5 New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement Ideas (Fun & Exciting)

There is no holiday that represents new beginnings better than New Year. As the world celebrates a new year, a great way to make the New Year’s even more special is to announce the wonderful gift of life – a pregnancy announcement.

Fun and exciting New Year’s pregnancy announcements include capitalizing on social media with a wonderful post. The same announcement can also be done through a New Year card. Other ways to announce pregnancy news include using New Year’s resolutions, photos, and even T-shirts.  

This article will cover the five best New Year’s pregnancy announcement ideas that are fun and exciting for everyone around.

New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  1. Social Media Pregnancy Announcement

In this digital age, almost everyone gets their news and announcements on social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, social media serves as an excellent platform for widespread announcements.

While most people would post New Year’s greetings, you can let your entire collection of friends and family know about your big news in a single click. A New Year’s pregnancy announcement through social media is incredibly effective as many people are tuned in online for New Year’s posts.

There are lots of ways to announce that you are expecting on social media. You could announce the news with a lengthy block of text for everyone to read. These are typically common during the New Year as many people write about what they have been grateful for, as well as their resolutions.

A more modern way to do it is to simply post a picture implying the news. For example, a simple picture of the sonogram from the ultrasound is a straightforward way to announce to the world that you are expecting an addition to your family.

If you want to make sure your post is fun and exciting, you can be playful about it. For example, an image of a pair of baby shoes with the caption “we are ‘expecting’ 2023 to be a great year” should be enough to get people all stirred up.

It is important to remember that social media is simply a platform for the announcement. Using social media, you can still have free reins and announce the big news however you want. You can even mix and match the other ways suggested below.

  1. New Year’s Resolutions Pregnancy Announcement

Whenever the New Year comes along, people often use this time to take a step back, reflect on what they have done, and think of what they want to do next. Since almost everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, this makes it a fun and exciting way to announce the big news.

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For example, when someone asks you what your New Year’s resolutions are, you can coyly reply that you would like to learn new skills. When they ask you what skills you want to learn, watch out for the surprise on their faces when you tell them you want to learn how to change diapers and swaddle.

You would be able to get a larger reaction from your friends and family if you try and catch them off guard. For example, you can lead with typical New Year’s resolution ideas. “I’d like to travel more, maybe learn a new language.”

Once you list off a couple of typical New Year’s resolution ideas, you can then add: “And I’d like to have my baby next year too.” Whether their faces are surprised or confused, a simple smile from you should be more than enough to make them understand what you’ve just told them.

  1. New Year’s Photo Pregnancy Announcement

As a highly awaited holiday, New Year’s is an event that is greatly celebrated. Many people celebrate New Year’s in their own ways. Some like to countdown the seconds, some jump at the very last second, and some find romantic partners to kiss at the moment.

Regardless of the various traditions people like to practice, people oftentimes take pictures at midnight.

A fun and exciting New Year’s pregnancy announcement idea would be to use the New Year’s photo to capture the raw reactions of your friends and family.

The method is simple: as someone is about to take the picture, you simply yell out the wonderful news. With all the commotion happening around you, people will be understandably confused – this will result in a great photo for years to come.

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The plan might sound simple, but it would need some coordination. For example, the plan would be easier to carry out if the person taking the picture is in on it as well. The last thing you’d want is to have your photographer too shocked to take the picture.

With your photographer in on the plan, they should then make sure to count backward out loud to time your announcement just right. It wouldn’t be too odd since many people count backward when taking photos of people.

It is recommended for the photographer to take a series of photos in quick succession. If possible, the photographer can actually begin taking photos even before the announcement.

Doing it this way would then result in a series of photos that would depict the moment frame by frame. Taken altogether, it would be hilarious to see the exact moments people begin reacting to the news and turning their heads toward you.

  1. New Year’s Card Pregnancy Announcement

Throughout the years, there have been a variety of ways to share great news. However, cards remain a tested and proven way to share good news with loved ones.

Friends and family typically send out cards during important occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s. If you are someone who regularly sends out cards to loved ones, then a New Year’s pregnancy announcement would do great on a card.

There are various ways to announce your pregnancy over a card. One way to think about going about this is to consider the card as a platform – just like social media. Comparing a card to a social media post, they are quite similar: you get to announce the news with a photo and some text.

Just like in social media, you can put a creative photo that can help imply the big news. A straightforward photo would be the sonogram while a more subtle photo would be something like a pair of baby shoes or other baby items (e.g., diaper, bottle, crib, teddy bear, etc.).

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To supplement the photo, you can share the big news with text. Something simple such as “we are expecting a baby this 2023” should be more than enough. However, you can have fun with it and be more creative.

Here are some examples of creative sayings you can add to your card:

  • We are ‘expecting’ this year to be amazing!
  • We’ll need a babysitter to attend next year’s party!
  • Happy New Year! Baby on board!
  • New Year’s Resolution: Be awesome parents!
  • No champagne for us this New Year’s. We’re having a baby!
  1. New Year’s T-Shirt Pregnancy Announcement

Lots of baby announcements are done using T-shirts for a number of reasons. Firstly, T-shirts are incredibly easy to customize. Secondly, T-shirts make for practical souvenirs. Lastly, people can keep the T-shirts for a long time and be reminded of the wonderful memory.

New Year’s T-shirts are no different than any other pregnancy announcement. However, you can elevate the news to be fun and exciting by making the final reveal a total surprise.

A great way to reveal the New Year’s pregnancy announcement T-shirts is to keep them hidden away the entire night. The couple can simply hide the T-shirts under outer layers such as sweaters and such.

As people begin to jump and celebrate the arrival of midnight, the New Year’s pregnancy announcement T-shirts can then be revealed. T-shirts are excellent ways to announce news during New Year’s as people typically hug each other in celebration. Everyone will eventually see the wonderful news displayed on the shirts.

If you already have kids, you can even use them to help announce the news as well. Nothing is more adorable than seeing kids with T-shirts saying, “I’m going to be an older sibling!” Once other people begin noticing their shirts, they will instantly look in your direction to confirm the exciting news.

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