9 Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family in Person

Sharing your pregnancy news with the people you love will always be an exciting moment to share as you celebrate the addition to your family. To commemorate the special moment, people opt to share the news in exciting and exceptional ways. Usually caught on camera, these moments are important to highlight as you get to see your family’s honest reactions to the amazing news.

There are several exceptional ways to announce your pregnancy to family in person. For example, you can make use of customized items such as T-shirts, mugs, or puzzles to surprise your relatives with the big news.

You can also do it more subtly such as with a hidden pregnancy test, sonogram, or a pair of baby shoes. Another fun way to announce is via a game. These are all exciting ways to turn a simple statement into a grand announcement for your family to remember.  

This article will give you some ideas on how to share your wonderful news with the different fun ways to announce pregnancy to family in person. 

Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family in Person

  1. Pregnancy T-Shirt

One of the best ways to announce pregnancy to family in person is through the use of pregnancy T-shirts. You can customize a T-shirt yourself, or you can have customized T-shirts made in a lot of different places. The reason why pregnancy T-shirts are great for announcing your pregnancy is that they can be used in quite a number of ways.

For example, the simplest thing to do with a pregnancy T-shirt is to simply give it to them as a gift. You could wait for their birthday or Christmas so that they won’t suspect you giving them a gift. If you can’t wait for those special events, you can simply make up a reason as to why you’re giving them a gift. Once you hand them the gift, don’t forget to have the cameras rolling as your family member opens their gift. You can wrap the gift in a way that they won’t see the design right away. This gives them an extra sense of surprise when they realize what it’s all about.

You can also think of other ways to make a pregnancy T-shirt be a fun way to announce pregnancy to family in person. It would also be fun if you could get them to wear the T-shirt without them seeing the design first. If you could do that, you could announce the news by letting them see a mirror or even let them see each other wearing the news right on their T-shirts.

  1. Custom Pregnancy Puzzle

If you’re the kind of people who do puzzles as a family, then perhaps this is the one for you. Just like other customized items, you can have a puzzle made custom to a certain design – like a picture of you and your spouse with the words “we’re pregnant” for example. This game will surely elevate what was supposed to be a quiet afternoon doing a puzzle with the family.

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The best thing about these puzzle announcements is that your family won’t have an idea of what’s about to come. As they are focused on solving the puzzle, the news will be quite a shock to them, making for an exciting reaction. You’re going to have to be sneaky as you look at their faces while they do the puzzle, checking if they’ve realized what the final image is going to be.

  1. Pregnancy Test

One of the most common ways people let their spouses know that they’re pregnant is by showing them the pregnancy test. There’s no reason why you can’t use this method again to announce pregnancy to family in person.

Of course, you’ll have to think of a clever way to show them the pregnancy test. If you merely show them the pregnancy test, then that’s not too different from simply telling them you’re pregnant. A great way to use the pregnancy test for your announcement is to hide the pregnancy test in a spot that you know your family will find. It could be under a book they’re reading, beside the TV remote, or even inside their pants pocket. Although you may not see their immediate reaction, you’ll be certain that they’ll be in for quite a shock.

  1. Pregnancy Mug

Instead of a customized T-shirt, you could also share your big news using a different customized item – a mug. Mugs are awesome gifts as people tend to use mugs every day for coffee or tea in the morning.

After getting a customized mug made announcing the pregnancy, you can have a few ways to use it. The most straightforward way is to simply gift it to them. However, you could think of other ways if you want something more special. For example, how about switching their usual mug with your customized one? This will be a fun surprise waiting for them as they get up and have a cup of coffee the next day. It’ll be even more hilarious if they don’t realize the difference at first.

If you want the announcement to be even sneakier, you can hide your announcement at the bottom of the mug. This way, your customized mug should look like a plain mug from the outside. However, the secret announcement will be visible once they’ve finished their drink and reached the bottom of the mug.

