42 Inspiring Affirmations For New Moms (Confidence Booster)

Motherhood is an opportunity, not an obligation or burden. It can get hard to see it that way at times since everyone expects far too much from mothers – most especially the mothers themselves! It’s easy to feel inadequate, so you need to put in the extra effort to remember your value.

Affirmations are important because they help root you in place, reminding you of who you are, what you need, and what you deserve. New moms need to know that being able to rest and love themselves is not something they need to earn through due diligence.

What makes inspiring affirmations so critical for incoming mothers? Most of them don’t know how good a job they’re doing, taking themselves and their selfless service for granted!

Inspiring Affirmations For New Moms

Importance of Affirmations for New Moms

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Motivation is the driving force behind motherhood, not duty. While some mothers look for quotes and similar content, this is usually done in search of solidarity and shared experience.

Affirmations are more direct in that regard, doubling as personal mantras to boot. They go a long way towards a mother’s reclamation of positivity, compassion, and security in tough times.

In summary, it’s not looking towards capable people and hoping they rub off on you. It’s reminding yourself gently (but firmly!) that you ARE that capable person, no matter what your worst thoughts lead you to believe.

List of Affirmations for New Moms

  1. I am more than enough for myself and my baby
  2. I will find strength in adversity
  3. I will remember that things will work out
  4. I know I am not alone
  5. I understand I can ask for help
  6. I recognize that I am a capable person
  7. I know that I can make mistakes, and these mistakes do not make me less of a mother.
  8. I will never be a failure as a mother
  9. Caring for myself is caring for my child
  10. I may not be perfect, but I improve myself day by day
  11. I am allowed to be tired, sad, or stressed
  12. I can slow down when the going gets tough, but I can’t ever stop.
  13. My best is enough, and my best won’t look the same every day.
  14. I am grateful to be a mother to my beautiful baby
  15. I will support my child to the best of my knowledge and ability
  16. I understand that what I see as best may not be best all the time
  17. I deserve the opportunity to care for myself
  18. I deserve the opportunity to ask for help
  19. I deserve to call myself beautiful – especially on days I don’t feel it
  20. I shall not take my accomplishments as a mother for granted
  21. I will be a role model for my children
  22. I will be a positive presence in their lives
  23. I will not let adversity conquer the love I hold for my child
  24. I choose to see the best in myself and my child
  25. I will not lose myself overthinking about stuff out of my hands
  26. I will find joy in my children
  27. I am proud of my progress
  28. I will be a happy mother – for my sake and my family’s sake
  29. I might be scared, but here I still stand
  30. I will not compare myself to other moms – I will never know their full story
  31. I know my flaws do not diminish me
  32. I am loved and needed by my children, and love and need them in kind
  33. I will calm myself and carry on
  34. I don’t always need to know what to do – but I promise to learn as best I can
  35. I can trust my instincts and intuition
  36. I choose to be kind, especially towards myself and my family
  37. I matter as a person, not just as a mother
  38. I need rest – I do not earn it, nor do I deserve it.
  39. I am who I choose to be, and I choose to be better than who I was a day before
  40. I am trusted by my children because they choose to
  41. I am doing the best I can with what I have
  42. I will never need permission to cherish myself and my family
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What to Remember as a New Mom

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Motherhood requires purpose, not fear. You’re moving towards being the best mother you can be. You aren’t fleeing from the notion of being a bad one.

Improvement is far more important than perfection. Strive to be better than you were yesterday, rather than at your best now. Mothers set examples for their children to follow, after all.

Trust that you are enough. Remember that you’re doing the best you can. Your best won’t look the same every day, but that’s not an excuse to get upset at yourself. You’re thrice the woman others think of you, and twice the woman you need yourself to be.

Kindness, care, and rest are personal needs. These aren’t rewards or privileges. You always deserve these things, and withholding them from yourself will only harm your family in the long run.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to lose yourself in purpose, but your children want you to raise them – not just as a mother, but as their mother. You are a woman first, and are worthy of all the comfort and kindness you want to provide for your children.

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