25 Creative Monthly Baby Picture Ideas (Simple & Fun)

Taking monthly baby pictures is a great way to document your child’s growth and development. It can be easy to let this practice fall by the wayside, but with these creative ideas, you’ll never run out of new poses or ideas for your baby photos. These 25 creative monthly baby picture ideas will help you take some of the cutest photos ever!

There are so many ways to take the cutest photos of your baby to show their first 12 months of life. Fortunately, most ideas only require items that you probably already have inside your homes, such as a laundry basket, a calendar, a piece of paper and marker, or even just a clean wall. Other ideas would call for fun props to have, such as your baby’s favorite stuffed toy, various food items, or some costumes.

This article is filled with creative monthly baby picture ideas that will fill up your baby book and give you memories for years to come.

Baby Monthly Milestone Picture Ideas

  1. In a Laundry Basket

laundry basket baby
A creative monthly baby picture idea is to simply take pictures of your adorable little one inside a laundry basket. This idea is great because of how simple yet effective it is. All you would need is a laundry basket – any laundry basket would do. Just line the laundry basket with a soft blanket underneath and lay your baby on it. Taking a monthly picture of your baby in a laundry basket will surely show how quickly time flies by as you witness the laundry basket getting more and more cramped for your growing baby.

  1. With a Chalkboard

Another creative monthly baby picture idea is to use a chalkboard. This is great if you are trying to make your own photo backdrops or if you simply want another variation on the typical backdrop. All you need for this one is a big chalkboard and some colored chalk. You can even emphasize how quickly time flies by using the different colored chalk to show off the monthly changes of your little one.

Chalkboards are also a great idea because of how much information you can put on there. Aside from writing down the month or date, you can put how tall they are, how heavy they’ve gotten, and even fun tidbits of information such as milestones or events you want to remember.

  1. In Holiday Costumes

halloween baby
If you want to take pictures of your baby for every holiday, then this is the creative monthly baby picture idea for you. You can dress them in holiday-themed costumes and take pictures of them to document their growth. You might even get some great social media or Christmas card material out of it.

For inspiration, here are some costumes you can consider for each month of the year. You could give the baby a pair of New Year’s glasses to commemorate the new year in January. The baby could also have a pair of wings and dress up as cupid on Valentine’s in February. Dress them up in green and gold for St. Patrick’s Day in March. You can keep going and celebrate the holidays that matter to you.

  1. With Donuts

donuts baby
Another creative monthly baby picture idea is to use donuts. Everything about this one is adorable – from the way you would pose your child with a donut in their hand to how they look as if they are sitting down for a snack. And it’s not only great because of how cute and unique it will be; there are also plenty of ways to take this monthly baby picture idea and make it your own.

You could either add the number of donuts for each month or use different types of donuts to commemorate each month if you want. You can also change up the background – instead of sitting them down at a table like in most monthly pictures, you can use a wall or backdrop. You could even put them in front of an actual donut shop to really make it come alive.

  1. With Balloons

balloons baby
Using balloons is another creative monthly baby picture idea that can be done in so many ways. You could either use the same balloons or several different colors to represent each month. Like the donuts, you can also add one balloon for each month of their wonderful life.

It’s also a great way to see your little one grow – as they get bigger, their grip will become stronger, and you’ll start seeing them hold onto the balloon(s) instead of just sitting there. You could use this backdrop for a year’s worth of monthly pictures.

  1. With Wooden Blocks

baby wooden blocks
Another monthly baby picture idea that you can use is to use blocks. It’s a great way for them to learn shapes and colors while also being able to show their growth in size with different-sized blocks or colored ones. You don’t have to stick with the typical wooden block either – you could get creative by using Legos instead.

Using blocks is also a good option when you want to add in the number of months or years that your baby has been around. It’s easy, and they will love playing with it once you’re done taking the pictures.

  1. In Customized T-Shirts

If you want to do something even more personal for your monthly baby picture idea, then consider getting customized t-shirts. You can have them made with their name or initials on it.

You can also add a different design for each month of the year to commemorate their growth and progress. You could get T-shirts with the numbers one to twelve – one for each month of the year.

  1. With Mom or Dad

mom dad baby
You should also consider taking monthly baby picture ideas that include both your child and yourself as a parent. You can dress the same or coordinate outfits depending on what you feel is best – maybe their outfit reflects how you see them growing up, while yours shows who they are now.

This could be a really cute way to show off those first moments and milestones with your little one. Plus, it’s also a good way to see how they’ve changed and grown up in their first year of life too.

  1. With Pizza

baby with pizza
Another creative monthly baby picture idea that you can do is to use pizza. It’s a great way to commemorate their first year of life. You could do it in a number of different ways. For example, you can place your baby besides a pizza box with the number of slices matching their age in months. You can also just have them beside a pizza with different toppings each month.

This is also a great way to show how much they’ve grown up in the past year. Plus, it’s perfect for those who love pizza because they can enjoy the pizza right after the photoshoot.

  1. With Flowers

Using picture is another great monthly baby picture idea to consider. You can take pictures of your baby beside different types of flowers depending on the season or if it’s their birth flower (or your favorite).

You could also arrange the flowers in creative ways. For example, you can have the baby sitting beside bouquets of flowers to show how old they are. You can also spell out a number using the flowers to make it easier to understand.

