14-Year-Old in Diapers – How Common Is It?

Parents, is your 14-year-old in diapers? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. Although most children stop wearing diapers at an early age, many parents may find that their teenagers are still wearing diapers. So, how common is it for a teen to wear diapers?

An accurate statistic cannot be given on how common it is for 14-year-olds to wear diapers – but it does happen. There are a few causes for this behavior, such as bedwetting and sexual arousal. Fortunately, there are solutions for this issue as well. Bedwetting can be possibly dealt with medication, lessening fluid intake before bed, and special alarms. On the other hand, paraphilia and fetishes can be addressed with therapy.

This article will discuss the causes and possible solutions for 14-year-olds in diapers.

Is It Common For a 14-Year-Old to Wear Diapers?

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Most children stop wearing diapers around the time of potty training. This is highly influenced by cultural norms. For example, babies from India and China begin potty training before they reach one year old. On the other hand, babies from the United States, as well as European countries and Japan, typically begin potty training at around the 2-year-old mark.

Although 14 years old may be too old for diapers for most people, there are reports of teenagers wearing diapers due to several reasons. Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive study that can give an estimate of how common this phenomenon actually is.

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More often than not, parents are surprised to find out that their 14-year-olds are wearing diapers because the teens are typically hiding this in embarrassment. Thus, it is important to handle the situation delicately and be aware of the different causes and possible solutions to this issue.

Possible Causes

Based on research and observations, there are several reasons why your 14-year-old may be in diapers:


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Bedwetting is one of the most common causes. It is the involuntary act of urination during sleep, which can affect children and teenagers alike.

Adolescence is a delicate time for teenagers as they are transitioning from being children to being adults – and this could be a very confusing time for them and their body image. Thus, they tend to be very conscious about their bodily changes. It is understandable why they would be embarrassed to admit that they are wetting their bed, and wearing diapers can be their way of trying to hide the fact.

There are several possible reasons why your 14-year-old is wetting the bed. It could be due to delayed physical growth and development as well as hormonal changes during puberty.

Another cause of bedwetting in teens is because they are going through psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, or depression. This is especially common during adolescence when they are experiencing many pressures from school, family, or peers.

Paraphilic Infantilism and Diaper Fetishism

Another reason why your teenager could be wearing diapers is that they are sexually aroused by it.

Paraphilic infantilism, also known as adult baby syndrome, is a psychosexual disorder where people have a paraphilic desire to be treated like babies. This is typically in conjunction with age play – or a type of role-playing where an individual pretends to have a significantly different age.

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Aside from wearing diapers, a 14-year-old with this condition may also exhibit other baby-like behaviors such as drinking from a bottle, babbling like a baby, playing with baby toys, and more.

This condition is highly understudied because it mostly goes unreported. Thus, experts cannot give an accurate estimate of what percentage of the population is with paraphilic infantilism.

Another possible reason for wearing diapers is when people have a diaper fetish, also known as diaperism. This is when people have a sexual preference for diapers. Unlike paraphilic infantilism, those with diaperism do not necessarily engage in any form of role-playing – they are just really aroused by wearing diapers.


When you find your 14-year-old in diapers, it is understandably a cause of concern for parents. Here are some ways to address the issue.

Lessening Fluid Intake Before Bed

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The most common cause of bedwetting is drinking too much fluid before going to sleep. This results in a full bladder, which has no way of releasing itself during the night. Thus, it is important for your 14-year-old teenager to lessen their intake of fluids at least two hours before going to sleep.

Setting an Alarm

Another good solution is to install an alarm system that will wake your 14-year-old up the moment they wet the bed. This way, they can change themselves and not risk any accidents during their sleep.

These alarm systems typically include a moisture sensor placed in the teenager’s pajamas. The alarm will go off as soon as they start to pee. This method has been found to be especially effective in dealing with bedwetting.

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Consulting a Doctor

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Consulting a doctor will help you determine if there is an underlying physical reason for the bedwetting. If it is due to delayed growth or hormonal imbalance, then your doctor may recommend that they take supplements such as vitamins and minerals that can aid in development.

If it turns out to be because of psychological reasons like stress and anxiety, then your doctor may recommend seeing a psychiatrist and/or psychologist who can provide counseling.


Seeing a therapist can help your 14-year-old develop coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. This will prevent them from developing more issues in the future.

Additionally, if they are wearing diapers because of paraphilic infantilism or a diaper fetish, then therapy can help as well. According to the DSM-5, the latest edition of the handbook on mental disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy could prove beneficial. This type of therapy gradually dulls the patient’s response to the object of their desire.