250 Engaging Sister Tag Questions Everyone Will Enjoy

Sister tag is a nice, enjoyable game to play with your sister. This game is pretty simple: you and your sister will be given a whole lot of questions to answer. Answer them as honestly as you can and just wait for the conversation carry itself.

The questions here might involve picking one of you (i.e. “Who’s the louder sister?”) or sharing some inputs or memories (“What was your favorite vacation spot?”).

It’s a nice, chill way for you to kill some time with your family, and we guarantee that you’ll end this game much closer to your sister than you’d planned to be!

How well do you know your sister? The answer might surprise you!

Sister Tag Questions with Quick Pick Answers

  1. Who’d be more likely to take selfies out of the blue?
  2. Who sings in the shower?
  3. Who’s more likely to forget that they’re on speakerphone?
  4. Who’d be the type to play music in public?
  5. Who’d most likely forget to shampoo?
  6. Who is more pessimistic/optimistic?
  7. Who usually loses in arguments?
  8. Who’s more street-smart?
  9. Who’s the more likely rule breaker?
  10. Do we generally get along?
  11. Who’s more book-smart?
  12. Do our friend groups overlap?
  13. Who’s more socially savvy?
    sisters sitting on a couch
  14. Who’s the sore loser?
  15. Who is the better decision maker?
  16. Who’s more scared during horror movies?
  17. Do I worry you sometimes?
  18. Who’s probably the first to back down from a dare?
  19. Who is the more talkative sibling?
  20. Who is the more immature sibling?
  21. Who’d be more likely to cut classes?
  22. Who is the more forgetful one between us?
  23. Do you hide secrets from me?
  24. Who’s better at keeping secrets?
  25. Who’s the faster reader?
  26. Who’s more likely to lose track of time?
  27. Who’d be the one to leave the house first?
  28. Who’s better at Math stuff?
  29. Who’d cut classes out of boredom?
  30. Who’s better at sports?
  31. Who understands new things better?
  32. Who’d be most likely to try something different?
  33. Who’d be more likely to leave their homework at home?
  34. Who’d be the one to eat weird food first?
  35. Who’s the Instagram foodie?
  36. Who’s better at Science?
  37. Who’s the more adventurous one?
  38. Who’s the more popular student in school?
  39. Who’s the trivia nerd?
  40. Who’d be more likely to forget their glasses?
  41. Who’s more into chick flick movies?
  42. Who’s more into action movies?
  43. What came first: the chicken or the egg?
  44. Who’s more into romance movies?
  45. Who’s more into comedy movies?
  46. Who’s more likely to get bored in the middle of a movie?
  47. Who’s the momma’s girl?
  48. Who’s the bigger jokester?
  49. Who’s the bigger prankster?
  50. Tea or coffee?
  51. Who’d most likely commit a crime?
  52. Who’d most likely get away with a crime?
  53. Who’s the daddy’s girl here?
  54. Who’d be more likely to zone out while bored?
  55. Who’s the theatre nerd?
  56. Who’d be more likely to watch anime?
  57. Who was glued to the TV back in the day?
  58. Who’s the one who doodled in their notebook back then?
  59. Who’s the one most likely to skip out on a date?
  60. Who’s the one people ask out more often?
  61. Who’s got the cuter celebrity crush?
  62. Who’s the early bird?
  63. Who’s the night owl?
  64. Who’s the tired pigeon?
  65. Who’s the more dramatic sister?
  66. Who’s the calmer sister?
  67. Who’s got the bigger temper?
  68. Who’d be more likely to ignore a wet paint sign?
  69. Who’s the bigger bully between the two of you?
  70. Who’s more likely to forget plans?
  71. Who’d be the action star in a movie?
  72. Who’s better at applying makeup?
  73. How old were you when you started getting along with your sister?
  74. Who’s the one most likely to get scammed by a stranger?
