8 Baby Shark Party Food Ideas – Very Tasty & Creative

In 2022, it is nearly impossible not to be familiar with Baby Shark. The song has gained so much popularity among children and parents that its video even became the very first YouTube video to ever receive 10 billion views. With such popularity, it comes as no surprise that plenty of kid parties are themed after the titular shark. If you are planning to throw one of these parties, it is best to pair it with Baby Shark party food as well.

There are plenty of Baby Shark Party food ideas that you can incorporate into your own party. You can have shark-themed treats such as shark cookies, gummy sharks, or shark fin cupcakes. You can also opt for other marine-themed food items such as gummy worm bait, fish crackers, octopus hotdogs, and sea punch.

This article will enumerate Baby Shark party food ideas that will fit perfectly with a themed event.

Baby Shark Party Food Ideas

  1. Shark Cookies

When you’re having a shark-themed party, nothing beats having shark-themed food. One of the easiest ways to get food in the shape of a shark is to get shark cookies.

Shark cookies are a great way to really enhance the theme of the Baby Shark party. Not only are they a delicious treat, but they are also easy to make. The steps in making shark cookies are exactly the same as making regular cookies. The only difference is the use of shark-shaped cookie cutters.

As long as you have your cookies shaped like sharks, you can elevate them by being creative. For example, you can add a chocolate chip where the eyes of the shark would be. If you have more time to prepare, you can even pipe some icing to add color to the cookies.

If a shark-shaped cookie cutter is unavailable, you can still make shark cookies. All you would need to do is to make regular, round cookies, and then decorate them with icing to make shark images. Though it may require some piping skills, it is a viable option as well.

If you want more diversity in the party food being served, you don’t have to limit yourself to sharks. The theme can still be preserved even if you add other underwater elements. For example, you can have cookies in other shapes as well, such as octopuses, fishes, turtles, and so on.

  1. Gummy Worm Bait

gummy worms

When you’re hunting for sharks, you’re going to need some bait. For your Baby Shark party, have a bucket filled with delicious gummy worm bait.

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Gummy worms are a great addition to your Baby Shark party. Firstly, gummy worms are easy to get. You can probably find some in your local grocery. Secondly, gummy worms come in a variety of flavors. You will be giving guests a multitude of options to get their favorite gummy worm flavors. Lastly, gummy worms come in all kinds of colors. A colorful batch of gummy worms is an excellent way to add color to the table.

A fun and easy way to serve the gummy worm bait would be to simply put the gummy worms in a bucket – just like bait. If you want to make it look even grittier, you can add chocolate shavings or graham powder around the gummy worms to make them look “dirty.”

  1. Gummy Shark

The great thing about gummy candy is that you can find almost all shapes you want – even sharks. Get yourself some gummy sharks to try out different Baby Shark party food ideas.

For example, you can put a gummy shark inside people’s drinks. Dropping a gummy shark in people’s drinks is an easy fix to make it look like a shark is swimming through their drink. Depending on the flavor of the gummy shark, the candy can even add some sweetness to the beverage.

You can also make some snacks or desserts and decorate them with the gummy sharks. If you make a batch of brownies with bright blue food coloring, you can place a gummy shark on top of each brownie, and it will look like a shark swimming in the ocean. Additionally, you can pipe in white icing to texture the waves and ocean spray.

Another great way to use gummy sharks would be to make popsicles with them inside. Popsicles are a great treat that anyone can make at home. The most important thing you’d need to make popsicles would be the mold to give the popsicles their shape. Choose a summery flavor and preferably color the treats blue. Lastly, don’t forget to add the gummy shark before you place the popsicles inside the freezer to solidify.

  1. Fish Crackers

fish crackers

An easy snack to add to your Baby Shark party is fish crackers. While you can get crackers in the shape of various animals, fish crackers seem to be more appropriate for the theme of the party. There are homemade recipes for fish crackers that you can do at home. However, it is much easier to just get fish crackers from the store.

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Fish crackers are wonderful snacks. They can often come as salty crackers. However, some fish crackers can also be flavored with chocolate and cream.

Adding fish crackers to the table would really hammer in the theme. You can even use the fish crackers for a game. With the children playing as sharks, the kid who can eat the most fish crackers wins.

  1. Octopus Hotdogs

Children love sweets, but you can’t have all the food in your party be sweet treats. You also need to add some other kinds of food to give the guests some variety. Aside from candies, children love hotdogs. Fortunately, you can take some hotdogs and turn them into octopus hotdogs.

Octopus hotdogs can be made by first cutting the hotdogs in half. Once cut in half, the flat end of each piece can then be further subdivided longitudinally and cut as well. While the rounded end of the piece will serve as the head of the octopus, the cuts made at the other end will make the tentacles. The tentacles will become even more evident as the hotdog is cooked because they will begin to curl.

Octopus hotdogs are excellent choices because they look absolutely adorable. Additionally, these octopus hotdogs would be protein for the guests. If you want to add more detail to the octopus hotdogs, you can take a toothpick and poke some holes to make the eyes. You can even drag the toothpick across their face to make a smile.

  1. Shark Fin Cupcakes

Cupcakes are becoming a staple in every party. These tiny desserts are perfectly customizable, making them excellent for a Baby Shark party.

A direct way to make shark-themed cupcakes would be to simply have the cupcakes decorated with icing on top. These days, artisanal bakers are getting more and more skilled when it comes to piping decorations on top of cupcakes. You can have your cupcakes be all kinds of sharks.

If you want to serve cupcakes for a Baby Shark party, a great way to elevate the cupcakes would be to add a cookie shark fin. While the cupcake is topped with blue icing, a cookie in the shape of a shark fin can be wedged on top. It would be even better if you can have the cookie colored gray to match the color of a real shark.

  1. Shark-Cuterie Board

When the children are off to enjoy their shark-themed food, the adults do not have to eat the same food. In fact, the adults can enjoy hanging out with other adults while the children go and play. A great appetizer to serve for adults is a charcuterie board – an assortment of cured meats and cheeses.

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If the children want to have their own version of a charcuterie board, they can have a shark-cuterie board. A whimsical take on an extravagant platter, a shark-cuterie board can be an assortment of a variety of snacks that children would enjoy. These can be cookies, brownies, and similar treats. If you want the contents of the shark-cuterie board to be different, you can also consider putting sweet fruits, such as strawberries, peaches, and more.

Importantly, the shark-cuterie board will still need some food items that fit the theme of the party. Perhaps the board used is decorated with underwater scenery, or perhaps the food served on the shark-cuterie board would be exclusively seafood.

  1. Sea Punch

All parties need a refreshing beverage. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest items on the list to re-flavor to fit baby shark party theme. If a normal party would have a bowl of punch, all you would need is to make the punch blue.

You could opt to get blueberry punch, or you could just choose whatever flavor you want and add blue coloring afterward. Once you’ve decided on the punch and have finished preparing the bowl, all you would need to do is to add gummy sharks. Putting a lot of gummy sharks inside would make the bowl of blue punch look like a feeding frenzy.

A nice touch to add to your bowl of blue punch is a little floating island in the middle. You could use a piece of foam that’s made to look like a little deserted island. You can also add a little deserted man on top. This will really add to the feel of an island surrounded by ravenous sharks.

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