50+ Trampoline Sleepover Ideas That Are Fun & Exciting

Trampolines have always been the best things for fun- and laughter-filled days. However, they have been found to be more than just for bouncing up and down. With how much space they can take in your backyard, you would be glad to learn that trampolines can also make for great sleepovers.

There are so many trampoline sleepover ideas that would make for a wonderful night. The first part of having a fun and exciting trampoline sleepover would be to set the environment with blankets, duvets, tents, covers, and even lights. Theming can also be a big part of it.

Activities should also be part of the sleepover. You can watch movies, look at the stars, have a campfire, or play a variety of games.

Trampoline sleepovers can be among the best memories you can make for your kids. This article will detail several trampoline sleepover ideas that will unmistakably be fun and exciting for the whole family.

What is a Trampoline Sleepover

A trampoline sleepover is exactly what it sounds like – a sleepover on a trampoline. While many would think that they would rather set up a tent and camp out in their backyards, there are a number of reasons why some people prefer having a trampoline sleepover instead.

For one, backyard trampolines would not require as much setting up as a tent would. Parents who have already set up tents with their kids know how much work it can entail. The best thing about backyard trampolines is that they are already there – so might as well use them for more than just bouncing.

Another reason why some people put trampoline sleepovers over camping is that, unlike a tent, trampolines are off the ground. Being off the ground helps avoid insects and bugs that can crawl inside tents.

Sleeping on a trampoline is also a better alternative after it has rained. While you would probably feel more in touch with nature, sleeping on wet ground is not fun. Trampolines get wet after the rain too, but they can easily be dried off for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Lastly, since the trampoline is already out there for you to sleep on, most of the effort in preparation is for making the sleepover a more enjoyable experience. Setting up a trampoline sleepover simply means bringing blankets and fluffy pillows that will make for a comfortable sleepover.

While it can sound pretty straightforward, there are a bunch of trampoline sleepover ideas that can elevate a sleepover into a slumber party. Regardless if this is for your family or if your kids have some of their friends over, here are some trampoline sleepover ideas that are easily fun and exciting for everyone.

Trampoline Sleepover Ideas

  1. Blankets and Duvets

Trampolines already come pretty soft. Functionally, they have to have a relatively soft surface to prevent people from getting hurt bouncing up and down on them. However, there are always ways to make the surface even more comfortable, especially for a trampoline sleepover.

The easiest way to transform a trampoline from something for bouncing to something for sleepovers is with blankets and duvets. Even when it comes to beds, blankets and duvets easily do the heavy lifting when it comes to making things more comfortable.

Although you may spend your nights under the duvet, they will be better under you for trampoline sleepovers. Their natural thickness and weight make perfect layers for you to sleep on.

Understandably, the thicker the duvets, the thicker the layer you have between yourself and the trampoline. Unlike a bed, a trampoline will not have a mattress, so you really have to ensure that you have a thick, soft, comfortable layer to sleep on.

You can really bring as many blankets and duvets as you want. Like a bird building a nest, the more materials you put on the trampoline, the more comfortable it will simply get. You can even bring multiple duvets so that you can sleep between two duvets for ultimate comfort.

  1. Trampoline Tent

Sleeping outside is inherently different from sleeping inside the house. While there may be some luxuries lost, the experience of sleeping outside comes with being one with nature, feeling the cool evening breeze, and ultimately seeing the stars.

If you are geographically situated somewhere where stars are visible in the night sky, you have to take advantage of it because some people have to travel hours away and camp to get the same view. Thus, you should consider seeing the stars from your backyard a blessing of its own.

However, nature does make it difficult sometimes to sleep outside, especially when it comes to the weather. To enjoy your trampoline sleepover, it might be best to get yourself a trampoline tent.

A trampoline tent is practically as its name implies – it is a protective tent structure that fits over or inside your trampoline. Another option is to have a trampoline cover that simply covers the top and not the sides like the trampoline tent.

