75 Hilarious ‘Anything but a Backpack’ Day Ideas

On Anything but A Backpack Day, students can unleash their creativity and experiment with different ways to carry their school essentials. The sky’s the limit, and that’s what makes this day so enjoyable.

If you’re thinking of some funny ideas for Anything but A Backpack Day, consider that pizza box lying around the kitchen. You can also borrow your younger sibling’s stroller. If the mall near you allows it, you can even bring their shopping trolley.

You can make this special school day a lasting memory, making reminiscing in the future a fun activity. Get your camera ready so you can capture all the laughs and smiles on this wacky theme day.

Funny ‘Anything but a Backpack’ Day Ideas

1. Large Mixing Bowl


How about using a large mixing bowl as your go-to bag? It’s perfect for carrying your essentials and your favorite snack. Just make sure to secure the lid tight.

2. Laundry Basket

If you want to take your laundry game to the next level, try using a laundry basket as your new “backpack.” Not only can you fit a ton of stuff in it, but it’s also easy to carry around. Bonus points if you can find a stylish one.

3. Mini-Fridge

It may be a little heavier, but you can keep your snacks and drinks cool all day long/

4. Baby Stroller

For students with baby siblings, a baby stroller can double as a unique way to transport your belongings. Plus, you can easily push it around with ease.

5. Garbage Can

Make sure to empty it before using it!

6. Guitar Case

For the musician on the go, a guitar case can be a fun alternative to a traditional backpack. It’s perfect for carrying sheet music, extra strings, and even your lunch.

7. Toolbox

A toolbox is not just for tools! You can use it to store your belongings and carry them around with ease. You’ll always be prepared for any small repairs that may come up.

8. Folding Chair

For outdoor events, a folding chair can be a surprisingly practical “backpack” option. You can store all your essentials in the seat and carry them around with you!

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9. Wheelbarrow

It may not be the most practical option for everyday use, but it’s sure to turn some heads.

10. Briefcase

If you want to keep it professional, a briefcase can serve as a stylish and functional alternative to a backpack. You can store all your work essentials and still look sharp.

11. Cooking Pot

cooking pot

For the culinary-minded, a cooking pot can be a fun and quirky way to carry your belongings. Just ensure it’s not still hot from cooking!

12. Beach Tote

With its spacious interior and sturdy handles, it can hold all your essentials like towels, sunscreen, snacks, and a good book.

13. Shopping Cart

Feeling a little adventurous? Try using a shopping cart as your “backpack” for the day. You’ll have plenty of space to carry around all your belongings, and you can even use it to pick up groceries or other items you need throughout the day.

14. Dog Crate

It’s spacious, sturdy, and has a handle for easy carrying. Plus, you can use it to store all kinds of items, from books to snacks to clothing (even your puppy).

15. Hat Box

It’s compact, easy to carry, and can hold all kinds of items, from makeup to small electronics.

16. Fishing Tackle Box

It has plenty of compartments for organizing your gear and is easy to carry around. You’ll be ready to catch some fish in no time!

17. Halloween Pumpkin Bucket

If you’re feeling festive, why not use a Halloween pumpkin bucket as your “backpack”? It’s fun, unique, and can hold all kinds of items, from candy to small toys.

18. Picnic Basket

A picnic basket can make a great alternative to your regular backpack.

19. Giant Purse

This hilarious ‘Anything but a Backpack’ Day, carry all your essentials in a massive purse that could probably fit a small child.

20. Mailbox


Why settle for a boring old backpack when you can make a mailbox your new mode of transportation? Watch out for incoming letters!

21. Giant Pencil Case Made from a Pool Noodle

Who says you can’t be fashionable and resourceful at the same time? Transform a pool noodle into a giant pencil case and impress all your classmates with your creativity.

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22. Pizza Box

Grab a pizza box and show your friends that you’re not afraid to break the mold.

23. Pillowcase

Need a quick nap during class? Just pull out your pillowcase and snooze away. You’ll never have to worry about carrying around a bulky backpack again.

