1. A disposable type of underwear for babies.

Answer: What is a diaper?

  1. A piece of fabric fastened around a baby’s neck to keep them clean during eating time.

Answer: What is a bib?

  1. A wheeled device for transporting a baby.

Answer: What is a baby stroller?

  1. An electronic device to keep track of a baby’s activities remotely.

Answer: What is a baby monitor?

Baby Music

Jeopardy questions are great because they can be in theme while being significantly different. Since the guests for the party are all adults, they would probably know some songs that have the word “baby” in their titles. Here are baby Jeopardy questions and answers of songs with the word “baby” in the title:

  1. Song by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris.
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Answer: Baby

  1. Debut single of Britney Spears from her album of the same name.

Answer: What is Baby One More Time?

  1. A children’s song that became viral in 2016; currently garnering over 9 billion views on YouTube.

Answer: What is Baby Shark?

  1. Song by Mariah Carey from the 1995 album “Daydream.”

Answer: What is Always Be My Baby?

  1. Potentially the most famous song by rapper Vanilla Ice.

Answer: What is Ice Ice Baby?

  1. Song by A Rocket to the Moon from the 2009 album “On Your Side.”

Answer: What is Baby Blue Eyes?

  1. Ranked number 17 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop, it is one of the most iconic songs by Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Answer: What is Baby Got Back?

  1. Song by Ariana Grande for her debut album “Yours Truly.”

Answer: What is Baby I?

  1. The biggest hit single by the 70s rock band Player.

Answer: What is Baby Come Back?

  1. Song by Peter Frampton featured in his 1975 album “Frampton.”

Answer: What is Baby I Love Your Way?

Baby Movies

movie tapes

Just like music, there are a ton of movies out there with the word “baby” right in their titles. Find out which guest knows the most about baby movies with these movie-related baby Jeopardy questions and answers.

  1. A 2004 sports drama film that follows an underdog amateur boxer under the mentorship of an underappreciated boxing trainer.

Answer: What is Million Dollar Baby?

  1. A 2017 animated film that follows the adventures of a 7-year-old boy who had just gotten a baby brother with a penchant for suits.

Answer: What is The Boss Baby?

  1. The third and final installment of the Bridget Jones franchise.

Answer: What is Bridget Jones’s Baby?

  1. A 1999 family comedy where scientists try to prove that babies are actually intelligent creatures – until they learn how to talk.

Answer: What is Baby Geniuses?

  1. A 1968 psychological horror film where a young woman comes to suspect her baby’s true nature.

Answer: What is Rosemary’s Baby?

  1. Actually the daughter of Santa Claus, a businesswoman is forced to return to the North Pole to take her father’s place when he falls terribly ill in this 2006 film.

Answer: What is Santa Baby?

  1. A 2008 romantic comedy where a single businesswoman discovers she is infertile, therefore hiring someone else to be her unlikely surrogate.

Answer: What is Baby Mama?

  1. A controversial 1978 historical drama where a New Orleans hooker meets a photographer that befriends her 12-year-old daughter.

Answer: What is Pretty Baby?

  1. A 2007 crime thriller film that served as the directorial debut of Ben Affleck following two private investigators tracking a young girl abducted from her mother’s apartment.

Answer: What is Gone Baby Gone?

  1. Directed by Leonard Nimoy, this 1987 comedy film features three bachelors attempting at fatherhood with the arrival of a baby in their lives.

Answer: What is Three Men and a Baby?

Download Free Baby Jeopardy PDF – Points, Questions, Answers


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