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As you might have guessed, a trampoline tent will surely save the day when the weather decides to send some rain while you are out on your trampoline sleepover. Although a quick run to the house is always an option, anyone would prefer to stay dry if they had a choice.

Ultimately, a trampoline tent or cover serves to keep you dry at night. Sometimes, quick showers can happen during the middle of the night, and outdoor sleepovers are better when you are not woken up being soaked by the rain.

  1. Tent

Camping in a tent and sleeping out on a trampoline do not have to be mutually exclusive. Some people opt to enjoy the best of both worlds by simply setting up a camping tent on the trampoline itself. You might want to consider tenting on the trampoline as well.

When kids want to go camping, the image they have in their minds is sleeping inside a tent. Sometimes, you simply cannot persuade them that sleeping on a trampoline would come out as a similar experience. Thus, you might benefit from combining the two.

There are two main advantages of setting up a tent on a trampoline.

The first advantage is comfort. Compared to setting up a tent on the hard ground, setting up a tent on a trampoline means that you will actually be sleeping on a firm, yet soft surface. While duvets can seriously make the surface even softer, the trampoline by itself is already better than the ground.

The second advantage of setting up a tent on a trampoline is that you are going to be sleeping off the ground. Bugs and insects that are present in the soil and grass can easily ruin a camping night. By simply being off the ground, you avoid such an inconvenience that typical camping has to tolerate.

  1. Fairy Lights

There are a lot of ways to have a fun and exciting trampoline sleepover. Some ways entail having fun activities for the sleepover while some ways entail making the trampoline comfortable for the night. However, a great way to throw a memorable trampoline sleepover is by making the night beautiful.

Decorating the trampoline area is the first step toward a magical night. The easiest way to start setting up for a trampoline sleepover is to simply throw a bunch of blankets, sheets, duvets, and pillows on the trampoline.

However, a highly recommended tip for a magical trampoline sleepover is to have fairy lights. Almost resembling Christmas lights, fairy lights are tiny LED bulbs on a thin wire. You have probably come across fairy lights before as they are powerful tools in making a venue highly aesthetic.

It may take some time to set up but having fairy lights for a trampoline sleepover will undoubtedly elevate the experience. It can be easier for some people, especially those who already have fairy lights installed in their backyards.

Pre-existing light fixtures in the backyard can also serve as easy alternatives. For example, string lights that drape across the backyard should also be more than enough to make for a magical night on a trampoline.

  1. Star Gazing

When you are accustomed to being inside a house, the difference between light and dark can be drastic. From the perspective of someone looking outside, the outside world can look so dark at night. However, anyone who has camped out before can attest that the night sky can provide a beautiful light show.

Star gazing is probably one of the best activities you can do when on a trampoline sleepover. With either your friends or family, you can simply lie back and stare at the night sky, looking at the various constellations that make up the night sky.

You can also play various games with the people you are with. For example, it can be fun to look out for shooting stars. Satellites can also be easy to spot as they simply look like stars that slowly move across the sky.

For a more educational night, you can learn about the different constellations you can see. In this digital era, you can easily download constellation map apps on your smartphone so that all you would have to do is point your phone at the night sky and the app will tell you what constellation you are looking at.

Parents with kids who are especially interested in the sciences should consider throwing trampoline sleepovers that will coincide with astronomical events. For example, a trampoline sleepover that coincides with a meteor shower will undoubtedly be a core memory for them their entire lives.

  1. Movie Theater

Watching movies have always been a fun activity, but there has always been an interest in watching movies outdoors. Although drive-ins are not as widespread as they used to be, the appeal of watching movies outside has persisted in societal consciousness.

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If you do not have anything specific planned for your trampoline sleepover, a movie marathon might just be the ticket.

Setting up a movie theater out in the backyard is not as difficult as you would think. All you would need is a projector and a white sheet to project on. Projectors these days are getting more and more affordable, and you can even borrow one from someone you know who has it.

