48 Radiant Baby Names That Mean Sunflower (For Girls & Boys)

Picking out a name for your newborn is a monumental decision, and with all those options available it can be tricky to figure out where to even start looking. Sunflower baby names are worth checking out, as many of them give strong impressions of warm, welcoming cheer.  

Beyond the initial impressions, sunflowers also evoke other positive traits like admiration, devotion, and happiness. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with names inspired by sunflowers!

While there are a ton of sunflower-inspired names to choose from, parents with baby girls do get to enjoy a wider selection of options than parents with baby boys. Other than that, we’ve got no complaints! Sunflowers are associated with a lot of desirable traits, and naming your child after the wonderful flower is a neat, subtle way to brighten their life. 

Sunflowers are renowned for their unique ability to “chase the sun,” a process where they follow the sun’s movement throughout the day, and patiently await its return during the night. These flowers perfectly encapsulate perseverance and resilience, making them an excellent source of inspiration for names to give your little one.

Standout Sunflower Baby Names

1. Floréal French “month of flowers”

Floréal refers to the month of April within the French Revolutionary calendar and makes for a charming, unisex name – though the origins behind it are a little muddled. 

Some say it’s derived from the Latin word “florere” (to flourish), though others claim that the name has roots in another Latin word “floralis” (regarding flowers). In any case, Floréal is an exotic, graceful name that could be the perfect fit for your little one!

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2. Helia Greek “the sun”

The name Helia is a cute femininization of the name “Helios”, itself referring to the powerful sun god of myth. It’s a unique name – almost to the point of antiquation – that has a grandeur few other names can hope to match, and will undoubtedly help your daughter make a strong impression!

3. Ginevra Italian “fair one” or “white shadow”

The name Guinevra has quite a bit of weight in Italian art, best known for being the name of the focal character in Leonardo Da Vinci’s extremely popular painting “La Bella Principessa” (Portrait of a Lady).

To this day, the identity of the muse that inspired her remains hotly contested. The name carries a regal, enrapturing air that makes it a lovely choice for your daughter’s first name.

4. Tarek Arabic “morning star” or “the nightly visitant”

Tarek is a popular Muslim boy name that’s derived from “tariq”, a word associated with nighttime visits, dawn prayers, and hospitality. It’s appeared many times in the Quran and has even found its way into Islamic arts, literature, and poetry.

Sunflower Names for Boys

boy picking sunflower

Most sunflower boy names lean more on the qualities of resilience, passion, and perseverance. They also evoke feelings of warmth and energy, which is sure to inspire the people around them and make the world a brighter place.

5. Onyeka Igbo “one who has a fiery spirit”
6. Aiden Irish “little fire”
7. Blaze English “intense brightness”
8. Orin Irish “light” or “fair-haired”
9. Kusuma Sanskrit “flower”
10. Zohar Hebrew “bright” or “shining”
11. Faris Arabic “knight” or “radiant”
12. Sol Spanish “sun”
13. Lucian Latin “light” or “bright”
14. Helios Greek “sun” or “radiant”
15. Kaida Japanese “little dragon” or “radiant”
16. Luan Vietnamese “firewood”
17. Ravi Sanskrit “sun” or “radiant”
18. Urien Welsh “privileged birth” or “radiant”
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Sunflower Names for Girls

happy girl holding sunflower

Sunflower girl names are best known for their warmth and happiness, but they’ve still got plenty of energy behind them too. Your little baby sunflower is sure to flourish when the time is right!

19. Niamh Irish “brightness”
20. Helianthus Greek “sunflower”
21. Orla Irish “golden princess” or “radiant”
22. Adar Hebrew “fire”
23. Candra Sanskrit “moon-like” or “radiant”
24. Dior French “golden” or “radiant”
25. Elara Greek “bright” or “shining”
26. Amaryllis Greek “to sparkle”
27. Urien Welsh “privileged birth” or “radiant”
28. Giselle German “pledge” or “radiant”
29. Ilona Hungarian “light”
30. Jocelyn French “joyful” or “radiant”
31. Zahara Hebrew “flowering” or “shining”
32. Lucia Italian “light” or “radiant”
33. Mira Sanskrit “ocean”
34. Phoebe Greek “bright”
35. Quilla Quechua “moon” or “radiant”
36. Seraphina Hebrew “burning one” or “fiery-winged”
37. Tamar Hebrew “date palm” or “radiant”
38. Vesta Roman “goddess of hearth and home”
39. Wren English “small bird” or “radiant”
40. Xanthe Greek “yellow” or “radiant”
41. Yara Arabic “small butterfly” or “radiant”
42. Yael Hebrew “fiery energy”
43. Zia Arabic “light” or “radiant”
44. Flor Spanish “flower”
45. Marigold English “yellow flower”
46. Solana Spanish “of the sun” or “sharing the sun’s radiance”
47. Sunniva Scandinavian “the sun’s gift”
48. Soley Haitian “sunshine”

Final Thoughts

Names inspired by sunflowers embody the best parts of the beloved flower, distilling those promising sentiments into your precious baby’s life. You’ve got a wide, culturally-diverse range of options at your fingertips – but don’t sweat getting the “perfect” one. Your child is sure to appreciate whatever name you pick out for them here!

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