8 Unique Gender Reveal Box Ideas Everyone Will Love

Gender reveal parties have become more and more popular over the years as more couples decide to surprise themselves with the gender of their upcoming baby. Not only does this tradition add excitement to the reveal, but it also invites friends and family to participate in the celebration of finding out the baby’s gender. These parties typically employ the use of gender reveal boxes – ways that creatively inform the parents and the guests of the baby’s gender.

There are a variety of unique ways to reveal a baby’s gender. While balloons are the typical contents of a gender reveal box, couples can also opt to use other items such as smoke bombs, piñatas, confetti cannons, cakes, paint, and even silly string. Instead of just letting everyone know, the couple can also make the reveal into a game or activity that everyone can participate in.

This article will enumerate various gender reveal box ideas that will surely give you inspiration for your own party to come.

8 Gender Reveal Box Ideas

  1. Balloons

Gender reveal box ideas often resort to using colors to let everyone know if the baby is a boy or a girl. One of the most typical ways people set up their gender reveal boxes is by using balloons. Balloons are a great option because not only have they become so associated with gender reveal parties, but their ability to float makes the reveal more magical.

Classically, the gender reveal box is set with balloons inside. The balloons would either be pink or blue, signifying whether the baby is a boy or not. On rare occasions, the gender reveal box could even contain both colors when the couple is having twins. With the gender reveal boxes prepared, the balloons come flying out when the couple finally opens the box during the party.

Although it may not be thinking outside the box, using balloons for gender reveal boxes has been a tried and tested method that will surely bring smiles to all those present.

  1. Smoke Bombs

gender reveal smoke bombs

One way to make gender reveal boxes a bit more exciting is to use smoke bombs. People would take theatrical smoke bombs or powder cannons and hide them inside gender reveal boxes. Once the box is opened, the couple quickly becomes enveloped by a plume of colored smoke. Blue smoke would signify that the couple is having a boy while pink smoke would signify that the couple is having a girl.

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Smoke bombs are especially excellent choices for couples who want the moment to be Instagram-worthy. Plenty of images on social media can be found with couples framed with beautiful smoke.

Extreme caution is advised when using devices that emit smoke. Unfortunately, a gender reveal party is blamed for causing the El Dorado Fire in California back in 2020. It was said that the device ignited grass at the El Dorado Ranch Park – a fire that ultimately consumed 20,000 acres.

  1. Piñatas

No one ever said that a gender reveal box can’t be fun. A great way to celebrate your upcoming baby and find out their gender is with a classic piñata.

Understandably, the piñata for a gender reveal party is not quite the same as a piñata for a kid’s birthday bash. Firstly, the shape of the piñata is not as relevant for a gender reveal party. While a birthday piñata usually comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, gender reveal piñatas are more laid back. Common examples would be a box with a question mark, a stork, or a onesie.

Another big distinction between a birthday piñata and a gender reveal piñata is the content. Of course, a birthday piñata comes with an assortment of candies inside. On the other hand, a gender reveal piñata is typically filled with some material that can be colored either blue or pink. Some would have their gender reveal piñata filled with foam peanuts while some might fill theirs with confetti.

Just as how fun a birthday piñata is to hit, the magic in a gender reveal piñata is evident once the piñata is broken. As the couple smashes a bat through the gender reveal piñata, colored confetti shoot out of the piñata, ultimately revealing the gender of their baby.

  1. Confetti Cannons

If you want the excitement of seeing confetti fly all around you without having to hit a piñata, then perhaps a confetti cannon is the choice for you. Gender reveal boxes can only hold so much – sometimes the reveal can also come from other places.

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Confetti cannons are a great option. It is a quick and fun way to determine the gender of the baby. While some parties would have the couple activate the confetti cannons, some parties would even hand out confetti cannons to all the guests present, making everyone participate in finding out the big news.

The confetti cannon option is one that you should seriously consider. It allows for beautiful pictures just like smoke bombs without the necessary risk of danger. It also has the excitement of a gender reveal piñata without the need to swing a bat. If you want something simple but exciting, the confetti cannon cannot be overlooked.

  1. Cakes

gender reveal cake

Another gender reveal box idea that is becoming trendier over the years is using cake to do the announcing. As the gender reveal party reaches its climax, a cake is brought out to the expecting couple. The couple then proceeds to cut a slice together, exposing the internal color of the cake – revealing the gender of the baby.

Even though it has such a big wow factor, a gender reveal cake is quite easy to prepare. The couple can even do it themselves. All they would need to do is have their doctor write a note, revealing the gender of the baby inside. The note can then be given directly to a baker that would prepare the gender reveal cake.

If the couple wants their loved ones to participate as well, they can opt for gender reveal cupcakes instead. With everyone having a cupcake on hand, everyone can then take a bite together at the same time, learning the gender of the baby simultaneously.

  1. Balloon Pop

gender reveal balloon pop

Getting into the more creative ways to do a gender reveal, one of the most fun ways to let everyone know the gender of your baby is by playing Balloon Pop.

The game is simple. All you would need is to stick balloons on a wooden board. The balloons have to be a neutral color such as black or white. The main gimmick of the game is that one of the balloons on the board contains paint – paint that would signify whether the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

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Balloon Pop is then played by having the couple throw darts at the balloons. The game gets the crowd cheering as the balloons are popped one by one until eventually the balloon containing the paint is popped, revealing the gender to everyone there.

Making the reveal into a game is becoming more and more popular as it turns a simple concept into an activity for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Silly String

Silly string has always been a staple for fun and pranks. However, it can also be used to make an important moment in a couple’s life fun as well. Since silly string can come in a variety of colors, they have been used in gender reveal parties.

There are different ways to use silly string in gender reveal parties. For example, the couple can each be given a can of silly string and they would blast each other with silly string at the same time, revealing the gender of the baby.

Another way to go about using silly string for a gender reveal is by giving all the guests a can of silly string each. With the couple in front, the guests then pelt the expecting couple with silly string, revealing the great news to them all.

While some couples might find the use of silly string a little childish, the use of silly string is perfect for couples who want to teach their children to not take life so seriously.

  1. Paint

Since color plays an important role in gender reveal parties, it comes as no surprise that paint can be used effectively as a way to reveal the baby’s gender.

The goal of gender reveal parties is to creatively let everyone know the gender of the baby. Thus, paint can be a very versatile tool.

For example, a common way to use paint is to put it inside a balloon. At the moment of the gender reveal, the couple can throw the balloon at a blank canvas. The balloon containing paint will then splash onto the blank canvas, revealing the big news. The couple even gets a memorable piece of art at the end of the day.

There have also been some instances where the couple would load water guns with paint. When it is time to reveal the gender of the baby, the couple then shoots each other with their paint, covering themselves with either blue or pink paint.