The sheet you need would preferably be white. You do not need to go out and buy one as bedsheets, linens, or even curtains should be more than fine.

As soon as the projector and sheet are set up, all that is left would be to make sure that the trampoline sleeping area is as comfortable as it can be. If you do not have access to a projector, a laptop can always do the trick as well.

Lastly, do not forget that the best way to enjoy a movie marathon would be to have popcorn. Whether the movie is inside a real cinema theater or out in your backyard, you should always have popcorn for the best movie experience.  

  1. Theming

A trampoline sleepover is a marvel of its own. However, there is nothing stopping you from elevating a simple sleepover into something more extravagant and magical with simple theming. Aside from the theme, it only takes dedication and a little effort to make an unforgettable trampoline sleepover.

For example, an easy trampoline sleepover idea for your daughter and her friends would be to set up a princess castle theme. You already have the trampoline serving as the floor surface and the mesh walls that surround the trampoline. The next step would be to decorate it entirely to look like a castle.

It should not take more than a few props here and there, as well as a way to make a castle roof, to make a princess castle trampoline. Additionally, you can get your daughter and her friends princess costumes to fully play out their princess dreams.

Activities would then simply follow the theme used. In a princess castle theme, you might want to have a tea party would the princesses and all their royal subjects. Princess makeovers are also common activities that will surely give them a great time.

Castle themes are great because they would totally work for boys as well. While they may not want to be princes, they would probably enjoy being knights that are tasked to slay dragons and other beasts. Boys can be simpler at times because giving them video games can be more than enough.

Another fun theme kids would love is a carnival. A carnival theme is perfect because it is visually rich with elements you can easily follow (such as carnival tents, performers, acts, etc.), and activities would be relatively straightforward as well.

For example, you can have simple homemade games that would mimic carnival games such as ring tosses, balloon popping, and more. Lastly, a carnival tent placed over a trampoline would look simply magnificent.

Do not forget typical carnival snacks such as popcorn and peanuts to fully immerse yourselves into the theme.

Theming is a great way to elevate a simple trampoline sleepover to a whole new level. All you would need is your imagination as to what you are capable of transforming the trampoline setup into.

  1. Campfire

Just because you are going to sleep on a trampoline, it does not mean you cannot do typical camping activities. Since you are already outdoors, you might as well put up a campfire and have a great night out.

Sitting around a campfire at night is always an easy recipe for a great time. Especially when it is a little chilly, nothing is as comfortable as being near a warm fire.

With a campfire, there are several activities you can do. Aside from just sitting around and enjoying each other’s company, you can have marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate to make smores. Smores are always delicious snacks that kids, and even adults, will enjoy.

If someone knows how to play the guitar, the campfire is one of the best places to jam out with friends and family. Playing songs that everyone can sing to is always a fun experience.

For those with kids who are a little older, an age-old tradition around the campfire is to tell scary stories. Scary stories always seem scarier out in the chill of the night. However, you will have to be sure that the kids around will not get too scared as that may ruin the trampoline sleepover.

Just be careful to fully put out the campfire when everyone has gone to bed. Whether is it out in the forest, or in your backyard, it is always a good idea to follow proper protocols when dealing with campfires.

  1. Card Games

Just like having a campfire, you can also take activities you would usually do while camping and do them in a trampoline sleepover instead. Since carrying too many unnecessary items can become a burden when camping out, games are typically limited to something easy to carry – such as card games.

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Even though you can take any game out of the house, card games seem to be more fun when played outdoors. Aside from just being so easy to bring anywhere, card games can be so fun because of how versatile a single deck is. With a single deck, you can play so many different games.

For example, you can play classic card games that kids would enjoy such as Go Fish, Old Maid, or Crazy 8s. If your kids are a little older, you might even have fun teaching them more advanced games such as Poker or Blackjack. You can also opt to get other card games, such as Uno.

