61 Fiery Baby Names That Mean Passion (For Girls & Boys)

A baby’s name serves as the backbone of their starting identity, so many parents want names that reflect traits they’d like their child to have. Some expectant mothers and fathers favor the quality of passion, which can inspire enthusiasm and ambition in their children. Giving your child a name that means passion is an effective way to set the tone for your baby’s trailblazing future!

Passion is a pretty broad umbrella term that includes a ton of commendable traits like ambition, courage, and determination. Giving your child a passionate name is a nice way to instill that virtue in them, right from the get-go!

If you’re looking for names for passionate people, we’ve got you covered with a ton of lovely, gender-neutral options well worth considering down below.

Our Top Picks for Passionate Baby Names

Muslim toddler

1. Rashida Arabic “rightly guided”

The name Rashida is a gorgeous baby girl name that’s quite popular in Muslim communities thanks to its strong association with both moral righteousness and spirituality. It inspires people to remain upstanding, earnest, and true to themselves – even in the face of adversity.

2. Dacian Romanian “of the Dacians”

The Dacians were an ancient civilization that traces its roots all the way back to the 6th century (BCE), living in the lands that would one day be called Romania.

The Dacians were powerful people organized in a militaristic society and were lauded for their martial prowess, bravery, and resolve. The name they left behind still carries that reputation for strength and fervor, even millennia after their assimilation into the Roman empire.

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3. Aditi Sanskrit “boundless, infinite”

Aditi is a passionate name that represents a different, oft-overlooked aspect of the quality – passion towards care and motherhood. This is best seen in Hindu mythology, as Aditi is known as the mother of not only all the gods in their pantheon but all of creation as well.

She is sometimes referred to as “The giver of life”, and her name is a common prayer on the lips of expectant mothers in India.

Awesome Passion-Inspired Names

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In today’s world, making a strong impression is essential – having an awesome name is a great way to lead the charge on that front. If you want a strong, passionate name sure to leave a lasting impression in a crowd, check out what we’ve got to offer down below.

4. Ignacio Spanish “Fiery one”
5. Jocelyn Latin “Bright, cheerful”
6. Blaze English “Flame”
7. Zia Arabic “Light, splendor”
8. Niamh Irish “Bright, radiant”
9. Clara Latin “Clear, bright”
10. Roxana Persian “Dawn, bright”
11. Azar Persian “Fire”
12. Eirikr Norse “Eternal ruler”
13. Qiu Chinese “Autumn fire”
14. Tycho Greek “Hitting the mark” or “fiery”
15. Makaio Hawaiian “Fiery one”
16. Phoebe Greek “Bright” or “shining”
17. Lucian Latin “Light, bright”
18. Aiko Japanese “Beloved child”
19. Orlaith Irish “Golden princess, fiery”
20. Calida Spanish “Ardent, fiery”
21. Gwen Welsh “Blessed”
22. Ysabel Spanish “God is my oath, fiery”
23. Vulcan Roman “To flash”
24. Rhea Greek “Flowing”
25. Lysandra Greek “Liberator, fiery one”
26. Eleora Greek “Light, bright”
27. Zara Arabic “Princess, fiery”
28. Aretha Greek “Excellence” or “virtue”
29. Seraphina Hebrew “Fiery ones”
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Energetic Passion-Inspired Names

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Passion is more than just ambition – it needs grit and the commitment to follow through, no matter the opposition. The names here showcase just that, and will be perfect for expectant parents who want their kids to start off in the world a little more spirited!

30. Ember English “Glowing spark”
31. Jaganmohini Hindu “Fiery enchantress”
32. Nuriel Hebrew “My fire is God”
33. Phoenix Greek “Crimson”
34. Kalila Arabic “Beloved”
35. Hestia Greek “Fireside”
36. Kaida Japanese “Little dragon”
37. Oriana Latin “Dawn, golden”
38. Uriela Hebrew “God is my light and fire”
39. Fiammetta Italian “Little flame”
40. Xiu Chinese “Elegant, fiery”
41. Zora Slavic “Dawn; warmth of the sun”
42. Ignatius Latin “Fiery, warm”
43. Hagan German “Strong defense”
44. Eamon Irish “Guardian of bravery”
45. Finbar Irish “Fair-haired warrior”
46. Albern German “Noble courage”
47. Ivar Scandinavian “Warrior of peace”
48. Aila Hebrew “Strong”
49. Amzi Hebrew “My strength”
50. Auden English “Old friend”
51. Enya Irish “Fire, warmth”
52. Soley Icelandic “Sun, warmth”
53. Tansy English “Eternal warmth”
54. Aria Italian “Air, warmth of the sun”
55. Arden English “Valley of the eagle; warm”
56. Elio Italian “Sun, warmth”
57. Solana Spanish “Sunshine”
58. Helio Greek “Sun, warmth”
59. Kairos Greek “Warmth, opportune time”
60. Sunny English “Bright and warm”
61. Kalinda Sanskrit “Sun”

Final Thoughts

Choosing passionate baby names for your child is a great way to start them off strong in the world. There are a ton of passionate names in every culture in the world, so you’ll always have solid options – no matter where you are in the world!

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When choosing a name for your child, it’s important to remember that this decision is crucial. The name you choose will shape their identity early in life and can continue to inspire them throughout that journey. Select a name that reflects the qualities you want them to embody, then support them wholeheartedly as they work to put their own personal twist to the name!

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