  75. Who’d be more likely to say hi to a stranger on the road?
  76. Who’s the one more likely to act out in public?
  77. Between the two of you, who takes care of whom?
  78. Who’s the bigger nerd?
  79. Who’s the bigger music buff?
  80. Who’s more likely to read poetry?
  81. Who’s the most likely to get voted into the student council?
    girl writing on a board
  82. Who was the honor student?
  83. Who’s the better cook?
  84. Who’s the one more likely to listen to radio?
  85. Who’s the one more likely to enjoy podcasts?
  86. Who’s most likely to deviate from the recipe?
  87. Who’d rather order takeout?
  88. Who’s got the bigger wardrobe?
  89. Paperbacks, Hardbound, or PDFs (Reading)?
  90. Who’s more likely to be glued to Instagram?
  91. Who’s probably going to be on their phone?
  92. Who’d be the first to ask for the Wi-Fi password?
  93. Who’d call the waiter in a restaurant first?
  94. Who’d complain about bad service first?
  95. Who’s more comfortable talking in public?
  96. Who’s easier to annoy?
  97. Who’s the more chaotic sister?
  98. Who’d be more likely to get addicted to something (i.e. games)?
  99. Who’s the social butterfly?
  100. Who’s the pickier eater here?
  101. Would you rather fight six duck-sized bears or one bear-sized duck?
  102. Who sits in the passenger seat?
  103. Who gets carsick quicker?
  104. Who’d be more likely to win the lottery?
  105. Who’s the competitive one?
  106. Who’s the more artistic sister?
  107. Who’d be more likely to play DnD?
  108. Who’d be more likely to watch movies in the cinema alone?
  109. Singing or Dancing?
  110. Ice cream or Cookies?
  111. Who knows how to play more instruments?
  112. Who’s better with kids?
  113. Lemon water or carbonated soda?
  114. Who remembers faces better?
  115. Who argues back with more people?
  116. Who gets called “disrespectful” more often?
  117. Who’s the organized sister?
  118. Which of you would be more invested in personal fitness?
  119. Who started fights first?
  120. Who’d take the obvious solution to problems?
  121. Who’s the more appearance-conscious sister?
  122. Which of you is more likely to get mistaken for a celebrity?
  123. Who finished fights in your home?
  124. Who was the first to pull hair in the middle of an argument?
  125. Who was the first to tattle?
  126. Who’d be more affected by what other people think?
  127. Who’d spend more time fixing her hair?
  128. Who’s the more spoiled sister?
  129. Who’d be more likely to go for plastic surgery?
  130. Who’s the one that shares stuff more often?
  131. Which of you did the most chores at home?
  132. Who watches Netflix more often?
  133. Who’s the bigger procrastinator?
  134. Who had a tougher time with acne?
  135. Who’s more likely to leave an empty milk carton in the fridge?
  136. Who’s the more photogenic sister?
  137. Who’s got the better haircut?
  138. Who’s got the sweet tooth?
  139. Who’s got weirder taste preferences?
  140. Who takes after mom more?
  141. Who takes after dad more?
  142. Who’s the better leader?
  143. Who’s the one who’d rather stay at home for the day?
  144. Who’s the kinder sister?
  145. Who’s the lazier sister?
  146. Who tends to comment during movies?
  147. Who gets really quiet when they focus?
  148. Who’s more likely to believe in the supernatural?
  149. Who’s the one who’d be more likely to remind the other about family plans?
  150. Who’s the one who’d prefer to leave the house whenever possible?
  151. Who swears more often?
  152. Hot or cold vacation spots?
  153. Who’d more likely end up lost at the mall?
  154. Who gets in trouble more often?
  155. Who’s more likely to crack under pressure?
  156. Who was the more protective sister?
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Sister Tag Questions To Explain, Share, or Remember

