83 Great Baby Names That Mean Balance (For Girls & Boys)

Parents often gravitate towards names that reflect ideal qualities they’d love their child to inherit. For people who treasure harmony and peace of mind, giving their child a name that means balance seems like a pretty straightforward choice.  

Balance is a principle highly valued in many different cultures, belief systems, and even philosophical perspectives, so you’ll find plenty of options all around the world! Achieving balance is seen as a critical goal, serving an essential role to help people maintain their happiness, wellness, and health.

Giving your child a name that means balance can provide a sense of relief – not only in their own lives but also in the lives of the people around them.

Some parents value passion and ambition, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – but if you favor harmony and contentment to be the foundation of your child’s identity, we’ve got you covered with plenty of great, balanced baby names worth exploring down below.

Balanced Baby Names for Girls

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Balanced baby names for girls tend to lean more towards the element of harmony and contentment. These show unwavering commitment towards rejoicing in the peace they bring to the world. You can always lean on these girls, no matter what the world throws at them.

1 Aria Hebrew air, balance
2 Caius Latin rejoice
3 Chandra Sanskrit moon, cycles
4 Eden Hebrew delight, harmonious state
5 Eiko Japanese prosperity
6 Emery Germanic work and leadership balance
7 Eudora Greek good gift, harmony, balance
8 Felicity Latin happiness, contentment
9 Hana Japanese flower, beauty
10 Harmony Greek unity
11 Haven English safe place
12 Isla Scottish island, independence
13 Jaya Sanskrit victorious, successful
14 Koda Native American friend
15 Madhu Sanskrit sweet, harmony
16 Meir Hebrew Light-giver, illumination
17 Mila Slavic gracious
18 Naia Greek flowing, movement
19 Nara Sanskrit human, connection
20 Nessa Hebrew miracle, wonder
21 Nova Latin fresh start
22 Raelyn English courageous, brave
23 Raine English abundance, balance
24 Sajan Hindi beloved, love, balance
25 Athena Greek wise, balanced judgment
26 Zenon Greek gift of Zeus
27 Faythe English faith and loyalty
28 Fidelia Latin fidelity
29 Freyja Norse lady, balance
30 Mika Japanese beautiful fragrance, elegance, balance
31 Nari Korean lily, purity, balance
32 Giselle German pledge, balance
33 Hinata Japanese sunflower, balance
34 Jolie French pretty, balanced
35 Kiara Irish dark-haired, balanced
36 Kiyomi Japanese pure beauty, balance
37 Leilani Hawaiian heavenly flowers, balance
38 Lila Arabic night, balance
39 Mala Sanskrit necklace, balance
40 Manami Japanese love, balance
41 Mariko Japanese the true village
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Balanced Baby Names for Boys

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Balanced baby names for boys, on the other hand, tend to focus more on guidance over grace. They still ease the minds of others with their comforting presence, but also push them towards transcending their woes in favor of finding stability and relief within themselves.

42 Mario Italian masculine, strength
43 Asa Hebrew physician, health
44 Avani Sanskrit earth, stable
45 Luca Italian bringer of light, balance
46 Ayman Arabic blessed right hand, balance
47 Ezra Hebrew help
48 Orli Hebrew guidance
49 Felda German field of balance
50 Fennec English balance, fairness
51 Firdaws Arabic paradise, balance
52 Fitri Indonesian natural, balanced
53 Franca Italian free, balanced
54 Gautham Sanskrit lord Buddha
55 Haaken Norwegian ancestor’s son, balance
56 Arin Irish peace, balance and harmony
57 Hamsa Sanskrit balance, swan
58 Hanzo Japanese peaceful
59 Haruki Japanese brightness
60 Heng Chinese balance, stability
61 Hiral Sanskrit wealth, balance
62 Hsiang Chinese fragrant, balance
63 Jun Japanese obedient
64 Kaida Japanese little dragon
65 Kairi Japanese ocean village, balance
66 Kala Sanskrit time
67 Kamala Sanskrit lotus, balance
68 Kato Japanese goodness, balance
69 Keiko Japanese blessed, balanced
70 Kiran Sanskrit ray of light, balance
71 Koko Japanese stork, balance
72 Kylan Irish slender, balanced
73 Lumi Finnish snow, balance
74 Fabian Latin bean grower, growth
75 Galen Greek calm and tranquility
76 Kai Hawaiian balance and fluidity
77 Kalani Hawaiian heavenly, transcendence
78 Koa Hawaiian brave, courageous
79 Samson Hebrew sun, light
80 Zoroaster Persian golden star, star of knowledge
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Cultural Names Representing Balance

Many of the following names come from deities in different cultures pantheons, but what ties them together is their focus on balance. What sets them apart is, interestingly enough, the elements they’re meant to oversee.

81 Ma’at Ancient Egyptian Goddess of truth, justice, and cosmic order

Among the Egyptians, Ma’at was one of the most important members of their pantheon. She is the daughter of Ra and represents truth, justice, and order within their civilization.

Ma’at served as the gatekeeper of one of their afterlives, the land of reeds known as “Aaru”. If the heart of the deceased was equal or lighter to the Feather of Ma’at, they were judged to have lived a virtuous life and granted passage into the paradise of Aaru.

82 Lakshmi Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune

In Hinduism, few deities are as well-loved as Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and prosperity, cherished by her followers for her devotion and protection of them even amidst trying times. In an ironic twist, she’s also associated with enlightenment and spiritualism.

Lakshmi represents contentment as a balance between material wealth and spiritual abundance, and her many followers skirt that fine line in their lives and worship.

83 Shiva Hindu God of destruction and creation

It may come as a surprise for a being with the moniker of “The Destroyer”, but Shiva is a figure best known for his compassion, asceticism, and wisdom.

In Hinduism, death is not seen as merely an end to life, but a vital component in the cycle of creation and reincarnation – akin to a sculptor marbling raw materials into art. His destruction also extends to the negative elements of mankind, such as malice, greed, and ignorance.

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Final Thoughts

Baby names that represent balance are a great, symbolic way to instill these values in your child. It helps cultivate and promote tranquility, which is essential for leading a fulfilling life. It’ll serve as an effective reminder for them to live well and, most importantly, to live happily.

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