You could hand them the mug already filled with coffee or tea and ask them to taste if there’s anything different. You could even misdirect them by saying it’s a different kind and you just want to check if they’d be able to notice the difference. That would get them to focus on the taste of whatever they’re drinking, making them more vulnerable to the surprise when they see it.

  1. Sonogram

Just like the pregnancy test, another surefire way to announce your pregnancy is by showing your sonogram. One of the most important moments in a couple’s lives is when they get to see the sonogram of their precious unborn child. A pregnancy test is one thing but actually seeing your soon-to-be child is a whole other experience. Share this amazing feeling by using your sonogram to reveal your pregnancy to family in person.

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Like the other methods listed here, you can be creative in how you present your sonogram. Instead of simply handing them the image, you can hide it somewhere you’re sure they’ll be able to see. You can maybe hide it under their plate, and they’ll only find out until they pick their plate up. You can even hide it inside a book they’re currently reading. Replace their bookmark with your sonogram and wait for their reaction when they get back to their afternoon read.

Another way to reveal your pregnancy through the sonogram is by making it into a card. Making a sonogram part of a card is a wonderful idea, especially for family members who love keeping special cards throughout their life.

  1. Baby Shoes

While announcements can be done in big flashy ways, there are sometimes when a subtle approach can get the bigger reaction. One of the most subtle and fun ways to announce pregnancy to family in person is by using baby shoes.

Baby shoes are adorable little pieces of clothing as they are the tiniest shoes you could ever get your hands on. However, these are the types of items people don’t regularly see in the house – unless you have a baby around.

With the idea of using baby shoes, you can get creative and put the shoes in a little box. Once you gift the box to your family, watch their faces as they begin to realize what your gift means. If you want a more subtle approach, you can also place the baby shoes on the shoe rack. This might take some time before someone notices, but when they do, they’ll be sure to ask what it’s about.

  1. Say “We’re Pregnant!”

While most people say cheese when taking pictures, different families and different cultures can use different sayings to make people smile. If you want your family to make the biggest smiles they can, say “we’re pregnant!” This is a fun and hilarious way of announcing your pregnancy as you can have a mixture of emotions caught on camera. You might see some family members smiling with joy while some might have the most confused looks on their faces.

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Announcing your pregnancy this way is an excellent option because it can be done so surprisingly. You can totally have a dinner party with your loved ones and not say anything about your pregnancy until the very end of the night when you’re all taking group pictures already. This way, everyone has already had a wonderful night before they hear your amazing news.

  1. Games

If you want a fun way to announce pregnancy to family in person, then you should definitely consider doing it while playing a game. There are several different games that work perfectly for announcing your pregnancy.

One game that will work wonderfully is the telephone game. The telephone game is when everyone is seated in a circle, and they would need to secretly pass a message from one person to the next. The last person in the circle should blurt out the message to see if the message got through the circle perfectly or if there were misunderstandings along the way. The telephone game is great because you get to see the individual reactions of your family as the message is passed along – but you’ll have to urge them to keep playing the game because they can get too excited with the big news.

Another game that is fun to play with family is the lip-reading game. The lip-reading game is when the players basically have to guess what another person is saying, solely based on how their lips are mouthing the words. Some people play this game while wearing headphones so that they wouldn’t be able to hear a thing. This game is really fun as the person on the other end will have to guess the words “we’re pregnant” only based on your lip movement.

  1. Grandparent Announcement

Having a baby doesn’t just change your life, but it affects everyone in your family as well. Among the happiest people will be your own parents as they get promoted to grandparent statuses.

Having a grandparent announcement is a cute and silly way to announce your pregnancy. Although it’s basically the same way as announcing that you’ll become parents, it’s just a different way to say it. For example, a straightforward way is to host a family meal and once everyone is gathered, just subtly congratulate your parents. When they ask why you’re congratulating them, you can tell them that you’re congratulating them because they’re going to be grandparents.

You can also combine the other tips in this article for this. For example, get your parents a T-shirt customized with the words “I’m a grandparent!” Regardless of how you decide to do it, your parents will be ecstatic about the news.

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