24. Paper Grocery Bag

Ditch the backpack and go green by using a paper grocery bag to carry your books. It’s eco-friendly and trendy.

25. Bucket Hat

Not just for fishing trips anymore! Make a statement with a bucket hat as your new backpack alternative. You’ll look cool and trendy, while also being hands-free to take on the day.

26. Tool Belt

Transform into a handy person for the day by strapping on a tool belt and filling it with your favorite gadgets, making you ready to tackle any household or outdoor project.

27. Large Tupperware

Turn heads by carrying your lunch or snacks in an oversized Tupperware container, which not only keeps your food fresh but also doubles as an eye-catching accessory.

28. Cardboard Box

Get creative and use a cardboard box as a backpack to showcase your art skills.

29. Plastic Bucket

Take your day to the next level by using a plastic bucket as your school bag, which can easily fit all your school essentials and also doubles as a sandcastle-building tool.

30. Skateboard

man on a skateboard

 A mode of transportation and carrier in one.

31. Purse Made from an Old Pair of Jeans

In addition to its fashion appeal, a purse made from old jeans is also an eco-friendly choice.

32. Cardboard Tube with Shoulder Straps Added

Fashion a cardboard tube into a makeshift backpack by adding shoulder straps, and use it to carry your essentials while also turning heads.

33. Plastic Beach Ball

Get playful with a plastic beach ball that doubles as a school bag, which can hold all your necessities while also serving as a fun toy to toss around.

34. Helmet

Show off your adventurous side by using a helmet as a school bag.

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35. Sack

It can hold anything and also adds a rustic touch to your look.

36. Picnic Blanket

If you’re looking for a unique way to carry your stuff on “Anything but a Backpack” Day, try using a picnic blanket. You can even use it to sit on once you’ve reached your destination.

37. Guitar Amplifier Case

A guitar amplifier case might not be the most conventional choice for carrying your belongings, but it’s a creative one. You might feel like a rockstar on the go.

38. Toolbox on Wheels

Not only is it practical, but it also has an industrial-chic vibe.

39. Oversized Hat

An oversized hat might seem like an unusual choice for carrying your items, but it can hold more than you might think.

40. Folding Wagon

A folding wagon might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of carrying items, but it’s surprisingly versatile. It can be used for carrying books or even your furry friends.

Other Funny ‘Anything but a Backpack’ Day Ideas

shopping trolley

  1. Shopping Trolley
  2. Rolling Luggage
  3. Cooler Bag
  4. Duffel Bag
  5. Laundry Hamper with Wheels
  6. Plastic Storage Bin with Handle
  7. Portable Grill with Storage Space
  8. Wine Bottle Carrier
  9. Storage Ottoman with Wheels
  10. Hard-shell Suitcase with Wheels
  11. Messenger Bag
  12. Large Tote Bag
  13. Wheelie Bin
  14. Reusable Grocery Bag
  15. Toolbox Backpack
  16. Oversized Tote Bag made from a Towel or Blanket
  17. Ice Chest with Straps
  18. Large Beach Bag
  19. Guitar Gig Bag
  20. Small Travel Suitcase
  21. Fanny Pack
  22. Sling Bag
  23. Toolbox with Shoulder Strap
  24. Pizza Delivery Bag
  25. Guitar Hero Controller Case
  26. Sports Duffel Bag
  27. Plastic Milk Crate
  28. Cookie Tin
  29. Large Coffee Mug
  30. Tennis Racket Bag
  31. Portable Tool Chest
  32. Large Canvas Tote
  33. Oversized Clutch Purse
  34. Lunchbox with Wheels
  35. Small Wheelbarrow with a Handle

Final Thoughts

The funny Anything but A Backpack Day ideas above offer an opportunity for students to showcase their distinct personalities and express themselves. Not to mention, it’s an excellent way to pique their interest in attending school. When they anticipate doing something unusual and exceptional, it adds an element of excitement to the usual school routine.

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