Can Pregnant Women Eat Deviled Eggs? Is It Safe?

Deviled eggs are a nice snack that’s rich in protein and key vitamins. While the mayonnaise used won’t be good for health, you can easily substitute it with more nutritious alternatives like avocado or yogurt – but is that change enough to allow pregnant women to safely eat deviled eggs?

You can eat deviled eggs while pregnant – in fact, pregnant women get some good health benefits out of it. A lot of the risks involved with eating deviled eggs are shared with other egg-based food products, making these concerns pretty easy to mitigate.  

It’d be best to use low-fat mayonnaise, or potentially replace it with healthier options like yogurt or even avocado. Be sure to store your deviled eggs properly in the fridge, and don’t leave them out at room temperature for longer than two hours if you plan to eat them.

Though you can enjoy deviled eggs while pregnant, don’t get complacent. Be sure to follow proper food preparation and storage guidelines to minimize potential health risks.

Eating Deviled Eggs While Pregnant (What to Know)

What are Deviled Eggs?

deviled whiskey

Deviled eggs are a pretty popular appetizer made by halving boiled eggs, scooping out the yolks, mixing them with delicious fillings and seasonings, and returning them to the boiled egg whites.

It’s a great party dish that’s easy to prepare, and you have complete control over the components in use. We’d personally recommend throwing in some zesty herbs, paprika, chives, and red chili flakes for your deviled egg filling mix.

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We’d advise against high-fat or high-sodium ingredients like store-bought mayo or bacon bits since you have to mind your intake while pregnant. Other than that, you’re free to experiment with all the options available in your kitchen!

Ingredients to be Mindful Of

Egg Yolk

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While it’s obvious that deviled eggs make use of a lot of eggs (people with egg allergies, steer clear!), it’s pretty easy to lose track of how much egg yolk you’re consuming.

Egg yolk was thought to raise blood cholesterol in the past, but that’s since been debunked over time. It’s still true that egg yolk does have a ton of cholesterol and fat per serving.

The majority of this fat is unsaturated “healthy” fats, which helps with blood pressure, though some saturated fat still remains in the egg yolk. While you can eat deviled eggs while pregnant, portion control is critical to ensure you stay healthy.

Mayonnaise (And Other Substitutes)


Mayonnaise is another key ingredient to consider, as most commercial mayonnaise is pretty loaded with fat, sodium, and calories.

Thankfully, most commercial mayonnaise has been pasteurized, so the risk of foodborne bacteria like Salmonella goes way down if you take this precaution.

Homemade mayonnaise lets you substitute healthier ingredients to lower the quantity of these unwanted additives but requires even more mindfulness to prepare. If you’re still new to this, we wouldn’t recommend making your own mayonnaise from scratch – especially if you’re pregnant.

You’d be better off using healthier commercially available options (yogurt and avocado). Yogurt offers a source of calcium and probiotics, while avocado chiefly provides healthy fats and fiber.

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Serving and Storage Tips

Deviled eggs can be served warm or chilled, depending on preference. Warm deviled eggs bring out the spice and savory taste better, while chilled deviled eggs are best for texture and firmness. Warm deviled eggs typically won’t be heated to the point of killing bacterial contaminants, so don’t expect that popping a tray in the microwave will compensate for improper food handling.

Always store your deviled eggs chilled in an airtight container. Make sure they’re chilled – you’re aiming to hit a temperature below 4°C to hamper potential Salmonella growth. If you’re hauling deviled eggs over a long distance, you might even want to pack them in an icebox to be safe.

Whether you’re serving them chilled or warmed, don’t leave your deviled eggs out for longer than two hours – this gets cut down to one hour in the summer or on other hot days. If they’ve been left out any longer, they may not be safe to eat anymore – don’t chance that risk while pregnant. Putting them back in the fridge after won’t address that issue, so don’t even bother.

Final Thoughts

Pregnant women can eat deviled eggs, but they need to be mindful of how much egg yolk they’re eating (and strive to substitute mayonnaise filling for healthier alternatives).

Be sure to eat your deviled eggs promptly after serving them. If they’ve been left out at room temperature for a good while, don’t return them to the refrigerator.

If your deviled eggs smell even a little off, discard it promptly – don’t even bother tasting it, since you might get food poisoning this way. That said, always consult your doctor first before deciding, as you need their expertise to make a safe and informed decision.

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