110 Entertaining Father’s Day Questions Everyone Will Enjoy

Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate with the significant person you call father, regardless of whether by choice or birth. There’s nothing more fun than spending the day with the family by answering entertaining questions about the occasion.

It’s a chance for children to blast their fathers with endless questions about anything and everything. Queries can range from their dad’s favorite food to whatever their most embarrassing moment in life is. Add fun by asking for trivia related to fathers worldwide.

Commemorating Father’s Day by asking fun but unusual facts, trivia, and personal and meaningful questions will make the day more memorable for everyone involved. The queries below won’t only leave people amused but will also deepen the family’s bond.

110 Entertaining Father’s Day Questions

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Easy Questions You Can Ask Kids About Their Father

Below are some straightforward questions one can ask younger children about their dad. Regardless of whether the kids answer them right or wrong, their innocent and humorous replies will surely brighten the day for everyone in the room. 

1. What’s Daddy’s full name?

2. How old is he?

3. What’s Daddy’s weight and height?

4. Who is Daddy’s celebrity look-alike?

5. What work does Daddy do?

6. What activities does he enjoy?

7. Who or what makes Daddy the happiest? The saddest?

8. What’s his favorite food?

9. What’s Daddy’s favorite movie or TV show?

10. What’s Daddy’s biggest strength? Weakness?

11. What’s Daddy’s motto in life?

12. What does he keep forgetting daily?

13. What activity do you love doing with Daddy?

14. What nickname does he call you, and why does he call you that?

15. When does Daddy make you the happiest?

16. What’s your favorite thing about him?

17. Do you think you were just like Daddy when he was a kid? Why do you think so?

18. What are your similarities with Daddy? Differences?

19. How does Daddy show you how much he loves you?

20. How do you show Daddy you love him?

Unique and Random Questions Kids Can Ask Their Father

father and son reading a book

Making the children ask their father random questions will help them learn more about their dad. Both parties might discover something new or find similarities they never knew, deepening their bond further.

21. What’s your favorite and least favorite color?

22. What’s your favorite book? Why?

23.What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

24. What’s your favorite childhood game?

25. What’s your favorite place?

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26. If you could only eat in one restaurant your whole life, which one would you choose?

27. What foods do you dislike?

28. What do you wish you were good at (e.g., sports, art, etc.)?

29. Were you part of a team or club in school? Why did you join? Why not?

30. What’s the trend during your teenage years?

31. What was your style when you were a teenager?

32. What would you recommend if you could change my style into something else?

33. What were your teenage obsessions (e.g., video games, food, bands, etc.)?

34. What’s the first album you’ve ever bought?

35. Who’s the person you idolize?

36. What songs represent your childhood, teenage years, and adulthood?

37. How many romantic relationships did you have?

38. What did you learn from those relationships?

39. How did you meet mom? When did you know you’ll love her for the rest of your life?

40. What’s your favorite thing about your wedding?

41. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

42. What’s the dumbest thing you did when you were my age?

43. What’s your most embarrassing moment in life?

44. What’s the most cringey thing you did?

45. Who would you choose if you could eat a meal with anyone (dead or alive)? Why?

46. Have you ever met a celebrity? When and where?

47. When’s the maddest you’ve ever been?

48. What would you buy if you had $50 when you were a kid?

49. If your life is a movie, what would be the genre?

50. What’s your unpopular opinion (it can be about anything)?

51. If you could bring three items to a deserted island, what would you bring?

52. What’s the craziest thing you did?

53. Choose between the red pill (knowing the unpleasant truth) and the blue pill (remaining blissfully ignorant).

54. What’s your weird quirk?

55. What’s your most used emoji?

56. Do you prefer to be a homebody or an adventurer?

57. If your life is a book, what would be the title?

58. What would you choose: to be stupid or a coward?

59. What adjective best describes you?

60. What would you be if you were an animal?

Meaningful Questions Children Can Ask Their Father

father carrying his daughter on his back

There are things families don’t usually talk about every day. Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity for children to ask meaningful questions to their father that they otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to do.

61. What do you think is your biggest accomplishment to this day?

62. What’s your most memorable childhood experience?

63. What made you choose your current career?

64. When do you feel most successful?

65. What was your childhood dream? How is it similar or different from your current one?

66. What did you want to change about the world when you were a child? What do you want to change now?

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67. What do you wish you had done when you were my age?

