Letter to My Twins on Their Birthday (How to Write One)

Ever since they were born, twins would always have each other’s back. On their special day, don’t forget to remind them that you’ll always be there for them as well.

Writing a letter to your twins on their birthday will always be a heartfelt gesture, and one greatly appreciated by sentimental people as letters can always be kept for years to come. If you think writing a letter to your twins on their birthday is a difficult task, here are some things to consider making sure you write from the heart.

First, you have to remember to write from the heart. Let them know how much you’ve loved them from the very beginning. Tell stories of how you raised them and let them know what makes them each unique.

Let them know that while you will always be there for them, it is important that they look out for one another as well. Lastly, share your hopes and dreams for when they grow, but make sure that those don’t clash with their own.

Writing a Letter to My Twins on Their Birthday

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Words hold an incredible amount of power, and it is important to choose your words wisely when writing a letter for your dearest twins on their birthday. While many parents would rather verbalize their thoughts, some parents would prefer sharing their thoughts using ink and paper. Here are some things to consider adding to the letter to your twins on their birthday:

  1. Your Feelings About Having Twins

Most couples can already get frightened at the thought of having a baby – finding out you’re going to have twins is on a whole different level. One of the best ways to let your twins know how much you mean to them is by sharing how you felt when you learned you were having twins.

Preparing for the birth of a child is no easy task and having to do all that work for twins can be considered herculean.

Look introspectively and try to remember how you felt when you heard the news: Were you excited? Were you confused? Were you scared? Don’t shy away from honestly writing the obstacles you’ve faced during this time as it is more important for them to learn how you were able to overcome those challenges.

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After detailing the experience of being pregnant with twins, you can let them know how all your worries were washed away the moment your first held them both in your arms. At that moment, you knew that it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park raising these two beautiful children at the same time. However, that didn’t matter as you would move heaven and earth to make sure your twins get everything they want in life.

Tell them that while no one really expects to have twins in their lives, it’s an experience that you wouldn’t trade for anything.

  1. Tell Stories About Raising Them

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Children should always hear stories about how their parents raised them. Growing up, children will always have an idea of how their parents were back then. However, if you could put it in writing, you could then let them know how it was raising them from your perspective.

You can begin by sharing what it was like to raise them. Perhaps you have stories of their milestones in life (e.g., first words, first steps, the first day of school, etc.), or any random anecdote that they’re sure to remember.

Tell them how it’s like being a parent to twins. They might be surprised. Children always assume that all parents know what they’re doing. It won’t be until they themselves grow and realize that nothing actually prepares you to become a parent.

There may be books and classes people can take, but even the smallest decisions can impact a child forever. Let them know that while it may have been a difficult challenge, it was one you gladly took on for them.

This is an important part of writing a letter to your twins on their birthday because it reminds them that you’re human too.

  1. Remind Them of Their Individuality

When people first see twins, they see two copies of the same person. This is especially true for identical twins. However, you’ve been there for all their lives, seeing how they are, and seeing what kind of people they are. You know every little difference they have and make sure to include in your letter how they are each their own person.

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This is an incredibly important part of writing a special letter to your twins on their birthday because they will undoubtedly experience people treating them as similar people. Thus, you should take this opportunity to let them know how much you’ve been observing them their whole lives.

You can start jovially by writing how they were raised like twins: getting matching outfits, getting the same toys (but in different colors), and always be treated the same way. However, you should follow that up by telling them how quickly it was apparent that they were completely different people from one another.

Describe who they are as people and show how much you support them in all their decisions. Write about how one of them prefers staying home and reading books while the other prefers hanging out with friends.

Write about the dreams and aspirations they’ve mentioned to you in passing to let them know you were always there to lend an ear. Let them know that no matter what they decide to do in life, you’ll always be there cheering them on.

At this point, another great way to spruce up your letter to your twins on their birthday is to write your favorite thing about each of them. This also helps enforce their individuality and the differences that make them each unique from one another.

You can write how you’ve always admired how kind they can be, how brave they can be, or how strong they can be when faced with adversity. You can support these statements with anecdotes of times you found them exhibit these wonderful traits.

  1. Tell Them to Look Out for One Another

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While most people have to go and find their best friend out in the world, twins are fortunate enough to be born alongside theirs. Siblings will always have quarrels with one another, especially when they’re young, but they should always have each other’s back at the end of the day.

You can remind them of cute stories of them together growing up. Perhaps they were the perfect partners in crime, scheming together to get what they wanted when they were little. Perhaps you have a story of finding them together in bed in the morning after a particularly scary night. This part of the letter is just to remind them that they’re a team ever since they were born.

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As a parent, you’d want to be in your kids’ lives as much as you can. However, you understand that they need to grow up and eventually be by themselves. While you may not be there at their side 24/7, you can tell them that you hope they can be there for each other for you.

As much as a parent could try, there are things only siblings can understand. Thus, tell them they have to be there for each other where you cannot.

  1. Tell Them About Your Hopes for Them

No matter how old your twins may be, they will always still have some growing up to do. Writing a letter is different from having a conversation because of the fact that a letter can be kept and read again and again.

An important part of writing a letter for your twins on their birthday is to write what you wish for them. Tell them that as it is their birthday, you cannot help but think of their future and what you hope their future to look like.

Gather inspiration from the things they strive for. Tell them that they were natural-born leaders and that you hope to see them use their leadership in the future.

Tell them that you’ve always seen them take care of other people and that you hope to see them become nurturing individuals. This is an excellent idea to put onto paper because when they grow up, they can look back and read your hopes to them again and see if they grew up exactly as how you imagined them to do so.

Parents will always wish the best for their children. However, you have to base your hopes on their actual dreams as well. You should look towards the future where they get to be happy wherever they are.

A common problem parents run into is when they impose their own hopes on their children. This inevitably causes friction between parents and children due to the difficulty of both parties meeting in the middle. Thus, make sure to reflect on what your dreams for your children are and make sure that your dreams for them do not contradict their own dreams for themselves.