Being a Boy Mom: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About

In general, motherhood is tough. It’s widely accepted that being a boy mom is even more arduous because boys are rowdier and overall require more energy. Still, there are some facts about raising sons that are not often talked about.

There are the not-so-pleasant things, such as being exposed to a lot of noise, having to see male body parts on display, getting used to extra bodily air, and needing to prepare a great deal of food. Then there are the more pleasant realities like having a lot of fun, getting a lot of love, and being the queen of the house.

A boy mom will discover many things while her son is growing up. Sometimes, it can be a struggle but there will also be delightful upsides that make being a boy mom a truly extraordinary experience.

What is a Boy Mom?

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A ‘boy mom’ is simply a mother who has a son. Usually, it refers to a mom of only boys with no girls. That said, it’s not meant to push forward gender-based parenting where there’s a clear difference between raising boys versus girls.

Online, the terms ‘boy mom’ and ‘girl mom’ are useful hashtags for parents to easily find their appropriate support groups. On Instagram, there are more than 11.5M posts with the ‘boymom’ hashtag.  In comparison, ‘#girlmom’ has only been used in about 4.2M posts. The former has more instances online because mothers need additional support raising kids of the opposite gender, who they’re inherently less familiar with.

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Little-Known Things About Being a Boy Mom

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1. A Boy Mom’s Home is Noisy

Many think that little girls are noisier because they like to talk and chat a lot. But a house with boys can be much louder.

Boys like to wrestle around, bang on pots and pans, and are a lot goofier. Even when talking normally, their voices are naturally louder compared to girls.

In time, you’ll be accustomed to the noise, and it’ll blend in the background. That’s okay, because a little noise is actually good for healthy, growing boys.

2. A Boy Mom is Often Exposed to Male Body Parts

Boys are very comfortable with their privates and won’t hesitate to put them on display. There will be times when you’ll have a hard time convincing them to keep their pants on. As they grow older, they’ll be even more curious about their private parts.

It’s a boy mom’s responsibility to teach them about their boundaries and what is appropriate in terms of their own bodies and those of others.

3. A Boy Mom’s House is Messy and Need Durable Items

Boys will always be running around and throwing stuff all over the house. They’ll try to make swords and guns out of anything pointy. You’ll constantly find rocks, dead bugs, or Lego heads in random places like inside your dryer or your favorite handbag.

You’ll need to put away fragile objects like glass or porcelain vases and hide your pretty and elegant décors. With active little boys around, you would have to choose more durable and less expensive items. This will be necessary for your peace of mind. At the same time, you’re allowing your sons more freedom and enjoyment as they grow.

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4. A Boy Mom Has to Get Used to Extra Bodily Air

Boys are strangely fascinated with emitting extra air from their bodies. They think that farting and burping are hilarious and will want to do it even in public. Even when they don’t need to, they’ll find other ways to fake the sound through other means.

The boys will even openly talk to you about their farts and burps. You may be grossed out at first, but you’ll get used to it.  Still, you’ll need to patiently educate them about good manners even though they’ll ignore you most of the time.

5. A Boy Mom Needs to Prepare Lots of Food

Since boys are more active, they’ll eat a lot and will get hungrier more often. Especially during development years, they’ll require more sustenance. You can expect a week’s worth of groceries to be finished in less than four days.

You’ll need to prepare more filling food whenever possible. You should also fix healthier snacks and train them to eat these as they’ll especially crave junk food.

Also, if you have special food that you are keeping for a reason, such as a slice of your favorite chocolate cake, label it so that the boys know it’s off-limits.

6. A Boy Mom’s View About Men Changes

This is true, especially if you didn’t grow up with a brother. After raising your own son, you’ll understand and be able to identify with the other sex better.

After some years, you’ll comprehend many things that puzzled you about boys when you were growing up yourself. It can be about boy classmates who you found gross, or about old boyfriends who just never met your expectations.

This is because, as proven by many studies, boys’ brains are literally wired differently compared to girls.

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7. Being a Boy Mom Can be a Lot of Pressure

After getting past diapers and feeding bottles, you’ll face the responsibility of molding and nurturing someone who will become a ‘man’ in the future. They’ll be someone’s boyfriend, husband, and then, their father. In short, they will have heavy obligations.

You’ll need to teach them to be good, compassionate men who’ll respect others and express their emotions in a healthy way. Your attitude towards them as they grow will set the stage for their future relationships.

The Best Things About Being a Boy Mom

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Although it can be challenging, there are many perks of being a mom of boys.

1. Being a Boy Mom is Fun

While boys are growing up, there’s never a dull day. You’ll often be surprised about their word choice and actions, and you’ll inevitably be roped in to join their rambunctious activities like wrestling and jumping around.

Boys are often silly, and they like to laugh. They’ll want to make you laugh too. There’s no doubt that a boy mom’s life is full of adventure.

2. A Boy Mom Gets a Lot of Sweet Talk and Hugs

Sons are especially sweet to their moms and will often give you compliments. They will tell you that you’re the most beautiful out of the blue. They will ask you to marry them when they get older.

They’ll also show their affection physically. They will give you wet kisses and will often ask you to cuddle them to sleep. When they get bigger, they will suddenly give you a bear hug, which may catch you off guard, so you have to be prepared.

3. A Boy Mom is the Queen

You will be your son’s first love, and they will crave your affirmation. Especially while they are younger, their world begins and ends with you. They’ll have a natural desire to be your protector, and you will have an unbreakable bond.

Boys instinctively like to compete, so if you have more than one son, they will vie for your attention. Your future is set as each of them will make you a promise, one brighter than the other.

Final Thoughts About Being a Boy Mom

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Being a boy mom is certainly demanding. It requires a lot of energy, patience, and hard work. It’s not far-fetched to say that you’ll go through childhood over again but from a boy’s perspective.

Nevertheless, it’s a worthwhile experience. The love you get in return is amazing. The sense of fulfillment of watching your son grow into a fine man is priceless.