  1. With Loved Ones

baby with loved one
If you have other family members or friends, then consider having them participate in your monthly baby picture ideas too. This is a great way to involve everyone and share the joy of your child’s first year with others. Plus, it makes for a very cute photo.

You can also try taking pictures that show their journey from being born until this point. For example, you can have your child besides their grandparent from when they were born until now. This is a good way to show how much everyone loves the baby and supports them. This is also just a great and easy way to include loved ones for the memories in the future.

  1. With the Sibling

baby with sibling
If you have another child, then consider taking monthly baby picture ideas that include them too. You can take pictures of your older/second child beside the new one as they grow up together and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also a good way for everyone to bond as brothers or sisters right from the start.

  1. With the Pet

dog and baby
You should also consider taking your pet along to the photoshoot too. This is a great way to include them in all of these monthly baby picture ideas and show that they’re part of the family as well.

This idea is especially cute when you get a puppy or a kitten alongside your new baby because then you can get pictures of the two of them as they get bigger and older.

  1. With Different Blankets

pink blanket baby
You could also do some monthly baby picture ideas that involve different blankets. You can get pictures of your child with their favorite blanket or any other type of blankie to show how they use them at nighttime and when they’re sleeping.

Using different blankets is a highly creative monthly baby picture idea because of how simple it is. All you need are various blankets with different prints and designs. The different blankets will make a wonderful and colorful page to your baby book when placed together.

  1. Holding the Baby

holding baby
Another monthly baby picture idea is to have the mother holding their new child. It’s a great way to commemorate how your child was born and show that you’re both together as a family now.

You can also get multiple photos of the same thing with different backgrounds or surroundings so that it doesn’t look too repetitive when placed next to each other in your baby book. This is a simple way to show how fast your baby is growing in just a year.

  1. With the Favorite Stuffed Toy

stuffed toy baby
The baby’s favorite stuff toy is an important part of their life. Thus, you should consider adding them in the pictures. You can take pictures of your child besides their best friend or comfort object, which is usually what they hold onto at night and when they’re scared.

This is also good for kids who have trouble sleeping because it’s the perfect way to show how much they love their favorite stuffed animal. You can then keep the toy as a memory for them to look back on once they grow older and stop holding onto it anymore.

  1. In Customized Onesies

Another creative monthly baby picture idea is to take photos of your child in their own customized onesies. You can make these on the computer by adding words or cute designs onto a onesie. You could even simply just have the number of months printed on them.

This way, you’ll be able to see how much they’ve grown over this period of time because you can compare the various sizes of the onesies. It’s a perfect way to show your baby at any stage in their life and how much they’ve grown from month to month over the first twelve months.

  1. With a Ruler

ruler baby
A simple and creative way to take your monthly baby pictures would be to have a long ruler beside your baby. This is an easy idea to execute, and it will give you an idea how fast your baby is growing every month. You don’t even need an actual ruler there; you can just write a ruler on the floor. Think of it like the ruler beside the door to measure your kid’s height.

  1. On a Scale

Just like having a ruler to measure the baby’s growth, you can also opt to take your monthly baby picture with your baby on a scale. This is an easy way to do it (especially if you already have a scale to use), and it will also be a helpful way to show how quickly your little one is growing.

  1. With a Clock or Clock Blanket

clock baby
There are twelve months in a year. Do you know what else has twelve things? A clock. A creative idea for your monthly baby pictures would be to incorporate a clock in the photos.

You can go about this in a few ways. You can simply take your photos of your baby with a clock in view showing the time that corresponds to the month (i.e., 1 o’clock for January, 2 o’clock for February, and so on). Other people take it to the next level and place the baby on a clock blanket, pointing the baby to the hour that corresponds to their age.

  1. With Digital Edits

When getting props seem too out of the way, you can simply take a nice and clean picture of your baby every month and edit the photo. This is a great way to show your baby’s growth and development without having to buy or make different props.

All you need is the ability to use editing software like Photoshop or GIMP. With editing software, the sky is the limit as to how you can edit the photos.

  1. With a Calendar

Another creative monthly baby picture idea is to use a calendar. You can simply take your pictures with the current month’s page on display for everyone to see. This is an easy way to look back and remember what was happening in that time period, especially if you didn’t have photos taken of it yet or don’t want to spend money getting special outfits made.

  1. On a Calendar Blanket

Instead of taking a picture of your baby with a calendar, you can also get a calendar blanket to lay your baby on. A calendar blanket is a great way to have a cohesive set of photos and it makes taking pictures monthly an easy process.

  1. On a Chair

baby on chair
A simple idea for creative monthly baby picture ideas is to simply take the photos with your child on a chair. You can have them sitting or standing, depending upon what you want their pose to be like.

This is an easy way of showing how big and energetic they’ve gotten instead of using objects that are hard to find and either too small or too big for the baby.

  1. With a Piece of Paper

Another simple idea for monthly baby picture ideas is to simply take photos with your baby and a piece of paper. You can write numbers on it or even draw special designs, like flowers or hearts.

This gives you the chance to show off how creative you are as well since this is an idea you can do right away without having to go and buy something. You only need a piece of paper and write a number on it to signify the number of months.