68. What’s the best and worst decision you’ve made in your life?

69. What’s your best memory with your parents?

70. When you first saw me, what thought first came to your mind?

71. What lessons in life did your parents impart to you?

72. What’s the most mind-blowing thing you experienced when you became a father?

73. How do you and your dad bond over the years?

74. What’s something you want to do but never had the chance to do because of the circumstances?

75. What makes you most proud?

76. What prompts you to cry?

77. What’s the best and worst advice you received from your dad?

78. How do you and your dad bond?

79. What can you never live without?

80. Is there anything you want to tell me right now?

Father’s Day Trivia

best dad in the world

81. When do people celebrate Father’s Day?

Answer: The third Sunday in June

82. When’s the first ever Father’s Day celebration?

Answer: June 19, 1910

83. Which state did people first celebrate Father’s Day?

Answer: Spokane, Washington

84. Who founded Father’s Day?

Answer: Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd

85. Who’s the U.S. president who initiated the celebration of Father’s Day?

Answer: Lyndon Johnson

86. Hallmark is a well-known company that sells greeting cards and other gift products worldwide. According to them, how many cards do fathers receive on Father’s Day annually?

Choices: a.) 52 million cards, b.) 62 million cards, c.) 72 million cards

Answer: c.) 72 million cards

87. What’s the name of Father’s Day in Germany?

Answer: Vatertag (or Männertag)

88. Among the choices, which isn’t one of the most popular ways to spend Father’s Day in Germany?

Choices: a.) pub tours and wagon tours, b.) gift giving, c.) park gatherings

Answer: b.) gift giving

89. What’s the name of Father’s Day in Thailand?

Answer: Wan Por

90. What item do fathers receive the most on Father’s Day?

Answer: Necktie

Movie and TV Father’s Day Trivia

film illustration

91. Actor Michael Keaton starred in a 1983 film. He played the role of a father who switched roles with his wife and became a stay-at-home dad. What’s the name of the movie?

Answer: Mr. Mom

92. What Tim Burton movie released in 2003 tells the story of a frustrated son trying to find the truth behind his dying father’s epic tales?

Answer: Big Fish

93. Name the 1948 Italian movie about a son helping his working-class father find his stolen bicycle.

Answer: Bicycle Thieves

94. Which American comedy-drama movie directed by Chris Columbus revolves around a divorced father cross-dressing as a female housekeeper to meet his children?

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Answer: Mrs. Doubtfire

95. Name the famous Disney animated musical drama about a young lion prince taking back his homeland from his uncle, whose responsible for his father’s death.

Answer: The Lion King

96. This 2017 X-men film starring Hugh Jackman as Logan tells the story of a future where mutants are almost extinct, and a mutant child comes to him for help.

Answer: Logan

97. What 2014 movie by Christopher Nolan won an Oscar for Best Achievement in Visual Effects? The film revolves around Matthew McConaughey, who plays the role of an ex-NASA pilot, and his daughter (who inherited her father’s scientific aptitude).

Answer: Interstellar

98. This movie stars Bruce Willis as a deep-core driller, and together with his team of blue-collar workers, they try to stop an asteroid from hitting the earth. It portrays a father’s love for his daughter as he saves her fiancĂ©. Can you name this science fiction film?

Answer: Armageddon

99. Name the 2003 Pixar animated movie about a father going on a journey to find his son captured in the Great Barrier Reef.

Answer: Finding Nemo

100. Can you name the 1987 movie directed by Leonard Nimoy about three bachelors finding a baby at their doorstep left by one of their girlfriends?

Answer: Three Men and A Baby

Famous Fathers Trivia


101. Name the American actor renowned for his role as Joe Buck in Midnight Cowboy. He’s Angelina Jolie’s father.

Answer: Jon Voight

102. Who’s the former professional footballer who’s the father to Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper?

Answer: David Beckham

103. This famous rapper named his third child after Chicago, his hometown.

Answer: Kanye West

104. Who’s the singing father-daughter duo who made the most prominent and successful version of Somethin’ Stupid, securing Billboard number one?

Answer: Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra

105. This father-daughter duo is part of the famous TV show Hannah Montana.

Answer: Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Ray Cyrus

106. Name the British royal with children named George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Answer: Prince William

107. This famous actor is the father of Jaden and Willow Smith.

Answer: Will Smith

108. Who’s the Jamaican singer and songwriter known for being one of the pioneers of reggae? He’s a father to many children who have followed in his footsteps.

Answer: Bob Marley

109. This fictional character is the father of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

Answer: Homer Simpson

101. What’s the name of Wednesday and Pugsley’s father in the American supernatural dark comedy film The Addams Family?

Answer: Gomez Addams

Final Thoughts

Many say there’s nothing quite like fatherhood as it doesn’t only pertain to a biological role. Regardless of a father’s figure role in your life, whether they’re your father, uncle, or grandfather, showing them your love and gratitude can be very fulfilling.

Nothing is more gratifying than bonding with them and acknowledging their contribution and significance to your life. Aside from gift-giving, you can make the day even more special by playing games or asking each other unique and meaningful questions.