120 Traditional Haitian Names for Baby Boys: A Cultural Guide

Haiti is a wellspring of culture, history, and heritage, which is evident in the abundance of pleasant, meaningful names their mother tongue has. If you want to explore some traditional Haitian names for your baby boy, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by your options!

While many names in Haitian Creole are popular for boys, limiting yourself to those options would have you miss out on the richness of Haitian culture.

Tradition is a fluid concept that changes with the times. There are many popular names in Haiti that don’t have Haitian Creole roots at all – but they’ve still embedded themselves into the nation’s community and culture and remain just as valid for it. 

Haiti has many amazing names to choose from and continues to embrace many more from the rest of the world. We’ll be going over some traditional Haitian boy names down below.

Classical Haitian Boy Names

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Haitian boy names are steeped in rich history, reflecting their nation’s many diverse cultural influences and all the distinct communities they harbor. Classical Haitian boy names are best known for their close ties with family values, spirituality, and a sense of belongingness.

1 Ansy Haitian Creole God of the sun
2 Boulou Haitian Creole Beloved
3 Bony Haitian Creole Blessing
4 Ched Haitian Creole God has been gracious
5 Darlène Haitian Creole Tenderly loved
6 Dieunel Haitian Creole God is with us
7 Djan Haitian Creole Gift of God
8 Djeff Haitian Creole Peaceful ruler
9 Fanor Haitian Creole Shining star
10 Fanel Haitian Creole God is my light
11 Fendy Haitian Creole Brave
12 Fils Haitian Creole Son
13 Iménel Haitian Creole God is good
14 Irvil Haitian Creole Strong-willed
15 Jocelin Haitian Creole Joyous
16 Joubert Haitian Creole Bright
17 Jovil Haitian Creole God is gracious
18 Kéler Haitian Creole Courageous
19 Kétel Haitian Creole Fortress
20 Kervens Haitian Creole Friend of the powerful
21 Louinel Haitian Creole Lion
22 Maël Breton/Haitian Creole Chief(Breton), Prince (Haitian Creole)
23 Odil Haitian Creole Wealthy
24 Quétel Haitian Creole Fourth-born
25 Saintanor Haitian Creole Holy ancestor
26 Thimothée Haitian Creole/French God’s honor
27 Védrine Haitian Creole Winner
28 Venson Haitian Creole Growing stronger
29 Wismick Haitian Creole God will give me what I need
30 Yaris Haitian Creole Happiness
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Popular Haitian Boy Names (Adopted from Other Cultures!)

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Haiti is a country with a rich and fascinating heritage, shaped by the intersection of African, European, and Indigenous cultures. It constantly evolves, thanks to the infusion of new influences.

This diversity is reflected in the realm of traditional Haitian names, which incorporate not only Haitian Creole but also words, slang, and names from other communities and cultures that have grown to be integral parts of Haiti’s anthropological identity.

31 Achille Greek pain or lipless
32 Amani Swahili peace
33 Akena African born after twins
34 Ben Hebrew son of the right hand
35 Sebastian Latin venerable
36 Anthony Latin priceless one
37 Francis Latin Frenchman
38 Dominic Latin belonging to the Lord
39 Michael Hebrew who is like God?
40 Joseph Hebrew God will increase
41 Patrick Latin nobleman
42 Christopher Greek Christ-bearer
43 Basile Greek royal
44 Cazimir Slavic destroyer of peace
45 Célestin French heavenly
46 Cherubin Hebrew angel
47 Eben Hebrew stone or rock
48 Elisha Hebrew God is salvation
49 Eliott Hebrew Jehovah is God
50 Elvin English elf friend
51 Gaspard French treasurer
52 Gedeon Hebrew feller or hewer
53 Gilbert Germanic bright pledge
54 Giscard French bold spear
55 Hans German God is gracious
56 Hugues Germanic mind or spirit
57 Hérold French ruler or power
58 Hugon Germanic heart or mind
59 Ismaël Hebrew God will hear
60 Raphael Hebrew God has healed
61 Gabriel Hebrew God is my strength
62 Isidor Greek gift of Isis
63 Marcelin French little warrior
64 Matis Hebrew gift of God
65 Maikol Spanish variation of Michael
66 Natanaël Hebrew God has given
67 Nazaire French from Nazareth
68 Nérée Greek mermaid or sea spirit
69 Numa Latin revered, honored
70 Obed Hebrew worshipper
71 Ogden English from the oak valley
72 Orphée Greek darkness
73 Paulin French little Paul
74 Pascal French of Easter
75 Peterson English son of Peter
76 Philémon Greek affectionate
77 Quentin Latin fifth
78 Quincy French estate of the fifth son
79 Quirin Latin spear
80 Reginald Germanic ruler’s advisor
81 Reynold Germanic counsel power
82 Richard Germanic brave ruler
83 Salomon Hebrew peaceful
84 Samson Hebrew sun or service
85 Saturnin Latin of Saturn
86 Theophile Greek friend of God
87 Tidjani African one who is well-liked
88 Turenne French thornbush town
89 Ulrich Germanic prosperity and power
90 Urbain Latin from the city
91 Ulysse Greek wrathful
92 Evens English son of Evan
93 Ricardo Spanish/Portuguese strong, leader
94 Samuel Hebrew God has heard
95 Urie Hebrew my light
96 Valentin Latin strong, healthy
97 Vicente Spanish victorious
98 Wilbert Germanic bright will
99 Wilfrid Germanic desiring peace
100 Wilson English son of William
101 Yannick Breton God is gracious
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Haitian Boy Names Derived from History or Cultural Mythos

As a nation, Haiti struggled with poverty and education, so much of their indigenous culture’s arts, stories, and traditions have been passed down through oral tradition, generation to generation.

While Haiti is a veritable melting pot of multiple influences, it’s important to pay homage to where it all began – and find ways to celebrate and honor their personal history and mythos.

Carrying these precious Haitian names forward is one such way to do just that.

102 Guédé The spirits of death and fertility
103 Agwe The god of the sea. Patron of sailors and fishermen.
104 Baron Samedi The renowned spirit of death and resurrection. Often depicted in a top hat.
105 Boukman The legendary houngan who spearheaded the Haitian revolution of 1791.
106 Damballa The wise serpent god of creation.
107 Gran Bwa The spirit of the forest. Known protector of the lands and wildlife.
108 Kalfu The spirit of the crossroads. A trickster being with ties to dark magic.
109 Legba The gatekeeper between the living and the dead.
110 Loco The spirit of vegetation and fertility.
111 Mawu The deity of creation, fertility, and the moon.
112 Ogou The spirit of war, iron, and blacksmithing. Commonly represented as a fierce warrior wielding a blade.  
114 Simbi The spirit of water and snakes
115 Ti Malice The spirit of mischief and trickery
116 Ti Jean Petro A spirit associated with violence and retribution. Commonly depicted as a young, rebellious revolutionary, making him a popular figure for those who seek social justice and reform.
117 Ti Jean Quinto A spirit of healing and wisdom, taking the shape of a wise old man.
118 Tohbi The spirit of thunder and lightning.
119 Zaka The spirit of the harvest. Often depicted as a simple farmer with a hoe.
120 Zili A group of spirits in Vodou associated with love, beauty, and femininity.
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Final Thoughts

Haitian culture, values, and communities have been shaped by diverse influences over time. While not all “traditional” Haitian boy names have roots in Haitian Creole, they still hold presence and relevance within the Haitian community. Feel free to explore your choices guiltlessly – don’t be afraid to choose whatever name feels right for your son.