80 Powerful Baby Names That Mean Beast

Naming your child is a very important decision, and all the options can be overwhelming. Some parents may opt for traditional names, while others prefer more unconventional choices. If you’re looking for the latter, why not go for names that mean “beast”?

Names that mean “beast” don’t usually sound appealing to most people, but lots of animals make their way into myths and legends. They often get associated with traits like strength, cunning, majesty, and resilience. Names that mean “beast” also tend to sound pretty awesome too, and could be the perfect fit for your little bundle of joy!

“Beastly” names don’t mean feral ones, so there’s plenty to respect about these beast-related baby names.  Below are a few of our choice picks, so feel free to explore your options below and see what names work for your child best.

Standout Names That Mean Beast

1. Phoenix

Phoenix is a Greek word that refers to the mythological bird of legend, also doubling as an awesome name for your kid. It’s said that phoenixes die in a beautiful burst of flame, only to revive from the ashes they left behind. It serves as an inspiring symbol of resilience, determination, and rejuvenation in many different cultures, going far beyond its original Greek roots.

2. Simba

The name Simha is a Sanskrit name that means “lion”, a regal animal that’s often associated with power, leadership, and unfaltering bravery.

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Lions also have a notable presence in Hinduism, with one of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations, Narasimha, often depicted as a figure that’s half-man, half-lion.

3. Wolfgang


The name Wolfgang is a German name that roughly translates to “path of the wolf”. It’s a strong, resilient name that’s great for parents who want those qualities emphasized in their children. It shows a willingness to forge a path through life, even in the face of adversity.

4. Grendel

Grendel is an Old English name that translates to “furious” or “grinder”, referring to the monster in the epic poem “Beowulf”. In that tale, Grendel is said to be a descendant of Cain, ruthlessly slaying warriors with his bestial strength and impenetrable flesh.

His encounter with the hero Beowulf was a fierce battle, ending when Beowulf ripped Grendel’s arms off. The monster soon succumbed to his injuries, angering his mother. She attacked Beowulf soon after, meeting a similar fate to her monstrous child. 

Magnificent Baby Names That Mean Beast


While humans coined the concept of majesty, they don’t monopolize it. Some beast-inspired names will look and feel just as regal and respectable as “traditional” ones would, cultivating a sense of awe and wonder in both the child and the people around them!

5. Nerys Welsh “noble”
6. Drake English “dragon”
7. Radomir Slavic “happy peace”
8. Tala Native American “bright star” or “wolf”
9. Vortigern Welsh “high lord”
10. Ari Hebrew “lion”
11. Kaida Japanese “little dragon”
12. Lev Hebrew “lion”
13. Kijani Swahili “guardian spirit of the forest”
14. Edmond Old English “wealthy protector”
15. Victoria Latin “victory”
16. Fenrir Norse “monster wolf”
17. Tabita Aramaic “gazelle” or “gracious”
18. Constance Latin “constant” or “steadfast”
19. Gwydion Welsh “born of trees”
20. Cadan Celtic “spirit of battle”
21. Asura Hindu “demon” or “beast”
22. Darby Irish “deer dwelling”
23. Althaia Greek “healer”
24. Hamsa Arabic “five”
25. Wyatt Old English “brave in war”
26. Nico Greek “victorious people”
27. Hamal Arabic “lamb”
28. Garvan Irish “pursuer”
29. Leo Latin “lion”
30. Quinn Irish “intelligent”
31. Vanyel Welsh “seeker”
32. Adamina Latin “of the earth”
33. Griffin Welsh “Lord” or “Prince”
34. Conan Celtic “little wolf”
35. Soren Danish “stern”
36. Arif Arabic “one who grasps knowledge”
37. Boris Slavic “wolf”
38. Paden Welsh “companion”
39. Sable English “black-furred animal”
40. Uri Hebrew “my light” or “my flame”
41. Zov Serbian “to call”
42. Oisin Irish “little deer”
43. Echidna Greek “she viper”
44. Satyr Greek “man of the woods”
45. Fauve French “wild beast”
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Powerful Baby Names That Mean Beast


Beast-inspired names can convey passion, strength, and tenacity, making them a very impactful option that allows your child’s name to stand out amidst the slew of traditionally-popular picks. These names also serve as an awesome way to showcase your little one’s best qualities!

46. Leonard Latin “lion-hearted”
47. Garcia Portuguese “bear” or “brave in battle”
48. Marlon American “little hawk”
49. Abooksigun Native American “wildcat”
50. Malik Arabic “king”
51. Jarek Polish “one who rules”
52. Darian Persian “to uphold”
53. Behemoth Hebrew “beast” or “imposing creature”
54. Tora Japanese “tiger”
55. Tiamat Babylonian “primordial goddess” or “chaos monster”
56. Gnaver Norwegian “gnawer”
57. Hamza Arabic “strong”
58. Everett English “strong boar”
59. Insissi Swahili “to bite”
60. Emre Turkish “tenacious”
61. Hector Gaelic “horse”
62. Ferus Latin “wild beast”
63. Khurpa Nepali “to bite”
64. Channing Irish “wolf cub”
65. Jumaane Swahili “born on Tuesday”
66. Rayhan Arabic “guide”
67. Dhureena Sanskrit “beast of burden”
68. Faolan Irish “relentless”
69. Dagny Norse “new day”
70. Tipu Sanskrit “tiger”
71. Ryker Scandinavian “strength” or “power”
72. Tutul Bengali “leopard”
73. Behruz Persian “good beast”
74. Tohopka Native American “wild beast”
75. Vreteno Croatian “spindle”
76. Rukia Swahili “one who seizes”
77. Zarek Slavic “God’s strength”
78. Adira Hebrew “strong” or “mighty”
79. Fera Latin “wild” or “feral”
80. Draven Native American “of the raven”

Final Thoughts

Names that mean “beast” usually leave some very strong impressions on people, but not all of them will be positive – and even among the positive ones, not all of them will match up with your child’s personality!

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Picking out your child’s name isn’t a decision to take lightly. Feel free to take all the time you need to go over your options and choose what you think would suit your little one best.