7 Reasons Why DockATot Is So Expensive (Worth the Money?)

One of the biggest crazes for new or soon-to-be parents is the DockATot for babies. This baby nest provides a soothing and comfortable docking station for newborns and infants. However, many parents are still hesitant to buy the DockATot because of the exorbitant price.

The main contributors to the high cost are the product’s excellent emulation of the womb, hypoallergenic materials, portability, and safety standard. DockATots are also multifunctional and have an exquisite design, making them consistently sell out.

Every penny is worth it for parents who deem the DockATot a game-changer or a lifesaver. Still, it’s better to assess if the product meets your particular needs and standards to determine its value before purchasing one.

Is DockATot Worth the Money?

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock Baby Lounger

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The monetary value of this product depends on every parent’s needs and circumstances. If you’re considering buying a DockATot, it’s helpful to discern what factors make this baby dock revolutionary for many parents around the globe.

1. It’s Comforting as a Mother’s Womb

One unique feature of the DockATot is its emulation of a mother’s womb. Lisa Furuland, its founder, aims to provide a blanket, cot, and baby lounger alternative. The DockATot is snug, safe, and comforting, making it a perfect place for parents to supervise their little angels.

2. It consists of Hypoallergenic Materials

Baby products must be made of hypoallergenic materials because babies are most susceptible to infections. Another factor one must consider when buying a baby nest is breathability because infants can’t regulate their body temperature.

DockATot, with its hypoallergenic components, ensures avoidance of overheating, which is one of the most common causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It’s worth emphasizing that parents must consider buying products that ensure optimal sleeping temperatures for babies.

3. It’s Multifunctional

cute baby in a dockatot

While you work or do chores, you can place your baby on the DockATot (as long as still under strict supervision). DockATots can also facilitate tummy time, which is essential for helping infants develop their neck strength and motor skills.

The DockATot is a portable play mat or a mini play gym where the babies can play with a toy arch. It’s also perfect for stopping babies from wriggling when you change their diapers or get them dressed.

Ultimately, the DockATot is a reliable baby pod you can use, especially if you’re a new parent. It’s excellent for lounging at home, snuggling with siblings, getting ready, bonding, going on trips, and more.

4. It Passes the Safety Standard

The creators of DockATot emphasized how they went above and beyond to guarantee that their product passed the safety standard. Firstly, DockATot has an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.

This certification guarantees that the product doesn’t contain harmful substances, such as flame retardants, carcinogenic dyes, pesticides, and heavy metals (e.g., cadmium, lead, mercury, etc.). DockATot is also PVC, BPA, and BPS free.

The substances mentioned above can irritate different body parts and cause damage to the nervous system and immune system. Some of these organic compounds can also pollute the air at home, risking the baby’s health.

5. It Has an Exquisite Design

DockATot boasts of its practical Swedish design and exquisite European craftsmanship. The designers of this product are also parents who wish to provide a practical solution to parents’ daily woes without compromising style for quality and vice versa.

6. It’s Portable and Machine-Washable

Another key feature that parents like about the DockATot is its portability. Because it’s lightweight, you can move it from one place to another without hassle. It’s also easy to carry whenever you need to go for a quick errand.

The inner tube rarely needs washing. Meanwhile, the outer cover and innermost sleeve of DockATots are machine-washable and easy to dry. The pad can be troublesome to clean because it must be hand-washed in cold water.

7. It’s for Ages 0-36 months

The DockATot comes in two variations. The Deluxe+ DockATot (priced around $270) is for babies ages 0-8 months old who need a snug spot to lounge, play, and facilitate tummy time. It subdues babies’ startle reflexes, giving them a soothing feel.

Meanwhile, the DockATot Grand Dock, which costs approximately $470, is perfect for toddlers. It’s a great help when shifting to a big-kid bed. The transition can emotionally upset a child, but using this baby lounger can ease the process and provide them a sense of security.

Important Points to Consider

Know When It’s Unsafe to Use a DockATot

baby sleeping with parents

DockATots are generally safe for tummy time, playtime, diaper changes, clothing changes, and supervised napping. However, it’s unsafe for unsupervised naps, sleeping, and co-sleeping. You also mustn’t put it in cribs and bassinets or use it as a sleep positioner.

The primary danger of using a DockATot lies when the parent or guardian lets the baby nap without monitoring them. You must always be awake and within arm’s reach of the baby. Otherwise, you’re putting them at risk of possible suffocation when they roll onto their sides.

Similarly, co-sleeping or bed-sharing with your child using a DockATot makes them vulnerable to the high risks of entrapment, suffocation and choking. If you want to share your sleeping area with your baby, use a proper co-sleeper like a bassinet instead of a baby nest like DockATot.

Search for Alternatives

If You’re on a Budget

As mentioned earlier, the downside of DockATot is its exorbitant price. Below is a list of similar products you can acquire at a reasonable price.

  • Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

The Snuggle Me Organic Lounger uses organic materials perfect for sensitive skin. The material used is also softer and more breathable than DockATots. Also, unlike with DockATots, you can wash the entire baby nest with a washing machine.

  • Boppy Newborn Lounger

True to its name, the Boppy Newborn Lounger is only suitable for babies up to four months. However, it’s commendable for its unique shape that helps the newborn maintain an inclined position. This baby pod is approximately five times cheaper than the DockATot.

If You Want to Co-Sleep with Your Child

co-sleeper bassinet

The safest way for babies to sleep is by laying them flat on their backs on a firm and even surface in their sleeping area. There should be no pillows and blankets that can suffocate and strangle them.

However, if you wish to co-sleep with your child, there are safer alternatives to the DockATot. One of them is the Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper. This baby bassinet requires little space and has a 360 deg swivel and four-point-based stand.

The Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet is also an ideal co-sleeping partner for parents and children. You can attach it to your bed, roll up its bedside walls for convenience, and adjust its height to your preference. The waterproof sheet, fiber-filled mattress, and side pocket storage are a plus.

Final Thoughts

Buying baby gear such as baby pods can be overwhelming, especially for new and expecting parents, because numerous choices are available in the market. In addition, there’s an influx of conflicting advice from many parents worldwide.

Purchasing a DockATot is no different, given that many deem it unsafe for babies despite being a bestseller. Ultimately, what matters is your opinion and your child’s needs. Remember that it’s crucial to know when to use a baby lounge and why you need it before obtaining one.