  1. Board Games

Understandably, card games are way more common in camping than board games because of how easy a deck of cards is to carry. However, a trampoline sleepover is typically just outside in your backyard. There is nothing stopping you from bringing over your favorite board games.

Without an explanation needed, board games are just fun for a whole group. You have so many board games out there to choose from that you will surely be able to find a game that everyone would love.

You can also opt to get something new. Although you will not be a hundred percent sure that you would like it, it can be fun when a group figures out a new game together. Even making mistakes while learning how to play can get laughs from a group.

Simple board games are usually best when it comes to a group with children. Your classic board games would include Snakes and Ladders, Guess Who, Monopoly, Scrabble, Candyland, and so on.

You might even want to try playing Jenga. Although, be warned that balancing the Jenga tower on a trampoline surface will not be easy. While some would advise against it, the absurdity of it just might make for a hilarious night.

  1. Pillow Fight

With the trampoline surface covered with thick blankets and comforters, you also probably have a bunch of pillows around for the actual sleepover part. With the bouncy floor of the trampoline, this might actually be the best time for a pillow fight.

While understandably very childish, pillow fights on a trampoline can be excessively fun. The typical excitement of a normal pillow fight exacerbated by the ability to jump around would make for a sleepover your kids will not forget for a long time.

Since bouncing on top of the trampoline for a pillow fight might get out of hand, it is best to be mindful of safety at all times. Playing a rough game like pillow fighting would have everyone all around. Therefore, it is important to keep the trampoline surface clear of anything that might hurt or get broken.

Other Fun Trampoline Sleepover Ideas

  • Set up a tent on the trampoline for a unique and fun camping experience.
  • Play a game of night-time tag on the trampoline.
  • Have a water balloon fight on the trampoline.
  • Play a game of glow-in-the-dark frisbee on the trampoline.
  • Set up a treasure hunt with clues hidden around the trampoline and yard.
  • Play a game of flashlight tag on the trampoline.
  • Set up a picnic on the trampoline with a variety of snacks and drinks.
  • Play a game of charades on the trampoline.
  • Have a dance party on the trampoline, using Bluetooth speakers to play music.
  • Play a game of freeze tag on the trampoline.
  • Set up a DIY photo booth on the trampoline with props and a camera.
  • Play a game of capture the flag on the trampoline.
  • Have a pajama fashion show on the trampoline.
  • Set up a hot chocolate bar on the trampoline, with a variety of toppings and mix-ins.
  • Play a game of Simon says on the trampoline.
  • Have a talent show on the trampoline, with each person showcasing a special talent.
  • Play a game of 20 questions on the trampoline.
  • Set up a DIY spa on the trampoline, with face masks, nail polish, and other spa treatments.
  • Play a game of red rover on the trampoline.
  • Have a storytelling session on the trampoline, with each person sharing a favorite story.
  • Play a game of dodgeball on the trampoline.
  • Set up a karaoke station on the trampoline, with a microphone and music for singing.
  • Play a game of Mother, May I? on the trampoline.
  • Have a craft session on the trampoline, with supplies for each person to make a special project.
  • Play a game of Simon in the Middle on the trampoline.
  • Set up a s’mores station on the trampoline, with ingredients for making s’mores over a small fire pit.
  • Play a game of Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3 on the trampoline.
  • Have a pillow fight on the trampoline.
  • Play a game of Hot Potato on the trampoline.
  • Set up a face painting station on the trampoline.
  • Set up a board game tournament on the trampoline.
  • Have a group meditation session on the trampoline.
  • Play a game of “Trampoline Trivia,” with each person answering questions about different subjects.
  • Play a game of “Trampoline Scavenger Hunt,” with a list of items to find around the yard or house.
  • Play a game of “Trampoline Truth or Dare,” with each person taking turns choosing between a truth or a dare.