  1. What career goals do you have?
  2. What was the first job you ever had?
  3. If you had to build IKEA furniture with someone, who would you partner with?
  4. Name one person who made you feel welcome in their presence.
  5. How do you think we’ll turn out in ten years?
  6. What was your dream job when you were a child?
  7. What’s the most embarrassing thing you did so far?
    girl whispering something to her friend
  8. What’s something you’ve never told me before?
  9. What would you tell your past self now?
  10. If you could go back and talk to your sister ten years ago, what would you say?
  11. What’s your favorite color?
  12. What’s something you never told our parents before?
  13. If you could meet a famous celebrity, who would it be?
  14. What’s your prized childhood possession?
  15. Where’s your dream vacation place?
  16. What’s something you don’t like that no one seems to understand?
  17. What’s something that you’re glad to have shared with your sibling?
  18. When was the last time you spent quality time with your friends?
  19. What’s something you experienced in childhood that changed your life?
  20. What’s your favorite video game?
  21. Name one person you always looked up to.
  22. What’s your zodiac sign?
  23. What was your first (alcoholic) drink?
  24. What was the first game you ever played?
  25. Who’s your favorite singer?
  26. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?
  27. Guess three things that make your sister happy.
  28. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  29. What’s something that you’re weirdly invested in?
  30. If you could make everyone in the world read one book what book would it be?
  31. What is one of your most memorable arguments?
  32. What’s something you’d like people to ask about you?
  33. What’s something you’d like to ask people if it wasn’t seen as weird?
  34. What’s your favorite team?
  35. What’s the dumbest movie you can’t get enough of?
  36. What’s your favorite movie?
  37. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
  38. What’s a memory that you really wanted to share, but never found the chance to?
  39. What’s one of the biggest fights you’ve had?
  40. Complete the thought: If people saw me, they wouldn’t guess that I actually ___
  41. What’s your biggest talent?
  42. If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
  43. Name one person you can’t bring yourself to hate.
  44. If you could go forget one movie, what would it be?
  45. If you could go back to any point in history, when would you have liked to live?
  46. What’s something you’re irrationally proud of?
  47. If you could sail the seas, where would you go first?
  48. What’s your favorite memory from our last family trip?
  49. What nickname did you want at school?
  50. What’s your nickname at school?
  51. What promise do you really want to keep?
  52. What’s the spookiest thing you ever encountered?
  53. What do you and your sister tend to cook for each other?
  54. Who’s the biggest influence in your life?
  55. Name three songs that have GOT to be on your sister’s playlist.
  56. What quote did you read that made the biggest impact on you?
  57. What’s something you can’t ever do, no matter what?
  58. What’s the biggest lie you ever tried to tell?
  59. What takeout do you and your sister order when you’re alone together?
  60. What’s your funniest childhood memory?
  61. What was the happiest you’ve ever seen your sister?
    woman begging for forgiveness
  62. What’s the most annoying thing that your sister does?
  63. Do you know your sister’s daily routine?
  64. What are you planning later today?
  65. What’s one movie that your sister HAS to watch?
  66. If you were a country, what country would you be?
  67. If your sibling were a country, what country would suit them best?
  68. How do you usually spend your weekends?
  69. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
  70. If you could give your sister a superpower, what would you grant them?
  71. How often do you surprise your friends and family?
  72. If you could convince your sister to pick up one hobby of yours, what would it be?
  73. Would you help your sister fight crime if she got superpowers?
  74. What’s the best gift someone ever gave you?
  75. What was the last message you sent your sister before this game started?
  76. What song suits me best?
  77. What’s something that you liked, but eventually outgrew?
  78. If someone gave you ten dollars to spend right now, what would you buy?
  79. What’s your favorite dessert (i.e. fudge)?
  80. What’s your favorite desert (i.e. Sahara)?
  81. What’s something you borrowed but have yet to return?
  82. How would you try to hide a fart in a confined space?
  83. What’s the age gap between you and your sister?
  84. What’s something of your sisters that you wish you had?
  85. If you could learn a new language, what would you pick?
  86. What’s one thing about your sibling that changed since they grew up?
  87. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
  88. What’s something you don’t remember doing, but your family insists happened?
  89. What’s the most rebellious thing you have ever done?
  90. What is something that we share that other people don’t?
  91. Have you ever tried using a dating app at some point?
  92. What’s something that we’ll never be doing again?
  93. Name one thing you can share with your sibling now, but couldn’t back then.
  94. What’s the absolute worst thing that could ruin your weekend?
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Final Thoughts

There will be days when you want to hug your sister and days when you’re just barely resisting the urge to strangle them. The bond between siblings is a strange, unbreakable thing.

“Sister tag” is a nice, natural way to kill time while also letting you have fun with your dear sister. The answers they give might even change with time, so the fun never stops!