13 Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Kids (Memorable)

Growing a family can be quite the news, especially to a child. Thus, parents have to think up of fun and memorable ways to announce their pregnancy to their kids. If you’ve seen videos of these announcements on the internet, you know that children can react in so many different ways to news of becoming older siblings. Fortunately, there are several different ways to let them know that they will be having a baby brother/sister.

There are tons of fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your kids. It can range from showing them the sonogram, giving them customized gifts that hint at the pregnancy, leaving clues around the house, doing activities together that end up revealing the news, and so on. It’s a great idea to have fun with the announcement to see the candid reactions of your kids realizing they will be having a new member of the family.

This article will give 13 fun ways for you to announce pregnancy to kids. Your family is growing, and it is a delight to see how your kids will react to the wonderful news.

Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Kids

  1. Show the Sonogram

It can be interesting to show your child the sonogram, especially because they might not know what it means yet. Enjoy watching them guess what it is until finally telling them that they’re going to be an older sibling. Showing the sonogram is a quick and easy way to announce the pregnancy with a little guessing game for them as well.

  1. Read Them a Pregnancy Announcement Book

If your kid loves reading time, this is the perfect one for you. You can get a customized pregnancy book printed out. These books often revolve around a protagonist who is about to become an older sibling. Read to them how the protagonist is about to have a special role in the family and how important they are to the baby. Watch your kid’s face as you reveal in the end that they are the hero of the story.

  1. Baby Shoes on the Shoe Rack

This type of announcement will highly depend on how observant your child is. If they miss the clue, you might have to make it more obvious for them. All you have to do is put a pair of baby shoes on the shoe rack. Once they notice it, you can then lead them with a series of questions until they realize what it’s all about. This one is a cute way of announcing pregnancy to kids as they might be so confused why there would be a pair of baby shoes on the shoe rack.

  1. Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

Another fun and interactive way to announce pregnancy to kids is through a pregnancy announcement puzzle. You can also have these customized at certain stores. Invite your kid to spend a pleasant afternoon solving a mystery puzzle, meaning they won’t know what the puzzle is until it’s finished. Once completed, the puzzle should say something like “You’re going to be an older brother/sister!” A puzzle is a great way to announce the pregnancy as the activity will distract them, making the announcement even more of a surprise.

  1. Say Mommy’s Pregnant

Everyone says “cheese” during picture taking, but what if you said something else? Get your kids and lure them in for a selfie together. Once you’re ready to take the picture, instead of saying “say cheese,” say “say mommy’s pregnant.” This is a wonderful idea for a pregnancy announcement as you can have the kids on camera without them being too suspicious already. You can capture their instant reaction when they begin to understand what they’ve just heard.

  1. Baby Gifts

You can also announce pregnancy to kids by showing them an assortment of baby items. For example, you can tell them that they are going to get a surprise gift. With them sitting on the couch, they open their mystery gifts, and the gifts happen to be baby stuff. Watch them put two and two together and realize what the gifts mean. If you already have multiple kids, they can open their gifts together and see that they all received different baby items such as a pacifier, a onesie, or a baby bottle. If they are confused about the gifts, tell them it’s not for them but for their baby sibling instead.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

It’s always more fun to share the news with the kids as a surprise. Thus, a lot of ways to announce the pregnancy include being integrated into different games. One way to announce the news to your child is to have a game of scavenger hunt. You can set this up in your very home. Hide a few clues around the house that lead to one another until finally reaching the prize. You won’t tell them what the prize is, but you can tell them that it’s going to be a surprise. At the very end of the scavenger hunt, you can have them open a little chest with a note inside saying “you’re going to be a big brother/sister” or “mommy’s pregnant.”

  1. Big Brother/Sister Gift

A common way to announce pregnancy to kids is by giving them a surprise gift with the words “big brother/sister” on it. It can be anything from a mug to a T-shirt – anything that can be easily customized. Make sure to catch their reactions on video as they confusedly look at their gifts and look back and forth between their gifts and you for some clue. The highlight will be when they begin to realize that it means they’re becoming a big brother/sister with another baby on the way.

  1. Picture Edit

You can decide to tell your child about the pregnancy in a big and loud way, but you can also choose to keep it subtle and quiet. One of the sneakiest ways to announce pregnancy to kids is by taking their picture. This can be quite inconspicuous, especially if you take pictures of your children often. You can go somewhere special for this and have them stand against somewhere clear like a wall or a clear sky. With your phone, you can quickly edit the photo to have the words “big brother/sister” above them. Once you’ve done the quick edit, you can exclaim how wonderful the picture turned out to be. Once they’ve asked to see the picture, you can show them the edited picture and wait for their reaction.

  1. Picture Sign

If you don’t want to edit the picture, you can also do with an old-fashioned sign that reveals the news. You can tell your kid that you will take their picture but let them hold a sign that they’re not yet allowed to see. Tell them that they can look at the picture once you’ve taken the picture. This is a fun and creative idea as it would give you pictures that will tell a story. While they’re still in the dark, take the first picture of them holding the sign. Now tell them to take a look at the sign and take another picture of that. Lastly, take a third photo once they begin to realize and react to the news they’ve just read. With this simple idea, you should have three adorable photos of your kid learning that they will become an older brother/sister.

  1. Additional Controller

If your kid is an avid console gamer, there’s a fun way to announce your pregnancy to them. Get them an additional controller for their video game console. They would appreciate the gift, but they might be confused as to how they can use the additional controller. You can explain to them slowly that an additional controller is for them to be able to play with other people such as a friend, a parent, or even a younger sibling. Hopefully, this is enough to make them understand that they’re getting a new playmate soon.

  1. Letter from the Baby

A cute way to announce pregnancy to kids is by giving them a letter that’s supposedly written by the baby. You can tell them that they’ve gotten mail that day and hand them the letter. They’d be so excited to learn more about it as kids don’t really get that many letters in the mail. It can be a quick and simple letter that says something like, “Dear Kasey, I’m your new baby brother and I hope to meet you very soon.” Writing a sweet letter like this is excellent, especially for sentimental people as you can easily keep this letter for years to come. You can even tell the story to the baby when they grow up that it was with this letter that the news was shared with their siblings.

  1. Special Mug

Sometimes the best reactions can happen when they least expect it. One way to share the news with your kids is by using a specially customized mug that has the news written at the bottom of the mug. That way, the news isn’t revealed until they finish drinking the drink inside their mug. It has to be something that isn’t clear like water so that the news will only be visible once the drink is all finished up. An easy drink for this idea would simply be hot chocolate. It will come to them as a total surprise as they finish a nice cup of hot chocolate and notice something written at the bottom.

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